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-:¦:- -:¦:- -:¦:- Meine ersten 5 Stundne FF XIII: Spielbericht!-:¦:- -:¦:- -:¦:- (Englisch)

Theme of the Day!

AAAAND: Don`t forget: Today`s entry is all in english because of the "English bloggin day"! (I warned you yesterday! )

First: I love my PS3 4 ever now!
Secondly: I love SQEX 4 ever now!
Thirdly: I love FF XIII 4 ever now!

WAAAH! Everything`s just great! Holy sh**!!

The landscapes are gorgeous, really. Taking time (between battles) to stand still and look around.... awwww! I could do that for ages so pretty! They are really huge, the points were you can save your game come in good intervals and you never get the feeling you got lost. The "extra-balls" (you can finde items and gil in there - you never know what`s inside!), they`re flying somehow a few feet above the ground, show up every few yards and that`s really cool ^^ I like this kinda stuff! This balls are cool! (ya, I already said that, I know )

The characters are very different from each other, but all great.
--Serah is Lightning`s little sister, a L`Cie right from the start of the game and engaged with Snow. She knew that Lightning would be angry when she go and tell her that she`s the bride-to-be of Snow. Simply because she was hiding it from her that long. Inside of the Fal`Cie Serah was tunred into a Crystal after she fulfilled her focus which the Fal`Cie has given her, right after Lightning and company found her.
--Vanille is just a happy girl. But with her smiles she tries to hide her fears. Nonetheless she cares for Hope (even thought she`s only 3 years older than him I think - anyway, she`s young enough to be called "kid" by Snow and the others).
--Hope is just a scared kid (he lost his mom at the beginning of the game and I think, he somehow make Snow responsible for it).
--Sazh, aaah, he still don`t know how in the world it could happen that he finally ended up with the others *g* but lately he give his best for the group!
--Snow is willing to save the world, but on the other hand he`ll get Serah out of the Crystal first. Lightnig said he`s "nothing but talk". OUCH! Folks, I sense bad vibrations here ^^ (Sazh called them "Two hopless cases" *lol*)
--Lightning herselfe, well, she`s worried about serah too. But she don`t want to show it that much (like snow) and is very angry about Snow because of what happend to Serah. She blames him for it - bluntly in front of the others. She thinks it`s all his fault that Serah finally turned into a Crystal. Well, she hit him 4 times aktually, when I remember it right *haha* poor Snow! Lightning is calm most of the time, but as it comes to him, she freaks out really easy. But... I like her. She`s cool I like her attacks best so far, (of all characters, I mean), but who knows, maybe a few hours later I will change my mind! Game, surprise me!
--Oh! Oh! And I absolutely love the chocobo baby best! Sooo funny! Especially the scene where it do the Cactor-like pose like Vanille before! That was so much fun! So cool! Chocobo 4 president!!!!! YAY!

I spend 5 hours playing by now- even thought it`s just a little piece of the hole thing. I`m curious about how much hours it`ll take to finish. Ah, when I go on like before, I`m not going under 1 000 hours *lol* (too much staring at the bautiful areas, ya know).

Well, let`s talk about the "real stuff" ^^
The gameplay:
The gameplay is a mixture out of the traditional battle system (as we know it from the beginning of the FF Series) and the Crisis Core battle system. AND, like all the Enix-employee said, it`s really easy to handle.
You slowly come to know all parts of the system in the tutorial one by ony. Between that "tutorial-lessons" you get the time to practise your knowledge up to now. It`s pretty easy and I LIKE IT!

Yeah, I like all of it so far!
The cutscenes are fantastic, the game-graphic is just stunning and I already told you what I`m thinking of the landscapes .
(Seriously folks, this cutscenes are Hollywood-style!!! WATCH IT!)

This afternoon I get going to take the game further! I could do this the hole day, 24/7/365 - as of now!
To be honest, I never was so obsessed by a Game since Crisis Core!
Good Job, Sqare Enix! I love you and God bless you guys! *lol* (I mean it! Really!!! To call it a "just great, stunning, gorgeous super game" don`t do justice to it!!!! Words fail me in this case... I can`t discribe it!)

well then, like Lightning said: "Stay out of my way!"

p.s.: forgive my bad grammaaaaar!!! (as always *g*) Take it easy! ...until the next time the "english blogging day" returns!
11.3.10 13:17

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