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My special sisters, SME again + YunJae/YooSu

hrrr.... *annoyed sigh* 안녕...

MyBlog.de is driving me crazy! This site is not feeling well since 2 weeks! ><
I can only open my admin`s section under major difficulties! THIS F**CKING SUCKS! >___<
I trie to post this entry since over 1 day!

…. I just cooked ramen to cool my nerves >-> Hope it will help. (<< edit: actually this was yest, because my blog didn`t let me post this entry yesterday!).

*uploading something* *looking at the pics at MediaFire* *grin* I can`t help but to smile each time I see them! My little sis uploaded them there for me during the time of moving~ Awww! So many pics of Junsu at a FC Men match ^v^ awww, sis worked so hard only for her Unni... collecting and uploading all the pics!

And Marta Unni cheered me up with junsu pics... aigoo! T~T You are too nice to me *sniff*
I should do the same for her one day!

All my closer Sisters are special, in their own way, to me.

But my kid, Ocean, is extra special because she`s my kid.
Jing Yee is extra special because she`s a really, really good and loving OT5 fan. I feel the most true love coming through her words to Jae.
My little Sis Cynthia, is extra special because she`s my soulmatesister. We are the cassie soulmates!
My Marta Unni is extra special because she always cares for me ♥♥
My coconut is special to me because she`s my only coconut ^v^ *haha* Natali is a cool cassie! A little pervy, but cool!

To my sisters:
Ocean, please don`t be so emo. You are more emo than usual these days :/ I don`t like you being extra-emo. Please cheer up! 힘내! We can mission make it! Let`s hold together. I know our OT5 fans/our boys`pain will not vanish overnight, but we have to learn to deal with it for now or at least try like our boys and... most important... ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (after my big emo day from recently I feel much stronger now all thanks to the cassies!)
I believe your faith is much stronger than mine, because you are a fan of the boys since so long so please don`t let stupid persons destroy your believe/harm your believe/your cassie pride. We are much stronger as we first thought. The proof for this is, that we are still here. *huggles*
Jing Yee, yeah I don`t know if you will read this ^^ but don`t let others bother you. You are a good fan, to Jae and to the others. Don`t let others talk strange about your love. Because this real love it the difference between us and the stans. *hugs*
My little Sis, we can do everything! Keep the faith 4ever, go to concerts, fight hater-stans... Soulmatesisters can do everything together! No one of us will ever waver. Because each one of us will, even though the whole world stands against her, always have at least one sister to got her back ^^ for you it`s me and for me it`s you. Like my boys I would never let my soulmatesister stand alone – not even when everyone is against her. *hugs*
Marta Unni, althought you have your own worries and problems you always have a open ear for me. You are so wise Unni and such a straight thinking fan *-* ooh, good you are on our side, I wouldn`t want do be your enemy ^^ poor hater-stans. I don`t know if you are as emo as we younger ones were/are from time to time. Maybe you are but don`t tell us because you don`t want us to worry. Please, Unni, stay the way you are! Together we can only get stronger! And you know, you can always talk to me. When you want to talk about a problem or worries, I`ll be there. *hugs*
- Natali, I have no clue if you read this or not XD but I think Ocean will tell you: You are one of the most pervy, but most lovable cassie`s I know so far and you really have a strong way to deal with stans. We should all learn from you! A strong, good, faithful fan. That`s what we need in this fandom right now *hugs*

Oh yes, one thing works for all my sisters (even the not listed ones) and I know I repeat myself when I say to you: whenever you want to talk, don`t be shy, Noona will listen. Because all of you would do the same for me. <3

oooh! Today I thought of something again I think about often!

This time it was because of our Stephi Unni. Yeah well. She, and her newfound fangirl inside, are going to drive her boyfriend crazy XD
Okie, I hope it`s not sooo bad with the two of them. ^^
But she said her boyfriend will kill her when she buys a DVD now *haha*

So this thought came into my mind again: It`s is a basic topic with boyfriends: They are JAE-lous so easily over such little things.

Tz, tz.... I remember that my boyfriend was JAElous of Mike Shinonda XD oooh, my weakness back then! I`m really a faithful noona, but I always told him “When you are not here and mike knocks on my door, I`ll guarantee for nothing!” *lol* HE WAS NOT AMUSED *loool*

Yeah, what should I say? Who cares if he was not amused + it was true. Wae not dumb that guy to have mike? Geez, which woman who`s sane wouldn`t have done this?

okay, today I wouldn`t do such things or even say it. Noona is faithful to Junsu~~~♥♡♥♡ and that with 200% ^w^ ah, my cutie Junsu! I would never treat him bad!... I just... can`t! Junsu`s too innocent, too nice, too... Junsu to be treated bad!
Nuuuu! So nuuuu!
Mike has no effect on me anymore! (and my former boyfriend as well ^v^ no more nightmares thanks to my Baby! Thank you Junsu! 너무 감사합니다! *huggles Junsu 4 ever*)

and... thinking about it: I think man (here) are especially thin-skinned when it comes to asian man. They absolutely can`t stand the fact that many woman in our coutry are all crazy about asians. Well, our man with all their clichés in their heads, can`t stand the fact that the asians are taking over their woman XD
okeh *junsu style* boys, it`s your own fault! You are cowards, have no manners & 99% of you treat their woman bad.
So please, european man/boys, gimme a break and don`t wonder anymore!
It hurts in my head that you still & seriously really wonder about it...

The next thing that`s on my mind: SNSD and their killer schedule... Ai, it`s said that it`s as worse as the schedule of our boys back then at their hardest time.

Okay, SME, so what is THAT now?

Now that you are in a lawsuit with JYJ because of the DBSK killer schedules you thought, okeh, we let HoMin rest a little (oh well, it`s really just a little!!!) and work SNSD harder instead? OO
Now, that the public eye is focused on HoMin & JYJ, you decided to work SNSD harder and I believe SuJu are worked very hard by you too.

But really, SME only wanted to make us believe that it`s really like that.
We know SuJu`s Leader is not that dumb. He`s under SME like HoMin and we all know: You can`t do much under SME. (and you surely CAN`T spread your real and honest thoughts about something when they don`t fit SME`s way of thinking & what they want to hear from you).

Back to the schedule thing...: It`s too late for SNSD or HoMin to run away. And now I see how sly SME was! Ooooh, they were so sly! They changed the contracts just a little bit so that every one was thinking “wow, they really try do do something”.
But I think they just "forgot" about the part with the schedules in their new contracts.

Aigoo, SME, you wanted to create “better contracts” for your artists with the FTC. So what did you changed in these contracts BESIDES the length of the contract? I`m sure it`s NOTHING!
SME, just changing the length of the contract dosen`t make it to a better contract for your artist! I really don`t know if you know.
(+ I wonder: how did they manage to get all the signatures of the band`s members? )

Oh and in case some of you didn`t know about it Cassies/Bigeast: HanGeng filled the lawsuit against SME first – even before JYJ did it.
Look what his lawyer said about the reasons back then:

“(...) Han Geng's lawyer released the reasons for the contract termination: it contained provisions in SM Entertainment's favour, the 13-year contract length was unlawful, it would take an unfair sum of money to end the contract, he was not allowed to request to revise his contract, he was forced to do things that were not in his contract, he was forced to do things against his will, he was fined if he disobeyed the company, missed any events or even was late, and there was unfair profit distribution.”

After reading that: Of course SME, your contracts were never “slave contracts”. Aaah, Iiii seee.


HanGeng and JYJ filled a lawsuit against you with almost the same reasons and you still try to make us believe they did it because they want to harm you, are greedy and only want money?
Yes, dream on SME, dream on!

You SME ppl, who are responsible for all the shit HanGeng and JYJ had to endure (and basically all others artistst at SME endured it as well/still endure it), you`re so... finished. REALLY!
Do you really think the Court will ever decide in your favor? For real?
The court is not that dumb and has eyes and ears, u know. And luckily they are not payed by you or easy to pressure by you so yeah... let`s see how big you will lose.
Yes, you heard right. To me it`s not a question of if you will lose or not lose anymore, it`s a question of how big you will lose out.

+ I really wonder what happened to the “we will fight you until you will vanish”-attitute of SM towards HanGeng after he had won his lawsuit and his contract was set as -invalid-.
Back then SME wanted to fight against the decision of the court. Yeah, but I think they gained nothing but “shut up” from the court so it should be solved for HanGeng. ^^

NOTE: To end this gigant rant ^^° (I`m sorry it became that long again *drop*): I`m DEFINITELY NOT(!) saying that everyone at SME is the pure evil. I know, I said this before but I want to repeat it: not everyone at SM is “evil”. There are many hard working ppl there who most likely would not agree with SME`s way around their artists. But what can you do if you are a small fish and have something to lose? (your job for example) Yeah, the answer is -nothing-.
+ as if SME`s higher ones would listen to you even though you`d speak up. They don`t even listen to their own artist, so wae should they listen to anyone else who`s even smaller than them?
The only language SME understands seems to be the one of the court... *rolleyes*

Now to happier things!
I don`t want to make an only-rant entry here!

Awwwww! “YooSu of the day”:
Awwww... this is so sweet and cute YooSu moment... *v*
reminds me of a really HOT scene in the last FF I have read! :O .... /me-> faints right away-> dead.

So then *cough* *tries not to think of THAT YooSu scene anymore*, what are YunJae doing?
“YunJae of the day”:
OH! getting married :DDD *haha* That`s good! Nu, I`m not insane. This was the most real YunJae wedding we have so far XD!
Really, I`m not kidding! Please ask my TVXQ.Lexicon_official--> Ocean!
They did the wedding scene back then! (I have forgotten the reason, but I saw the vid!! =) )
^w^ ㅋㅋㅋ now, now YunJae... I want to see this in REAL, u know! :P
Please invite me to your wedding! *puppy eyes*
aaah, we (Junsu, Chunnie & Noona) will invite you to the YooSu wedding too when you do... *looool* XD

ah yes, I would support a YooSu wedding! Yeah, okay... that would mean to share Junsu with Yoochun for sure and_official ^^ but I can deal with that now! Noona and Chunnie always had a special way around each other... somehow. >.> Well, we already had this as a topic: I can`t exactly describe the thing with Yoochun. I only can say it`s “special”. It feels special... I can`t find the right words for this "relationship".

Y.Y This was our Leader씨 recently, in Paris:

I`m moved!
He`s always holding cassiopeia! OMG! Leader씨, please let never go of us, we won`t let go of you either!

WOAH! Siwon! *just read his tweet*
Look, european guys, this is how it`s done. Prince Siwon shows you! Just look/listen & learn:

“Have a good day and have a wonderful week

See? I never heard this of any of my boyfriends, but I keep hearing this from SuJu members and they are not even close to be something as a -boyfriend- to me... hm. What does this tell us?
Yeah, maybe that man ROCK LIKE HELL?! Ah haha!
Yes, it means exactly that! :P

*loool* TRUE!

From twitter: “#ZodiacFacts A #Virgo,sense of humor can be dampened by their literalism,but they really enjoy wordplay and wit.”

eh... hehe... Yes, I love wordplays and do them as often as possible! (I take every chance to do one XD) But Oppa always tells me that my gags are lame & no one can follow my thoughts... :/
Junsu, I understand your pain with the members very well! No one ever takes me serious and they just WON`T laugh about my gags... ><
Yeah well... actually they are not that bad so the only possible explanation for this is: My workmates are meanies and only want to bully me! >__<
20.6.11 22:18

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