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#hbdyuchun & Cassiopeia, please meet my hero <333

안녕! :D

OMO! Today`s our very own Park Chunnie`s b-day!!!!! #hbdyuchun is the trend today!

Fukutaro is right! The motto should be " Ok Let's goヽ( ≧▽≦ )/ " *lol* (fuku-fuku is so funny!)
Yoochun, Noona would love to throw a party for you tonight, but sadly I have to work so Junsu has to do it on my behalf! ;D

Aigoo... our Chunnie already turns 25 (that means 26 in korea if I`m not mistaken).


Anyways: PARK CHUNNIE! Please take good (better?) care of yourself this year. Just be healthy. Please stay true to yourself, always keep the faith and always remember that OT5 cassiopeia and bigeast is always by your side. Never give up! *gives b-day hug to Yoochun*


*mumbles* ... and I really hope Junsu will take good care of you in future too, otherwise I have to kill him because you are, my fellow wifey of Junsu, as important as brother-in-law so... ... ... Oops! *talking to sisters* YOU ALL HEARD NOTHING! >.>

*cough* Happy Chun-day then, sisters!

I`ve just sent my Mac on a 5 hours converting mission XDDD *haha* So... happy working Mac! *pats mac*

Okay, while Mac converts MV`s for me (for my PS3) I`ll do my blog. I will do Twitter a bit later so I hope I can concentrate on the blog better for now ><

I really love twitter but it also distracts me from writing my blog when I have to write at both ends - here and on twitter. It`s... kinda exhausting!

And especially today I don`t have the time to waste time like this (what means: to let me be distracted by anything).
I should go to bed earlier than usual today. I have to work tonight! >< ew! DO NOT WANT!

But what do I do now, yet, that my Mac is working so hard ?

Ah, how about you meet up with my hero now? ^w^ *haha* Nuuuu! I`m not talking about Jae!
This is something not k-pop realted....

Cassiopeian sisters, bigeast sisters, my little ELF friend Yericha, please meet MY HERO (here on the left):
Zack left, Angeal right.

Yes, this is Zack Fair. *.*

You girls probably have no clue what I┤m talking about and who he is ^^
Well, my Zack is a character of Final Fantasy VII. also known as Zack the puppy (named so by his mentor Angeal *haha* because he has zero attention span like a restless little puppy).
He is the Hero of the FFVII Game "Crisis Core" & also Noonas hero ^v^

Okay, I don`t want to tell you the whole story, it would be too long. But he`s a SOLDIER 1th class, totally funny and such a good boy! He`s just so ~~♥♥ *looove*
I cried so much as he died in the game (

I don`t think anyone of you is familiar with games or FFVII - okay, maybe my japanese Unni. I think you don`t know a single thing about it. Well, so let`s just share some pics:

Zack at work, company headquarter ^^

"How about 1 date?" *lol* I remember that scene so clear! Zack and his future girlfriend Aerith (but she said -nu- at this moment XD)

Zack at a save-game-point in the City "Junon" - and YES, the sword has to be that big XD it`s FFVII tradition!

Cloud feels sick after his first flight with the helicopter, Zack tries to cheer his friend up ^^

HECK YES! Of course my hero fight even the biggest monsters & robots)

Zack`s a good boyfriend and talks to his girlfriend while he`s on a mission ^^ (and he promised to come to visit her! awww!)

Crisis Core also had beautiful CG cut movies <3
...still one of my fav cut movies in the game... *stares* Zack neomu yehbbeo! *dies* (but the most important thing is: HIS HAIR! *squeak* and his cute personality!)

Zack all grown up at age of 23 & the young Zack, with 16 (to the right) as he started his Soldier training as a rookie

The young Zack just before he jumps out of a helicopter during a mission (it was still training):

*hihi* zack is always talking big but in a loveley way ^^ However, he`s not only talking big, he IS good

Zack fighting Bahamut Fury *dies* This thing was so hard to fight!
that dragon has big power!

I love this game. I already plaed it two and a half times

My BFF was shocked as I told her she should take care of Zack because i have to... "abandone" him for my adopted son Taemin & Junsu XD
Sorry, Zacky, but Junsu is real and you are not. BUT: You will always be the one and only hero in my heart~~♥
(zacks too good to be real anyway XD)

okay, after you have met my hero now there are still a few things we can do/can talk about.

Just for exsample: The next thing I wanted to talk to you about is what stans said a while ago.
I still laugh about some things they said! *haha* really!

-------> Back then, when we had the huge YunJae incident some stans wanted to deny YunJae at any cost, because they are stupid & ignorant, and said some interesting things then.

Stans: "YunJae was made up by SME to make more money"
me was like: #ohreally?? *using twitter trend again*

*LOOOL* Okay, WTFness through the roof! So just for my understanding: all k-pop couples are made by the companies for making money with them? besides the fact that I don`t know how to make money out of a friends couple oO... I really ask myself: in the YunJae case: they like each other and give us fanservice, okay so far. but really! Do the companies go aroung and say "yah, you two, form a couple so we can make money with you. You know what to do: hug, kiss, cuddle etc. everywhere. understood?" and the two ppl they ordered go "okie, we will"?! WTFness THROUGH THE ROOOOOF!!!!!!
But that against, let`s assume, just assume, that the stans are still right with their claim about that: So SME made money out of YunJae (however they managed this... o_O) so what`s about YooSu? They made money out of YooSu too? Lucky c-jes! Now they can make money with YooSu.


LOOOOL! so 4ever !

How cool is that?! SME must be really sad that YunJae separated. They lost their great money source...

... XDD *face plam*
Stans, that was a EPIC FAIL moment of you AGAIN!

I can`t face palm enough abou that! Do you really think that lables go around and tell their artist to form couples so they can make money with them?
And: How did they make money out of them anyway? If soemone don`t like TVXQ, then that person will still not like it no matter what YunJae do or not do.
And when someone loves TVXQ that person won`t love them only because of YunJae.
It`s either love TVXQ or not love TVXQ. YunJae has nothing to do with that.

Well, just a simple question: When, just WHEN(!?!), did SME released some YunJae items to buy, eh?!?! When they make money with YunJae how did they do this?
Oh, I would be really pleased if you would tell me, because `m willing to buy some YunJae items~
As far as I know, every YunJae photobook or gift set whatever was released by a YunJae fanbase itself and NOT by SME!

Oh yeah, come here and correct me if I`m not right. I`m overly curious!

I just searched for the name of the blog series I started back then and came over my fangirling for "action Yunho" XDD *SQUEEEEEAK* OMO! I really can`t fangirl enough about action-kick-ass-Yunho! :D
... yeah, but that wasn`t it *continues searching*... .... ah! There it is!

Let`s do a little "Timeline blogging" Again!
Let`s read my tl together! Let`s start!

-- *scrolls, scrolls* every tl reading starts with endless scrolling...

-- *still scrolling* *lol* there was a big "NUUUUUU" XDD Ocean or Natali said it! I`m sure! *continues scrolling*

-- *LOOOL* ANOTHER "NUUUU"!!! XD *haha* it was Ocean!

-- *reads somewhere at the end* Yes Ocean, my tl is about 비Rain, Ocean. that`s because I`m on the "Mission Rain"! You know... ㄱ.ㄱ
But I feel a little sorry for Rain. Only my little andalusian sister listens to his songs too. No one of you likes Rain? what a pity, he can sing good too! (but our boys will be 4ever DA BEST!). I`m addicted to some songs of him, but I`m far away from buying his albums ^^░ I`m just listening through them.

-- ^//^ ㅎㅎㅎ... ocean thinks my #ohreally & #13thingsilove tags were cute *embarrassed* this was just my randomness!!

-- Omo! omo! holarious pic-game! My result "Junsu...hugged me... because he loves me" :DDD OMG SUN! I KNEW IT! I can always count on my hubby! *huggles Junsu*

-- HA! So I was NOT the only fool who haven`t heard "nothing to lose" or haven`t seen the MV of Junho`s first song! OMO! I`m not as lame as I thougt... (but I`m still very ashamed! >//<). Daisy, Lina & soulmatesister had no clue about it too.

-- o.O not even ocean knew about it for long? Aigoo... we losed out really bad at watching Junho`s MV...
btw.: I love this song (especially the part where Junho say`s "Always keep the faith")

-- lol @ Ocean again! ---> "NANEUN KEEP IT LOW." is here again! *haha* no, 나는 will never keep it low when it comes to stans!

-- PWAHAHAHA! what is that?! that is sooo cute! Ocean calls Natali "coconutttyyyy" *squeak*

-- okay, natali & Ocean convos ^^ MANY of them!

-- OH! brother-in-Law tweeted as well! Always welcome brother-in-law! What is it today? *reads/looks at pic* AWWW! Junho`s tired after all his practise ^^ and he`s sleeping in his manager hyungs car. Aigoo, sleeping cutie *haha* but can`t beat Junsu, that`s for sure!

-- ㅋㅋ Ocean is owned and controlled by Yunho & JYJ stans XDDD oookay, put the stans aside: I`m controled by Yunho and Junsu. Junsu is Junsu (내 사랑~♥♡ *한숨* */me is lovesick for junsu* *한숨 even more*) & Yunho is our Leader씨! How can I not be owned and controlled by him? It`s our leader after all!

-- :O That`s so right! Natali-->> RT: "srsly.. this cassie thing is like a curse man.... I will never be able to belong to another fandom which isnt cassiopeia."

-- true the second! Natali--> "even if I sometimes feel we'll die like that.... I dont need/want another one" (she RTed that: "@6002theChunana: lmao its true tho we are a waiting fandom")

-- OMG SUN! Natali owns the right-ness today! about ppl oin her FB: "cos my rl and fandom are like ..oil and water." *haha* oh so right!
rl ppl here and rl ppl from fandom: they will forever seperate themself from eath other except for my german cassie-soulmatesister!

-- *lool* teletubbies in oceans bedroom tonight!? NATALI! You can be so mean! XDD OMG! That girl! hilarious!

-- ah! TVXQquotes! Our Dark lord can be nice sometimes: "Don't cry,or your eyes will get puffy ^___^" CM (UFO reply)

-- awwww! My poor adopted child!
about minnie: "he used to play with teddy bears TT____TT now he just likes to KEEP IT LOW and stuff."
"me: *gives changmin teddy bear*---> cm: *NANEUN KEEP IT LOW*-->me: T_T wae u grow up?"
OMO! Don`t make me cry! Y.Y
... *hehe* but it`s a little bit funny too! (sorry ocean! *huggles*)

-- yeeees, that`s right ocean! I told you not to drink that much coffee! it`s NUUU good for you! So will ya be a good child, eh...?

-- *loool* oooh! TVXQquotes: [What will u give ur gf?] JJ&YH:"Write a song~" JS:"A necklace." CM:"A bouquet." YC:"Myself." #TVXQquotes
ㅋㅋㅋ will this be the first present? Then Junsu`s is all fine by me! If it is the second or later present: sorry boys, but I would prefer Yoochun present ^//^ *lol* oooh! So embarrassing! Let`s move on!

-- HA! I KNEW IT!!!!! A gift from Yoohwan! ---> Chunnies bracelet he wears since... ever! It was a present from his brother!

okay, this was the "Timeline blogging" for today ^^ I`m through! It was funny again! The only sad thing is: I can`t stay on twitter, I have to go to bed because I have to work tonight... *sighs*

Junsu, when I`m back you can appear on twitter again ^v^

okay, enough talked for today.
I hope you had fun!
3.6.11 19:49

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