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안녕 친구들! ^.^

Noona is still in a high mood!
Well, "that person" changed her mind as it seems, but I really don`t care about that!
Oh yeah, "person"_official: STOP "THAT"... yeah, we all know what happened at the concerts and I really don`t want to say more about this! >//< Please don`t touch my family like THAT! *dies*
That`s... just... >< all wrong!

But today I was not supposed to talk about "that woman", u know.

First of all @Stephie: Nice to have you here around! German cassie`s are more than welcome here too! We have to spread the DongBangLove! ; )

Now the adorable things.

Adorable 1: One of Brother-in-law`s pic from yesterday
AW! Wae so adorable, Junho-ya~~~♥
^^ really junsu`s brother! No one can doubt that! They are both soooo cute!
Junho reached 10 000+ followers and so he wanted to say -thank you- ♡
(My japanese Unni said the sign he`s holding says "arigatou gozaimasu")

Okay, now the REAL story of the day!

Adorable 2: I have met a beagle baby today!!! aw! Yes, a beagle is a dog (just for those who don`t know)! =D
Cute little girl! AWWW! Cutest beagle baby I have ever seen ^^ made me want a beagle baby too XD (*talks to herself* nuu noona! You can`t have a beagle baby! You already own a dog!)
Aigoo... My dog wasn`t very interested in that 9 month old doggie baby. But I was even more! AIGOOOO! SHE WAS SO CUTE!!!
Her owner worked in her garden and the gate was open so she was leashed besides the fence. While my doggie snuffled on the baby and then looked away in a "I-don`t-care" manner I started to squeak around that little baby dog
Omo! Omo!

I talked to the baby doggie in the typical "baby language" you use around something that little and she started wagging her tail KYAAAAAAHH!!!! SOOOO CUTE! ^w^

But the embarrassing part was: I talked to the baby dog and it came to me and wanted to be stroked. So I stroked the baby and continued my silly dog-talk and suddenly the onwer was besides me *me-> was caught while acting silly >//<* and smiled at me.
Owner was amused! *haha* really a little embarrassing. But I talked to the owner anyway. hehe (that was when I found out that the baby is 9 month old)

aw! I can only tell you: The baby was very soft~♥ to pet & it dosen`t wanted me to stop *haha* I LOVE DOGS SO MUCH! ♡__♡

just btw: The baby looked very similar to this one:

Aw! I wanted to kiss her! =))) that cute little baby!!!
But it was not my dog and I didn`t know if the dog would like it and if I can pick her up without scaring her. It`s a baby after all and I`m a stranger to her so I just stroked her *so happy*

ㅋㅋㅋ and my doggie is sleeping really cute again besides me right now <3333
When she was a baby, I often picked her up to kiss her. Or late on the evening I picked her up to lay her on my belly ^v^ And then she slept there! *chiii* That was so cutie!!! I wish she would be a baby again so I can put her on my belly! :P

OKEH! *junsu style* let`s move on with the "YunJae of the day"!

Yes, I searched for "new" YunJae pics ^^ So let`s taka look at that:
:D OMG S! I`LL JUMP ON YUNHO`S LAP! *wants to be first* *is about to jump*
Junsu: *gives noona an evil look* =.= ... *mentally shoots her*
/me: "... errr... hehe... *sweating* ... did I say I`ll jump err... on... heheheh... *has no excuse* I meant... "
Junus: "*still =.= at noona*
/me: " ... errr....미...안? "
Junsu: "*rolleyes* You`re so evil, you know? "
/me: "EH!?! but... but... *puppyeyes* I`m just kidding. *throws YunJae pic on the floor ->> *
Junsu: *goes -good noona- -> "
/me: * *

Seriously... no more Yunho like that for noona! Leader씨 makes me say/think bad things >_<

It`s better to have Yunho & Taepun like that!
^^ Leader씨, that means your doggie loves you! :D
It really seems like that Taepun is a dog to cuddle... Watching Yunho with him (not only in that scene from above)
it seems like he`s a big bear to cuddle! :D aw! that`s my fav sort of dogs!

And what`s the "YooSu of the day" today? *searches* *looks*
~♥♡♥♡♥ The classic YooSu love! *squeak!!!*
I really want to know wae do I think that this is so overly cute!? (I mean YooSu in general)

My mom says they are gay. I say they are nothing as long as they don`t confirm it clearly right in front of us :P (but I wish they will do this someday! XD OMG! YooSu addict! *caught*)
Yeah well, but who needs that? As for me, YooSu is already real! (YunJae too)

HEY! but... by the way: What is a-nations "it", eh? (NU! I will never forget this! I want to know what "IT" is!!!! >.<)

Okay, EDIT now!

After watching a really good vid of an american cassiopeian fanboy(! *proud* we have such amazing fanboys? WE ARE A LUCKY FANDOM!) about all the things going on lately, I have to say something about "that person" again.

First of all: I don`t hate her. I don`t hate her job and that she`s near our boys while doing her job. period.
Just to make that clear first. #justsaying *raping twitter trend on the blog again!*

But like this fanboy said in the vid: She has gone too far!
No matter how much she likes our boys or how close they (really) are: Her way is just all wrong!

We have enough problems with our current situation, new boygroups who say they get confused with DB5K *rolleyes* and really everyone of the press calls every 5-member-boygroup "DBSK" lately + we have to deal with stans & haters too. And even our boys don`t know if they can count on OT5 anymore! WTF!!!!
With all that going on, we don`t need dancers_official who don`t know their place on top of that!

Becaus this is what`s all about: To KNOW YOUR PLACE!

And "that person" dosen`t know her place.
We had and still have many dancers on stage with our boys. Im not just talking about JYJ danacers, I`m talking about Toho-dancers as well. And I`m sure many of then are on Facebook and/or twitter just like "her".
The only difference is: The others don`t bother. They knew their way not to mess with our fandom. They know the border they shouldn`t overstep. They know their place. I would say, that the others are just professional enough to do their job properly.

No one says the dancer`s shouldn`t be friends with our boys. Oh no, they should! But please *rolleyes* what that woman`s doing is beyond everthing what is okay and right and almost every way.

Abusing the name and her small connection with the boys for her goals...
I mean: She said herself that working with JYJ opened many doors for her.
Yes, girl, JYJ opened the doors for you! NOT your talent or your hard work!!

EVERYONE NOTE! NOTE! MAKE A NOTE OF THAT POINT! >>> not her talent or her hard work!

Thinking about it, that`s maybe another reason wae cassies dislike her: She`s abusing her connection with JYJ. And for me, it feelt like she`s abusing cassiopeias name as well. =.=

Okay, like I said before: I don`t hate her, but on the other hand I never liked her either.
Since she showed up for the first time last year I always had a odd feeling about "that person". I didn`t liked her right from the start. And I repeat: It`s not because of her job.
It`s her behaviour. She has gone way too far with a fandom that was never hers right from the start.
She just came, showed up for a few hours and now she`s like "JYJ is mine, but I will share with you" ? GIMME A BREAK! >o<

I already said it in a previous entry: That`s not how things are done in cassiopeia!!!
With pleasure I will say it again: Do your homework first, then come back "woman"!
(being a cassie, especially when you come into this fandom very late & especially at these hard times, is something that you can`t do without doing your -homework-)
She has absolutely no clue about our fandom. She`s a newbie. A newbie who hasn`t payed enough attention to his homework as it seems.
Just look at her Name on Twitter, then it`s enough said... ㄱ__ㄱ
Aigoo, just the name itself has stressed a few cassies since last year and that was the time when she had only spoken about it and hasn`t re-named herself to it *rolleyes*
I`m sure she has no clue that such names are used as couple names and it`s obviously not true that she and Junsu are a couple so WHAT IS THAT?! That is ridiculousness through the roof! ><

My baby-baby, our maknae, already thought she is dating Junsu o.O *face palms* that`s what the little kids think then because of the abuse of name combination! OMO! That`s really too much for me! Our poor kiddies! They believe such things. They are easy to misguid, u know... they don`t really know what`s going on.

Aigoo, I`m not even sure if I still know what`s going on. It`s too ridiculous and silly.

I was willing and in the end successful to ignore the first epic fail of "that person". The thing with Junsu`s pic and the comment of that stan, u know. But it all went more downhill with her from that point on.

The next thing with her song`s lyrics: No, when nearly all cassies were burning, she decided to apologize? WTH!?
Girl, you suddenly realized that cassiopeia can go wild too, or what?
So the part in the song "Making all groupies jealous" was about...??? just who? Please tell us!

At first you go that fast forward and then full power backwards? WTF! WTF so much!!!! >___<
My head hurts only when I try to sort all this sh*t out that person said so far.
by the way: I still think this song was a bad joke.
She should do what she can do well: dance. Well, again the thing with "know your place".

But the worst of all: Lately everywhere are ppl who abusing our 5 boys name/fame/popularitiy to gain attention for themselves. WTF is wrong with you folks?!
You have no talent to make it on your own with your own work the JUST LEAVE!
And the most important is: LEAVE US AND OUR 5 BOYS ALONE!

As for me, I`m still laughing about the fact that "that woman" believes that cassies hate her/are mad at her because they envy her in any way. ...
Yeah, dancher woman_official, that`s just what YOUR stan-kids said. And you blieve it?
Poor you. Once again you have not a single clue about what`s going on.

At least just one thing: I`m no hater so I will not go and post some sh*t to "that person" or her lovely supporter-stans. But I will not sit here and say nothing about it. At least I want to share my opinion with my sisters and other ppl who are willing to talk about it in a MATURE way.

Sisters, what are you thinking about all that? Let me know. You know I`m always curious about it and even if you disagree to something: Let me know. I won`t eat you up *haha*

7.6.11 18:46

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_Chiisai_ (8.6.11 18:26)
awww a cute Beagle Baby? :333
omo!! but it can´t be cuter than your dog because she is the cuttest of all *already in love with her*

btw the beagle on the pic and Jae in the "YunJae of the day" have the same expression XDD
Jae is a Beaggle keke

vinya (9.6.11 19:19)
*lool* OMG SUN!

Sis, du hast recht! Das ist mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen! *dies*

*haha* I said the cutest beagle baby I have ever seen. the cutest dog I know is still my doggie :3

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