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Today is Kim brother`s day! :D

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Uuuh, I just found something funny *haha* brother thinks just like me! XD (really, I though of this earlier too!).
The time, when Junsu got Pard back then he tweeted:

**(Junsu) Oh, by the way, the Bengal’s special characteristic is its leopard spots..^^ I put him next to Tigger and they kind of go well together and look awesome~ And his breed was..the most..ex..pensive…lol (11:15am KST)
(Junho) @0101xiahtic You brought another one home????……………………….Why don’t you just buy like 100 cats and get a house for them~ㅜㅜ(11:16am KST)
(Junsu) @iamzunoya heehee ~Cats are just what I need to overcome this loneliness!! My companions^^**

1.) My poor Baby! I know it was a super hard time for you. *hugs Junsu*
2.) *loool @ Junho`s comment* XDD OH MY! BROTHER! Same here! I think Junsu will end up with 100 cats in a cat house too!
3.) aigoo, how many cats will junsu have in the future? I really wonder about that! ^^

So now, we won`t leave the Kim brother here! Today it`s mostly about the Kim brothers! Wae? Because they are awesome and cute *haha*

From what I can tell, half of cassiopeia/bigeast is still ignoring Junho or dose not know what to do with him... Some even seem to hate him o__O WTF?! I wonder wae! (This is like... hating Yoohwan for no reason!)
I said this before, but there`s no reason to hate him.
- he`s funny
- he`s friendly and nice to us
- he works hard
- his music is not bad
- he loves dogs ( XD yes, very important reason I know – this is more like Noonas personal like-him-even-more reason *lol*)

Yeah, sometimes I think ppl just hate some ppl because they don`t know them and can`t accept others among their favourite ones... well, let`s say some ppl just hate some certain ppl because they are stupid and #dumbashell *abusing twitter trend AGAIN!!!*

okie, so what`s new with Junho these days?
He was at the studio recording a new japanese single on June the 14th/15th/16th, when I remember it right now.
Junho was all “ganbarimasu & hwaiting” at the studio ^^
OMG! OMG S! What will it sound like? A love song? A fast-beat-song? :D *gets excited* I`m curious!
Brother, surprise us, né!? Will ya? *^v^* ah, you will, I´m sure!

Oh yes, and I found a pic of Junho I wanted to share:
*.* 우와! I love this ultra-casual-style thing! It fits Junho well (among other styles).
But my fav is still “korean guys dressed in white” *dies by only thinking of her -weakness-*

So now let`s come to both of the Kim twins! Back then and today

:O … *speechless* 어머! 어머!!! 너무귀엽다!!!! --> me> overload of cuteness> faints
awwww! The Kim twins when they were little kids! Aw! Soooo adorable brothers! *giggle* Junsu, you were such a mega cutie back then! ^^

well today they are more like that:
*.* boys, no doubt: You are cute and hot at the same time! (ㅋㅋㅋ lucky me! I have such a amazing family! My hubby so cute and my brother too :D )

haaaah, yes, noona`s family is truly amazing:
My brother is cute! Ai! soo cute!
+ I see junsu! ^^ I often see my hubby when I look at him.
Oh my god! Just thought about this: when it`s dark like when electricity is gone, would I confuse Junho with Junsu? D: Oh my! This coud happen! aaaaah! Epic wifey crisis!!!! CRISIS!!!! *runs around in circles* << totally crazy again
NO WAY THIS WILL HAPPEN!--> NOONA WILL NEVER CONFUSE HER HUBBY WITH HER BROTHER! (they are easy to tell apart even when it`s completely dark, because Junho is taller than Junsu ---> crisis> averted/solved!).

OH MY! Junsu! *dies*
PLEASE! JUST KILL ME! Don`t torture me like that with your super cuteness! Aigoo, Junsu is so cutiiiieeee that it hurts to the maximum! ^w^ 오빠 너무귀엽다!!!!

And I love the fact that even their haircut is similar! When you look at one of them, then its just the mirrored version of the other one XD (ok, ok! no harm meant~)

ㅋㅋㅋ I gave my mice a half cotton pod some time before.
They created a huge mega cotton ball with the content of the cotton thingy. You can say they made a huuuuge bed out of cotton stuff. My little predators created a huge mess XDD
Well, I will upload the pics on my TwitPic account after I finished this blog entry or tomorrow.

Well, what else is new around my mice? more mice news:
I starte do to rebuild the second terrarium today. I have 3 terra`s: the little one, the middle one and the biiiiig, biiiig extra large one. We are talking about the middle sized one here ^^

I prepared it back then, before we started moving, because the back wall was cracked so I fixed it with some “stripes” of acrylic glass and some silicon. I even prepared the different levels for inside.
Today I removed the old... hm, how can I say this in english?... air outlet (searches dictionary, oh, it`s called -louver”? Okeh, fine by me!) and put a new and better metal lattice on that place so the air will circulate better later -> well, a terra is not good for mice to life in so if you want to use it anyway you have to do some changes on it.
Well, whatever!
After the metal lattice I fixed the first level and the ramp that goes up to the first level, inside of the terrarium.

ah, this all took me 4 hours and 4 packages of aquarium silicon *dies* and I thought witht the 4 of then I ordered I can finish this rebuild project eeeasy! yeah... AS IF! >< have to buy at least another one to finish this! OOOOOMOOOO! I CAN`T BELIVE THIS!

okay, before we end this here I want to say: Let`s do YunJae & YooSu tomorrow! ^^

Now I will go and post the last few pics of my old mice photos. I think I will post the new ones tomorrow. I`m starting to get tired again.
19.6.11 00:45

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