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#jyjinbusan , "that person" & SMTown Live in Paris

안녕 다들! ^^⎛ *waves*

I watched my first live stream today! It`s #jyjinbusan!

Can`t believe it! I heard fallen leaves, still in love, unnamed song & "i can soar" <33 aw! Junsu!

but the thing is: The livestream constantly stopped because the buffer was overcharged :/ meh... whatever, live stream, whatever ><

okay, it worked again a little during "Boy`s letter" & "Be my girl remix" but it was overly annoyin! ppl just can`t stop mentioning on the live streams site and so the buffer went on hiatus the whole time!... hrrrr *annoyed sigh*

Like I said: Live streams + noona = epic fail combination all the time!

After all: It was my first love stream I saw at least a BIT! But... err... it was a FAIL.

next topics:

1.) I want to make cute smilies with the stuff on my keyboard too! Like the japanese ppl! *envy them*
Fukutaro always has so cute smilies and bigeast as well...
And I even like the way brother-in-law post`s his smilies and he uses the more "normal" ones we all can make.
There must be something special with the japanese keyboards or so because I believe I can`t make such smilies even if I wanted to... >.>

2.) brother-in-law got biten by a mosquito? (-->Junho quote: "きのかにさされました(T ^ T)ほんとにかゆいです!") Aww *giggle* poor him! He used "honto ni". It must be REALLY itchy!
But nonetheless: He was cute again!
Junho and his aegyo... really, it`s different from junsu`s but nice as well!

3.) SMTOWN LIVE '11 was DAEBAK yesterday! I want to "attend" today (more exact: Tonight~) again! :D
OMG! HoMin so awesome! SuJu so awesome! *haha* Heechul wore the "lady HeeHee" jacket XD
Oh yes, our Leader dancing to "Sorry, sorry" was sooo cute! ^^

Yeah, these are the news so far. hater-stans are quiet.
Junsu tweeted two pics of cutie Leo again ^^

But talking about Junsu`s cat tweets> the people who always complain about his tweets of his animals... : You don`t have a pet, do you?
WAE are you always telling junsu not to tweet about his animals? Hello? What`s wrong in your head!
1.) He can tweet about what he likes, it`s his freakin' account. Savvy?
2.) When you love your pet you tweet about it. period.

진짜! Kids, stop this. Stop telling ppl what to tweet about.
If you can`accept what our boys tweet the just don`t follow them. YOU DON`T OWN THEM! they don`t have to do what you want, u know.
Well, I dunno if you already knew but I will say it again for you: THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY!
They are ppl with their own thoughts, normal ppl just like we are. The only difference from them to us (besides our origins, but that dosen`t really count) are our jobs. Please be mature enough to see that, fangirls.
No one has the right to tell them what to tweet about.

And the next thing I was thinking about for some days now... "that person" you know, person_official... wasn`t she followed by all 3 of our boys?

Okay, I`m not exactly sure about Chunnie anymore, but JJ followed her. He even tweeted a few words with her a couple of month ago.

And there were cassies who said „I`m glad they unfollowed you“. I really don`t know if this has something to do with my guess. But is sounded kinda... as if this would mean something important. Somehow. But it can also be that they only meant that some cassies unfollowed „that person“ after the first incident. or both.
(maybe our boys unfollowed her to not cause more trouble in cassiopeia?? I don`t know!)

But wae is my BB still following her then? o.O Junsu-ya, I want to know!

On the other hand: Is is really that surprising? First, that they followed her back then & secondly, that junsu does not unfollow her?
About 1.---> we all know our boys. No matter who it is, as soon as this person says something like „Oh hey, I´m on twitter too.! *insert bla bla bla here* you mind following me?“ or so our boys would not say „I don`t want to“. They are too polite to do so.

Yeah, now it`s like this: It was okay as long as „that person“ has known her place ㄱ__ㄱ
Now she went totally above everything what`s beyond good and evil so... eh... hehe... cassie/bigeast went wild-> "person" tried to do damage limitation *face plam*

and WHAT DA HELL!!!!
How can ppl seriously still support her?
Someone said the right thing: Wae she just can`t concentrate on her JOB! She`s so NOT k-pop.

Well, "person", dancing with a k-pop group doesen`t mean that...
- ... you have talent in singing,
- ... you are/could be a k-pop star as well,
- ... you can do as you like because you work with them,
- ... you can think THEIR fans would be your fans too,
- ... it`s okay to touch my family (the boys!) the way you did =.= ,
- ... you can mess with bigeast & cassiopeia and talk like you know our fandom for years,
- ... you can say "such" things about your bosses!

Yeah well, I still don`t hate her. I just don`t like her because of the way she behaved every day.
Good, she apologized about her songs lyrics. okay now, where is the apology for the other things which were even more calling for an apology, eh?

We all know the Tohoshinki dancers. We all know Yunho`s "checkmate" performance & Junsu`s performances of "Intoxication" & "Xiahtic".
Well, they had sexy dance parts in these performances with WOMAN as well. And everyone was all fine with it.
But the point is, like my unni said, the worldtour concerts were... err... strange.

Sexy is okay, but: Did the boys really say to their dancers they should touch them like THAT? o.O that`s a thing I really wonder about!
i mean, my fav sample: Checkmate performance. It was always HOT! No doubt about this. But it was never disgusting.

Well, call my Unni and me "too well educated" but err.... what happend during JYJ`s wouldtour is... uhm... how can I say?... not the way I want the -sexy way- to be expressed. And I absolutely DON`T mean everything of the performace. I`m talking about certail parts of it, u know. -.-°

Seriously, I won`t even touch my own boyfriend like that if we would be in public (well, not even when we are at home either ><)...
I really can`t get over it. And as far as I know all this doesen`t even happen to Junsu... It was Chunnie & Jae.
(well, my TVXQ lexicon_official, Ocean: please tell me if I`m wrong with all this and feel free to correct me anytime!)

oh hey, SMTown Live in Paris just started a while go ^^ I`ll wait for the vids of SME to be uploaded in YouTube now.

okie, another thing: K-pop things from ebay--> current status: My cassie jacket arrived! YAY!

Now I wait for Jing Yee or Shizuka Unni to tell me what the symbols on the back mean o-o oh my, I feel so... dumb. Symbols are killing for real. I SO want to be able to read them, especially when they are written on something important like my cassie jacket (the one that got famouse because of the DB5K in L.A. photobook).
But hey! I never thought to be able to find this jacket! This was a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The other things: Some photos came as well, mini clendars, DB5K secret photo"book" (well, it`s really not a book *haha* it`s more like a... little notebook).
& the photobook of Junsu`s Mozart came!

well, I will take some photos soon! ^v^
Don`t worry.

@Ocean: Would you mind to take some photos of your K-pop things? You said we have different items. Please show~ ^w^ *puppy eyes*

Now the "YunJae of the day":
^^ Yunnie & Jae so cute!!! *squeak*
I . LOVE . YUNJAE_official!!

And what`s up at the "YooSu of the day" end?
OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU YOOSU!!!!!!! >///< OMG! I`m so YooSu obsessed, really, I can`t tell you how much! *dies*
Just... so cutie!!! KYAAAHHH!!! YooSu = love! <333

Oh yeah, btw: I finished reading the YunJae/YooSu story my unni gave me back then on my last vacation :D
WOW! It was so super great! OMG! (and rated of course *cough*) but the plot was... impressive!
The end was a little, overdramatic XD but it was really good.

@Cynthia: You want to read it too? This fic is totally cool and good for squealing all night *haha* very smexy FF!

@Ocean: You want to read it? Let me know then. I will send you the link.

Uwah! Marta Unni was so right! This is a FF like I want them to be! JJ`s not a stripper, YooSu acting like themself, YunJae all the way, minnie kicks ass, the 5 want to be togehter, SME/AVEX are the evil ones *lol*...
Oh, the world is sooo in order in this FF.

*haha* still laughing about the "C-jesC-yes" Company :DD OMO! Karam sooo great! *haha*
This fic was really awesome.

And my unni was really awesome to share it with me~~♥♥
I love you Marta Unni *doing heart sign for her Unni*

Aish! what is it now on twitter!?

Did I hear right just now? JJ is doubting Cassiopeia?! Eeeehh?!??! WHAT DA--!
JJ! Don`t be like that! Don`t ya ever dare to think that we will leave or disappear! I just will not allow you to do so!
Haiz! He can`t really think that we will leave! I thought he knows that the OT5 are still around?! O.O

This leads me to two things:
First of all-> I said the stans would be/are already seen as cassiopeia but they are not. So now even JJ thinks that there are only stans and a standom or what?! *shocked*
Then-> What`s with this k-cassie OT5 project we donated for? Anyone heard something new about this? Will it even happen now? I never saw an article about it or so.
It`s already a long time since the fund raising started... o0 What happend to the money and the project. I really would want to know!

Another interesting question: Wae is Siwon topless so many times in paris? XDD *haha* It`s not that I mind, nuuu! Siwon, please do so XD, but he`s even more topless than yesterday 하하하!
Ai! The prince is stripping for europe? Me is excited!

So, the last topic for today: Have you ever thought of how ridiculous, pervy, silly or all this at onces cassie convos get at NIGHT?

I see it again and again: Night is the WORST cassie time XD
...Xiahnism church, in bed with Junsu & Chunnie for PS3 battle while eating korean cookies, a YunJae "film" (yeah, some ppl would like to call it *cough* *whispers* porn), Yoochun could try to convince noona to a none-platonic relationship XDD, talks about "it" (a-nation`s "it"), hair "in places" >///<... OH MY!

It`s very strange and crazy what cassiopeia talkes about at night.
hm, this is probably because half of cassiopeia are perverted woman XD (<- SYC team pointed that out some time ago).
Well, I`m just asking now: Wae am I always surrounded by pervys? o.0 okay, I talk nonsense sometimes, but some of my cassie friends can be really pervy :O SCANDALOUS!

Guys, please don`t be too pervy on front of noona. Noona get`s embarrassed easily >////<
but... I love you anyway *huggles*

(edit to the paris concert: It just ended. Lady HeeHee was a huge success. and: some SuJu members in woman dresses is the WEIRDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN XDD Omg! *lol*
+ HoMin were the gods they are *.*)
11.6.11 23:03

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