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Thinking of moving the blog & rebuild of my second terrarium

안녕! ^v^

ooh, noona was so lazy today! I got up at midday ^^°, had almost 13 hours of sleep!
Surprisingly my doggie has not woken me up... oO WTF! She get`s up at 10am at the latest. Well, normally.
But I was really grateful she let me sleep this time. I was SO wishing for sleep *sighs* Lately I am really tired. Dunno. I sleep equally less than ever XD yes, it`s a fact that noonas sleeptime is very... errr... limited. Normally to 4-5 houres per night. Not a single second more. (except for the weekends of course!)

okie, what else is new?

Due to the majour problems the blog has and that they will not vanish in future (at least it appears so to me) I think of move my blog somewhere else. That means: wordpress or tumblr. Well, I know two ppl who are at wordpress, so I will ask them first before I decide. You can read a lot on the tumblr site about their blogs and the features in it, but not at the wordpress site.
But basically: I like the layout of wordpress a little bit more. But I want to be sure before I do anything.

The thing is: It annoys da hell outa me, OKEH?!
I don`t have the time and the nerves to wait 3 hours for the admin section to finally open >_< aigoo, that sucks so much, I can`t even tell you HOW much!
It drives me crazy, really. Every entry already takes me forever to write so I absolutely DON`T have the time to wait 4ever for the admin site... really, I can`t do thins and I want my nerves to be okay.

진짜. I`m cassiopeia, 진시므로, I`m already stressed enough with other things. #justsaying

I don`t need the blog to stress me out as well =.= hrrr... *annoyed sigh*HATE IT!
Basically I don`t want to move my blogging somewhere else but the blog leaves me without options here. It really sucks right now and it drives me up the wall! >.<

Yest/today I wanted continue the work on my terra for the mice. But the problem was: my aquarium silicon didn`t come T-T OMG! I SO wanted to work on that terra and the material for my work is not here...

well, due to that, I decided to cut the wire for the front door of the terra (yes, this one is supposed to be closed, mice can climb out easily of this one so I decided to close it with some kind of door) & the acrylic glass.

Actually it looks like that:

the wire
yeah, wire and some other things to build the front door are already prepared

Terra inside
Well, this doesen`t really look like something mice can live in right now...

My other one looks more like something mice can live in, don`t ya think? ^^ (hopefully the second one will look like a good mice-home someday too)
It looks super tidy right now because (like I said on twitter before) I cleaned their cotton party-mess up ^^ at least the most of it.
I decided to leave the cotton balls they carried to their nest in the place they are. Don`t wanted to destroy their bed~♥

Now let`s take a look at the latest twitter updates from my bother... (yes, I annouced Junho as my brother_official ^^ always remember!)

Today`s twitter uploads of 준호~

...I really don`t know exactly what this was about there are 2 possibilities: 1. he reads that magazine OR 2. there`s an interview with him in there or something. Due to my almost not existing understanding of japanese letters/language XD I`m not sure!
But... really! Brother is soooo cute! ^^.
(...should anyone think of harm him in any way... =.= ... *eyes antis/hater-stans* → I will KILL YOU! Don`t mess with my family!)

ah! :D Does this mean we can look at new photos of you soon, brother? ^^
well, I don`t really mind because the pics you upload are sooo kawaii!

hm. when borther-in-law is posting so many photos I start to miss Junsu pics... or pics of his cats. just anything that comes from him.
I miss Junsu
Okay, he`s maybe too busy to check by but... nontheless, I miss him T~T

Okay, now let`s do some YunJae, shall we? ^^

"YunJae of the day":
ah haha! I remember this! It was really cute! You can also see this scene in the YouTube Vid TVfXQ's 윤재 Uncountable Replay! (oh, very recommendable vid by the way! It`s my fav YunJae vid! It`s just... perfect! Uncountable reaplay guaratnteed )
I really love YunJae that way! Ai, YunJae is real! please world, just FACE THE TRUTH! :P

okeh *junsu style*, it`s YooSu time now! What are YooSu up to today?
"YooSu of the day":
ooooh! I like YooSu being like this :DDD OMG! So cute! holding hands ^w^ awww! *squeak*
but... o.o where are they all looking?
>.> TVXQ.Lexicon_official? *looks at ocean* ^^ maybe she knows. Who knows *shrugs*

*한숨*... YooSu & YunJae, please finally get marry! After that happened I could die in peace, u know... >>. *will spend her life waiting for YunJae/YooSu marriage from now on* *wants to write -YunJae/YooSu shipper on her forehead* <- *lol* ok, ok! Now I`m going too randomly-crazy here! XDDD

Okay, I will change my location soon ^^ wander off to the living room!
But first I will post this.

From time to time I like being in my room WITHOUT the family. Mom and sis can be annoying sometimes =)
Yeah, I really need my off-zone.

So what will I do on this upcoming weekend?
Let`s see, I will finish watching "Memories in 2010", maybe start the 3hree voices II after doing this.
Then I really want to continue watching paradiese ranch. Yes, this is pretty lame. It ended since a long time ago, but moving distracted me in a crazy way from watching the episodes.

And most of you know: noona is always busy and short of time anyway ^^ I look at too many things on the internet. And twitter/cassiopeia/our boys really eat the biggest part of my time.

... *cough* well, it`s not like that I don`t like it
23.6.11 20:32

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