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New blog is in full swing! C ya there!



this blog will not be updated anymore. sorry.
23.7.11 16:45


안녕 다들!

Okay folks, let`s cut this short: I moved my blogging activities to wordpress.com---> http://xiahsdragonempress.wordpress.com/

this is the new blog address ^^ if you want to visit my blog, please go there in the future.

I`m sorry and I really don`t wanted to leave all this here behind, but myblog.de drives me crazy >< so I moved to wordpress.
Don`t worry: content is the same *haha*, its just a new look.

Hope to see ya there soon!
29.6.11 19:19

Thinking of moving the blog & rebuild of my second terrarium

안녕! ^v^

ooh, noona was so lazy today! I got up at midday ^^°, had almost 13 hours of sleep!
Surprisingly my doggie has not woken me up... oO WTF! She get`s up at 10am at the latest. Well, normally.
But I was really grateful she let me sleep this time. I was SO wishing for sleep *sighs* Lately I am really tired. Dunno. I sleep equally less than ever XD yes, it`s a fact that noonas sleeptime is very... errr... limited. Normally to 4-5 houres per night. Not a single second more. (except for the weekends of course!)

okie, what else is new?

Due to the majour problems the blog has and that they will not vanish in future (at least it appears so to me) I think of move my blog somewhere else. That means: wordpress or tumblr. Well, I know two ppl who are at wordpress, so I will ask them first before I decide. You can read a lot on the tumblr site about their blogs and the features in it, but not at the wordpress site.
But basically: I like the layout of wordpress a little bit more. But I want to be sure before I do anything.

The thing is: It annoys da hell outa me, OKEH?!
I don`t have the time and the nerves to wait 3 hours for the admin section to finally open >_< aigoo, that sucks so much, I can`t even tell you HOW much!
It drives me crazy, really. Every entry already takes me forever to write so I absolutely DON`T have the time to wait 4ever for the admin site... really, I can`t do thins and I want my nerves to be okay.

진짜. I`m cassiopeia, 진시므로, I`m already stressed enough with other things. #justsaying

I don`t need the blog to stress me out as well =.= hrrr... *annoyed sigh*HATE IT!
Basically I don`t want to move my blogging somewhere else but the blog leaves me without options here. It really sucks right now and it drives me up the wall! >.<

Yest/today I wanted continue the work on my terra for the mice. But the problem was: my aquarium silicon didn`t come T-T OMG! I SO wanted to work on that terra and the material for my work is not here...

well, due to that, I decided to cut the wire for the front door of the terra (yes, this one is supposed to be closed, mice can climb out easily of this one so I decided to close it with some kind of door) & the acrylic glass.

Actually it looks like that:

the wire
yeah, wire and some other things to build the front door are already prepared

Terra inside
Well, this doesen`t really look like something mice can live in right now...

My other one looks more like something mice can live in, don`t ya think? ^^ (hopefully the second one will look like a good mice-home someday too)
It looks super tidy right now because (like I said on twitter before) I cleaned their cotton party-mess up ^^ at least the most of it.
I decided to leave the cotton balls they carried to their nest in the place they are. Don`t wanted to destroy their bed~♥

Now let`s take a look at the latest twitter updates from my bother... (yes, I annouced Junho as my brother_official ^^ always remember!)

Today`s twitter uploads of 준호~

...I really don`t know exactly what this was about there are 2 possibilities: 1. he reads that magazine OR 2. there`s an interview with him in there or something. Due to my almost not existing understanding of japanese letters/language XD I`m not sure!
But... really! Brother is soooo cute! ^^.
(...should anyone think of harm him in any way... =.= ... *eyes antis/hater-stans* → I will KILL YOU! Don`t mess with my family!)

ah! :D Does this mean we can look at new photos of you soon, brother? ^^
well, I don`t really mind because the pics you upload are sooo kawaii!

hm. when borther-in-law is posting so many photos I start to miss Junsu pics... or pics of his cats. just anything that comes from him.
I miss Junsu
Okay, he`s maybe too busy to check by but... nontheless, I miss him T~T

Okay, now let`s do some YunJae, shall we? ^^

"YunJae of the day":
ah haha! I remember this! It was really cute! You can also see this scene in the YouTube Vid TVfXQ's 윤재 Uncountable Replay! (oh, very recommendable vid by the way! It`s my fav YunJae vid! It`s just... perfect! Uncountable reaplay guaratnteed )
I really love YunJae that way! Ai, YunJae is real! please world, just FACE THE TRUTH! :P

okeh *junsu style*, it`s YooSu time now! What are YooSu up to today?
"YooSu of the day":
ooooh! I like YooSu being like this :DDD OMG! So cute! holding hands ^w^ awww! *squeak*
but... o.o where are they all looking?
>.> TVXQ.Lexicon_official? *looks at ocean* ^^ maybe she knows. Who knows *shrugs*

*한숨*... YooSu & YunJae, please finally get marry! After that happened I could die in peace, u know... >>. *will spend her life waiting for YunJae/YooSu marriage from now on* *wants to write -YunJae/YooSu shipper on her forehead* <- *lol* ok, ok! Now I`m going too randomly-crazy here! XDDD

Okay, I will change my location soon ^^ wander off to the living room!
But first I will post this.

From time to time I like being in my room WITHOUT the family. Mom and sis can be annoying sometimes =)
Yeah, I really need my off-zone.

So what will I do on this upcoming weekend?
Let`s see, I will finish watching "Memories in 2010", maybe start the 3hree voices II after doing this.
Then I really want to continue watching paradiese ranch. Yes, this is pretty lame. It ended since a long time ago, but moving distracted me in a crazy way from watching the episodes.

And most of you know: noona is always busy and short of time anyway ^^ I look at too many things on the internet. And twitter/cassiopeia/our boys really eat the biggest part of my time.

... *cough* well, it`s not like that I don`t like it
23.6.11 20:32

My special sisters, SME again + YunJae/YooSu

hrrr.... *annoyed sigh* 안녕...

MyBlog.de is driving me crazy! This site is not feeling well since 2 weeks! ><
I can only open my admin`s section under major difficulties! THIS F**CKING SUCKS! >___<
I trie to post this entry since over 1 day!

…. I just cooked ramen to cool my nerves >-> Hope it will help. (<< edit: actually this was yest, because my blog didn`t let me post this entry yesterday!).

*uploading something* *looking at the pics at MediaFire* *grin* I can`t help but to smile each time I see them! My little sis uploaded them there for me during the time of moving~ Awww! So many pics of Junsu at a FC Men match ^v^ awww, sis worked so hard only for her Unni... collecting and uploading all the pics!

And Marta Unni cheered me up with junsu pics... aigoo! T~T You are too nice to me *sniff*
I should do the same for her one day!

All my closer Sisters are special, in their own way, to me.

But my kid, Ocean, is extra special because she`s my kid.
Jing Yee is extra special because she`s a really, really good and loving OT5 fan. I feel the most true love coming through her words to Jae.
My little Sis Cynthia, is extra special because she`s my soulmatesister. We are the cassie soulmates!
My Marta Unni is extra special because she always cares for me ♥♥
My coconut is special to me because she`s my only coconut ^v^ *haha* Natali is a cool cassie! A little pervy, but cool!

To my sisters:
Ocean, please don`t be so emo. You are more emo than usual these days :/ I don`t like you being extra-emo. Please cheer up! 힘내! We can mission make it! Let`s hold together. I know our OT5 fans/our boys`pain will not vanish overnight, but we have to learn to deal with it for now or at least try like our boys and... most important... ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! (after my big emo day from recently I feel much stronger now all thanks to the cassies!)
I believe your faith is much stronger than mine, because you are a fan of the boys since so long so please don`t let stupid persons destroy your believe/harm your believe/your cassie pride. We are much stronger as we first thought. The proof for this is, that we are still here. *huggles*
Jing Yee, yeah I don`t know if you will read this ^^ but don`t let others bother you. You are a good fan, to Jae and to the others. Don`t let others talk strange about your love. Because this real love it the difference between us and the stans. *hugs*
My little Sis, we can do everything! Keep the faith 4ever, go to concerts, fight hater-stans... Soulmatesisters can do everything together! No one of us will ever waver. Because each one of us will, even though the whole world stands against her, always have at least one sister to got her back ^^ for you it`s me and for me it`s you. Like my boys I would never let my soulmatesister stand alone – not even when everyone is against her. *hugs*
Marta Unni, althought you have your own worries and problems you always have a open ear for me. You are so wise Unni and such a straight thinking fan *-* ooh, good you are on our side, I wouldn`t want do be your enemy ^^ poor hater-stans. I don`t know if you are as emo as we younger ones were/are from time to time. Maybe you are but don`t tell us because you don`t want us to worry. Please, Unni, stay the way you are! Together we can only get stronger! And you know, you can always talk to me. When you want to talk about a problem or worries, I`ll be there. *hugs*
- Natali, I have no clue if you read this or not XD but I think Ocean will tell you: You are one of the most pervy, but most lovable cassie`s I know so far and you really have a strong way to deal with stans. We should all learn from you! A strong, good, faithful fan. That`s what we need in this fandom right now *hugs*

Oh yes, one thing works for all my sisters (even the not listed ones) and I know I repeat myself when I say to you: whenever you want to talk, don`t be shy, Noona will listen. Because all of you would do the same for me. <3

oooh! Today I thought of something again I think about often!

This time it was because of our Stephi Unni. Yeah well. She, and her newfound fangirl inside, are going to drive her boyfriend crazy XD
Okie, I hope it`s not sooo bad with the two of them. ^^
But she said her boyfriend will kill her when she buys a DVD now *haha*

So this thought came into my mind again: It`s is a basic topic with boyfriends: They are JAE-lous so easily over such little things.

Tz, tz.... I remember that my boyfriend was JAElous of Mike Shinonda XD oooh, my weakness back then! I`m really a faithful noona, but I always told him “When you are not here and mike knocks on my door, I`ll guarantee for nothing!” *lol* HE WAS NOT AMUSED *loool*

Yeah, what should I say? Who cares if he was not amused + it was true. Wae not dumb that guy to have mike? Geez, which woman who`s sane wouldn`t have done this?

okay, today I wouldn`t do such things or even say it. Noona is faithful to Junsu~~~♥♡♥♡ and that with 200% ^w^ ah, my cutie Junsu! I would never treat him bad!... I just... can`t! Junsu`s too innocent, too nice, too... Junsu to be treated bad!
Nuuuu! So nuuuu!
Mike has no effect on me anymore! (and my former boyfriend as well ^v^ no more nightmares thanks to my Baby! Thank you Junsu! 너무 감사합니다! *huggles Junsu 4 ever*)

and... thinking about it: I think man (here) are especially thin-skinned when it comes to asian man. They absolutely can`t stand the fact that many woman in our coutry are all crazy about asians. Well, our man with all their clichés in their heads, can`t stand the fact that the asians are taking over their woman XD
okeh *junsu style* boys, it`s your own fault! You are cowards, have no manners & 99% of you treat their woman bad.
So please, european man/boys, gimme a break and don`t wonder anymore!
It hurts in my head that you still & seriously really wonder about it...

The next thing that`s on my mind: SNSD and their killer schedule... Ai, it`s said that it`s as worse as the schedule of our boys back then at their hardest time.

Okay, SME, so what is THAT now?

Now that you are in a lawsuit with JYJ because of the DBSK killer schedules you thought, okeh, we let HoMin rest a little (oh well, it`s really just a little!!!) and work SNSD harder instead? OO
Now, that the public eye is focused on HoMin & JYJ, you decided to work SNSD harder and I believe SuJu are worked very hard by you too.

But really, SME only wanted to make us believe that it`s really like that.
We know SuJu`s Leader is not that dumb. He`s under SME like HoMin and we all know: You can`t do much under SME. (and you surely CAN`T spread your real and honest thoughts about something when they don`t fit SME`s way of thinking & what they want to hear from you).

Back to the schedule thing...: It`s too late for SNSD or HoMin to run away. And now I see how sly SME was! Ooooh, they were so sly! They changed the contracts just a little bit so that every one was thinking “wow, they really try do do something”.
But I think they just "forgot" about the part with the schedules in their new contracts.

Aigoo, SME, you wanted to create “better contracts” for your artists with the FTC. So what did you changed in these contracts BESIDES the length of the contract? I`m sure it`s NOTHING!
SME, just changing the length of the contract dosen`t make it to a better contract for your artist! I really don`t know if you know.
(+ I wonder: how did they manage to get all the signatures of the band`s members? )

Oh and in case some of you didn`t know about it Cassies/Bigeast: HanGeng filled the lawsuit against SME first – even before JYJ did it.
Look what his lawyer said about the reasons back then:

“(...) Han Geng's lawyer released the reasons for the contract termination: it contained provisions in SM Entertainment's favour, the 13-year contract length was unlawful, it would take an unfair sum of money to end the contract, he was not allowed to request to revise his contract, he was forced to do things that were not in his contract, he was forced to do things against his will, he was fined if he disobeyed the company, missed any events or even was late, and there was unfair profit distribution.”

After reading that: Of course SME, your contracts were never “slave contracts”. Aaah, Iiii seee.


HanGeng and JYJ filled a lawsuit against you with almost the same reasons and you still try to make us believe they did it because they want to harm you, are greedy and only want money?
Yes, dream on SME, dream on!

You SME ppl, who are responsible for all the shit HanGeng and JYJ had to endure (and basically all others artistst at SME endured it as well/still endure it), you`re so... finished. REALLY!
Do you really think the Court will ever decide in your favor? For real?
The court is not that dumb and has eyes and ears, u know. And luckily they are not payed by you or easy to pressure by you so yeah... let`s see how big you will lose.
Yes, you heard right. To me it`s not a question of if you will lose or not lose anymore, it`s a question of how big you will lose out.

+ I really wonder what happened to the “we will fight you until you will vanish”-attitute of SM towards HanGeng after he had won his lawsuit and his contract was set as -invalid-.
Back then SME wanted to fight against the decision of the court. Yeah, but I think they gained nothing but “shut up” from the court so it should be solved for HanGeng. ^^

NOTE: To end this gigant rant ^^° (I`m sorry it became that long again *drop*): I`m DEFINITELY NOT(!) saying that everyone at SME is the pure evil. I know, I said this before but I want to repeat it: not everyone at SM is “evil”. There are many hard working ppl there who most likely would not agree with SME`s way around their artists. But what can you do if you are a small fish and have something to lose? (your job for example) Yeah, the answer is -nothing-.
+ as if SME`s higher ones would listen to you even though you`d speak up. They don`t even listen to their own artist, so wae should they listen to anyone else who`s even smaller than them?
The only language SME understands seems to be the one of the court... *rolleyes*

Now to happier things!
I don`t want to make an only-rant entry here!

Awwwww! “YooSu of the day”:
Awwww... this is so sweet and cute YooSu moment... *v*
reminds me of a really HOT scene in the last FF I have read! :O .... /me-> faints right away-> dead.

So then *cough* *tries not to think of THAT YooSu scene anymore*, what are YunJae doing?
“YunJae of the day”:
OH! getting married :DDD *haha* That`s good! Nu, I`m not insane. This was the most real YunJae wedding we have so far XD!
Really, I`m not kidding! Please ask my TVXQ.Lexicon_official--> Ocean!
They did the wedding scene back then! (I have forgotten the reason, but I saw the vid!! =) )
^w^ ㅋㅋㅋ now, now YunJae... I want to see this in REAL, u know! :P
Please invite me to your wedding! *puppy eyes*
aaah, we (Junsu, Chunnie & Noona) will invite you to the YooSu wedding too when you do... *looool* XD

ah yes, I would support a YooSu wedding! Yeah, okay... that would mean to share Junsu with Yoochun for sure and_official ^^ but I can deal with that now! Noona and Chunnie always had a special way around each other... somehow. >.> Well, we already had this as a topic: I can`t exactly describe the thing with Yoochun. I only can say it`s “special”. It feels special... I can`t find the right words for this "relationship".

Y.Y This was our Leader씨 recently, in Paris:

I`m moved!
He`s always holding cassiopeia! OMG! Leader씨, please let never go of us, we won`t let go of you either!

WOAH! Siwon! *just read his tweet*
Look, european guys, this is how it`s done. Prince Siwon shows you! Just look/listen & learn:

“Have a good day and have a wonderful week

See? I never heard this of any of my boyfriends, but I keep hearing this from SuJu members and they are not even close to be something as a -boyfriend- to me... hm. What does this tell us?
Yeah, maybe that man ROCK LIKE HELL?! Ah haha!
Yes, it means exactly that! :P

*loool* TRUE!

From twitter: “#ZodiacFacts A #Virgo,sense of humor can be dampened by their literalism,but they really enjoy wordplay and wit.”

eh... hehe... Yes, I love wordplays and do them as often as possible! (I take every chance to do one XD) But Oppa always tells me that my gags are lame & no one can follow my thoughts... :/
Junsu, I understand your pain with the members very well! No one ever takes me serious and they just WON`T laugh about my gags... ><
Yeah well... actually they are not that bad so the only possible explanation for this is: My workmates are meanies and only want to bully me! >__<
20.6.11 22:18

Today is Kim brother`s day! :D

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Uuuh, I just found something funny *haha* brother thinks just like me! XD (really, I though of this earlier too!).
The time, when Junsu got Pard back then he tweeted:

**(Junsu) Oh, by the way, the Bengal’s special characteristic is its leopard spots..^^ I put him next to Tigger and they kind of go well together and look awesome~ And his breed was..the most..ex..pensive…lol (11:15am KST)
(Junho) @0101xiahtic You brought another one home????……………………….Why don’t you just buy like 100 cats and get a house for them~ㅜㅜ(11:16am KST)
(Junsu) @iamzunoya heehee ~Cats are just what I need to overcome this loneliness!! My companions^^**

1.) My poor Baby! I know it was a super hard time for you. *hugs Junsu*
2.) *loool @ Junho`s comment* XDD OH MY! BROTHER! Same here! I think Junsu will end up with 100 cats in a cat house too!
3.) aigoo, how many cats will junsu have in the future? I really wonder about that! ^^

So now, we won`t leave the Kim brother here! Today it`s mostly about the Kim brothers! Wae? Because they are awesome and cute *haha*

From what I can tell, half of cassiopeia/bigeast is still ignoring Junho or dose not know what to do with him... Some even seem to hate him o__O WTF?! I wonder wae! (This is like... hating Yoohwan for no reason!)
I said this before, but there`s no reason to hate him.
- he`s funny
- he`s friendly and nice to us
- he works hard
- his music is not bad
- he loves dogs ( XD yes, very important reason I know – this is more like Noonas personal like-him-even-more reason *lol*)

Yeah, sometimes I think ppl just hate some ppl because they don`t know them and can`t accept others among their favourite ones... well, let`s say some ppl just hate some certain ppl because they are stupid and #dumbashell *abusing twitter trend AGAIN!!!*

okie, so what`s new with Junho these days?
He was at the studio recording a new japanese single on June the 14th/15th/16th, when I remember it right now.
Junho was all “ganbarimasu & hwaiting” at the studio ^^
OMG! OMG S! What will it sound like? A love song? A fast-beat-song? :D *gets excited* I`m curious!
Brother, surprise us, né!? Will ya? *^v^* ah, you will, I´m sure!

Oh yes, and I found a pic of Junho I wanted to share:
*.* 우와! I love this ultra-casual-style thing! It fits Junho well (among other styles).
But my fav is still “korean guys dressed in white” *dies by only thinking of her -weakness-*

So now let`s come to both of the Kim twins! Back then and today

:O … *speechless* 어머! 어머!!! 너무귀엽다!!!! --> me> overload of cuteness> faints
awwww! The Kim twins when they were little kids! Aw! Soooo adorable brothers! *giggle* Junsu, you were such a mega cutie back then! ^^

well today they are more like that:
*.* boys, no doubt: You are cute and hot at the same time! (ㅋㅋㅋ lucky me! I have such a amazing family! My hubby so cute and my brother too :D )

haaaah, yes, noona`s family is truly amazing:
My brother is cute! Ai! soo cute!
+ I see junsu! ^^ I often see my hubby when I look at him.
Oh my god! Just thought about this: when it`s dark like when electricity is gone, would I confuse Junho with Junsu? D: Oh my! This coud happen! aaaaah! Epic wifey crisis!!!! CRISIS!!!! *runs around in circles* << totally crazy again
NO WAY THIS WILL HAPPEN!--> NOONA WILL NEVER CONFUSE HER HUBBY WITH HER BROTHER! (they are easy to tell apart even when it`s completely dark, because Junho is taller than Junsu ---> crisis> averted/solved!).

OH MY! Junsu! *dies*
PLEASE! JUST KILL ME! Don`t torture me like that with your super cuteness! Aigoo, Junsu is so cutiiiieeee that it hurts to the maximum! ^w^ 오빠 너무귀엽다!!!!

And I love the fact that even their haircut is similar! When you look at one of them, then its just the mirrored version of the other one XD (ok, ok! no harm meant~)

ㅋㅋㅋ I gave my mice a half cotton pod some time before.
They created a huge mega cotton ball with the content of the cotton thingy. You can say they made a huuuuge bed out of cotton stuff. My little predators created a huge mess XDD
Well, I will upload the pics on my TwitPic account after I finished this blog entry or tomorrow.

Well, what else is new around my mice? more mice news:
I starte do to rebuild the second terrarium today. I have 3 terra`s: the little one, the middle one and the biiiiig, biiiig extra large one. We are talking about the middle sized one here ^^

I prepared it back then, before we started moving, because the back wall was cracked so I fixed it with some “stripes” of acrylic glass and some silicon. I even prepared the different levels for inside.
Today I removed the old... hm, how can I say this in english?... air outlet (searches dictionary, oh, it`s called -louver”? Okeh, fine by me!) and put a new and better metal lattice on that place so the air will circulate better later -> well, a terra is not good for mice to life in so if you want to use it anyway you have to do some changes on it.
Well, whatever!
After the metal lattice I fixed the first level and the ramp that goes up to the first level, inside of the terrarium.

ah, this all took me 4 hours and 4 packages of aquarium silicon *dies* and I thought witht the 4 of then I ordered I can finish this rebuild project eeeasy! yeah... AS IF! >< have to buy at least another one to finish this! OOOOOMOOOO! I CAN`T BELIVE THIS!

okay, before we end this here I want to say: Let`s do YunJae & YooSu tomorrow! ^^

Now I will go and post the last few pics of my old mice photos. I think I will post the new ones tomorrow. I`m starting to get tired again.
19.6.11 00:45

#jyjinbusan , "that person" & SMTown Live in Paris

안녕 다들! ^^⎛ *waves*

I watched my first live stream today! It`s #jyjinbusan!

Can`t believe it! I heard fallen leaves, still in love, unnamed song & "i can soar" <33 aw! Junsu!

but the thing is: The livestream constantly stopped because the buffer was overcharged :/ meh... whatever, live stream, whatever ><

okay, it worked again a little during "Boy`s letter" & "Be my girl remix" but it was overly annoyin! ppl just can`t stop mentioning on the live streams site and so the buffer went on hiatus the whole time!... hrrrr *annoyed sigh*

Like I said: Live streams + noona = epic fail combination all the time!

After all: It was my first love stream I saw at least a BIT! But... err... it was a FAIL.

next topics:

1.) I want to make cute smilies with the stuff on my keyboard too! Like the japanese ppl! *envy them*
Fukutaro always has so cute smilies and bigeast as well...
And I even like the way brother-in-law post`s his smilies and he uses the more "normal" ones we all can make.
There must be something special with the japanese keyboards or so because I believe I can`t make such smilies even if I wanted to... >.>

2.) brother-in-law got biten by a mosquito? (-->Junho quote: "きのかにさされました(T ^ T)ほんとにかゆいです!") Aww *giggle* poor him! He used "honto ni". It must be REALLY itchy!
But nonetheless: He was cute again!
Junho and his aegyo... really, it`s different from junsu`s but nice as well!

3.) SMTOWN LIVE '11 was DAEBAK yesterday! I want to "attend" today (more exact: Tonight~) again! :D
OMG! HoMin so awesome! SuJu so awesome! *haha* Heechul wore the "lady HeeHee" jacket XD
Oh yes, our Leader dancing to "Sorry, sorry" was sooo cute! ^^

Yeah, these are the news so far. hater-stans are quiet.
Junsu tweeted two pics of cutie Leo again ^^

But talking about Junsu`s cat tweets> the people who always complain about his tweets of his animals... : You don`t have a pet, do you?
WAE are you always telling junsu not to tweet about his animals? Hello? What`s wrong in your head!
1.) He can tweet about what he likes, it`s his freakin' account. Savvy?
2.) When you love your pet you tweet about it. period.

진짜! Kids, stop this. Stop telling ppl what to tweet about.
If you can`accept what our boys tweet the just don`t follow them. YOU DON`T OWN THEM! they don`t have to do what you want, u know.
Well, I dunno if you already knew but I will say it again for you: THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY!
They are ppl with their own thoughts, normal ppl just like we are. The only difference from them to us (besides our origins, but that dosen`t really count) are our jobs. Please be mature enough to see that, fangirls.
No one has the right to tell them what to tweet about.

And the next thing I was thinking about for some days now... "that person" you know, person_official... wasn`t she followed by all 3 of our boys?

Okay, I`m not exactly sure about Chunnie anymore, but JJ followed her. He even tweeted a few words with her a couple of month ago.

And there were cassies who said „I`m glad they unfollowed you“. I really don`t know if this has something to do with my guess. But is sounded kinda... as if this would mean something important. Somehow. But it can also be that they only meant that some cassies unfollowed „that person“ after the first incident. or both.
(maybe our boys unfollowed her to not cause more trouble in cassiopeia?? I don`t know!)

But wae is my BB still following her then? o.O Junsu-ya, I want to know!

On the other hand: Is is really that surprising? First, that they followed her back then & secondly, that junsu does not unfollow her?
About 1.---> we all know our boys. No matter who it is, as soon as this person says something like „Oh hey, I´m on twitter too.! *insert bla bla bla here* you mind following me?“ or so our boys would not say „I don`t want to“. They are too polite to do so.

Yeah, now it`s like this: It was okay as long as „that person“ has known her place ㄱ__ㄱ
Now she went totally above everything what`s beyond good and evil so... eh... hehe... cassie/bigeast went wild-> "person" tried to do damage limitation *face plam*

and WHAT DA HELL!!!!
How can ppl seriously still support her?
Someone said the right thing: Wae she just can`t concentrate on her JOB! She`s so NOT k-pop.

Well, "person", dancing with a k-pop group doesen`t mean that...
- ... you have talent in singing,
- ... you are/could be a k-pop star as well,
- ... you can do as you like because you work with them,
- ... you can think THEIR fans would be your fans too,
- ... it`s okay to touch my family (the boys!) the way you did =.= ,
- ... you can mess with bigeast & cassiopeia and talk like you know our fandom for years,
- ... you can say "such" things about your bosses!

Yeah well, I still don`t hate her. I just don`t like her because of the way she behaved every day.
Good, she apologized about her songs lyrics. okay now, where is the apology for the other things which were even more calling for an apology, eh?

We all know the Tohoshinki dancers. We all know Yunho`s "checkmate" performance & Junsu`s performances of "Intoxication" & "Xiahtic".
Well, they had sexy dance parts in these performances with WOMAN as well. And everyone was all fine with it.
But the point is, like my unni said, the worldtour concerts were... err... strange.

Sexy is okay, but: Did the boys really say to their dancers they should touch them like THAT? o.O that`s a thing I really wonder about!
i mean, my fav sample: Checkmate performance. It was always HOT! No doubt about this. But it was never disgusting.

Well, call my Unni and me "too well educated" but err.... what happend during JYJ`s wouldtour is... uhm... how can I say?... not the way I want the -sexy way- to be expressed. And I absolutely DON`T mean everything of the performace. I`m talking about certail parts of it, u know. -.-°

Seriously, I won`t even touch my own boyfriend like that if we would be in public (well, not even when we are at home either ><)...
I really can`t get over it. And as far as I know all this doesen`t even happen to Junsu... It was Chunnie & Jae.
(well, my TVXQ lexicon_official, Ocean: please tell me if I`m wrong with all this and feel free to correct me anytime!)

oh hey, SMTown Live in Paris just started a while go ^^ I`ll wait for the vids of SME to be uploaded in YouTube now.

okie, another thing: K-pop things from ebay--> current status: My cassie jacket arrived! YAY!

Now I wait for Jing Yee or Shizuka Unni to tell me what the symbols on the back mean o-o oh my, I feel so... dumb. Symbols are killing for real. I SO want to be able to read them, especially when they are written on something important like my cassie jacket (the one that got famouse because of the DB5K in L.A. photobook).
But hey! I never thought to be able to find this jacket! This was a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The other things: Some photos came as well, mini clendars, DB5K secret photo"book" (well, it`s really not a book *haha* it`s more like a... little notebook).
& the photobook of Junsu`s Mozart came!

well, I will take some photos soon! ^v^
Don`t worry.

@Ocean: Would you mind to take some photos of your K-pop things? You said we have different items. Please show~ ^w^ *puppy eyes*

Now the "YunJae of the day":
^^ Yunnie & Jae so cute!!! *squeak*
I . LOVE . YUNJAE_official!!

And what`s up at the "YooSu of the day" end?
OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU YOOSU!!!!!!! >///< OMG! I`m so YooSu obsessed, really, I can`t tell you how much! *dies*
Just... so cutie!!! KYAAAHHH!!! YooSu = love! <333

Oh yeah, btw: I finished reading the YunJae/YooSu story my unni gave me back then on my last vacation :D
WOW! It was so super great! OMG! (and rated of course *cough*) but the plot was... impressive!
The end was a little, overdramatic XD but it was really good.

@Cynthia: You want to read it too? This fic is totally cool and good for squealing all night *haha* very smexy FF!

@Ocean: You want to read it? Let me know then. I will send you the link.

Uwah! Marta Unni was so right! This is a FF like I want them to be! JJ`s not a stripper, YooSu acting like themself, YunJae all the way, minnie kicks ass, the 5 want to be togehter, SME/AVEX are the evil ones *lol*...
Oh, the world is sooo in order in this FF.

*haha* still laughing about the "C-jesC-yes" Company :DD OMO! Karam sooo great! *haha*
This fic was really awesome.

And my unni was really awesome to share it with me~~♥♥
I love you Marta Unni *doing heart sign for her Unni*

Aish! what is it now on twitter!?

Did I hear right just now? JJ is doubting Cassiopeia?! Eeeehh?!??! WHAT DA--!
JJ! Don`t be like that! Don`t ya ever dare to think that we will leave or disappear! I just will not allow you to do so!
Haiz! He can`t really think that we will leave! I thought he knows that the OT5 are still around?! O.O

This leads me to two things:
First of all-> I said the stans would be/are already seen as cassiopeia but they are not. So now even JJ thinks that there are only stans and a standom or what?! *shocked*
Then-> What`s with this k-cassie OT5 project we donated for? Anyone heard something new about this? Will it even happen now? I never saw an article about it or so.
It`s already a long time since the fund raising started... o0 What happend to the money and the project. I really would want to know!

Another interesting question: Wae is Siwon topless so many times in paris? XDD *haha* It`s not that I mind, nuuu! Siwon, please do so XD, but he`s even more topless than yesterday 하하하!
Ai! The prince is stripping for europe? Me is excited!

So, the last topic for today: Have you ever thought of how ridiculous, pervy, silly or all this at onces cassie convos get at NIGHT?

I see it again and again: Night is the WORST cassie time XD
...Xiahnism church, in bed with Junsu & Chunnie for PS3 battle while eating korean cookies, a YunJae "film" (yeah, some ppl would like to call it *cough* *whispers* porn), Yoochun could try to convince noona to a none-platonic relationship XDD, talks about "it" (a-nation`s "it"), hair "in places" >///<... OH MY!

It`s very strange and crazy what cassiopeia talkes about at night.
hm, this is probably because half of cassiopeia are perverted woman XD (<- SYC team pointed that out some time ago).
Well, I`m just asking now: Wae am I always surrounded by pervys? o.0 okay, I talk nonsense sometimes, but some of my cassie friends can be really pervy :O SCANDALOUS!

Guys, please don`t be too pervy on front of noona. Noona get`s embarrassed easily >////<
but... I love you anyway *huggles*

(edit to the paris concert: It just ended. Lady HeeHee was a huge success. and: some SuJu members in woman dresses is the WEIRDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN XDD Omg! *lol*
+ HoMin were the gods they are *.*)
11.6.11 23:03


안녕 친구들! ^.^

Noona is still in a high mood!
Well, "that person" changed her mind as it seems, but I really don`t care about that!
Oh yeah, "person"_official: STOP "THAT"... yeah, we all know what happened at the concerts and I really don`t want to say more about this! >//< Please don`t touch my family like THAT! *dies*
That`s... just... >< all wrong!

But today I was not supposed to talk about "that woman", u know.

First of all @Stephie: Nice to have you here around! German cassie`s are more than welcome here too! We have to spread the DongBangLove! ; )

Now the adorable things.

Adorable 1: One of Brother-in-law`s pic from yesterday
AW! Wae so adorable, Junho-ya~~~♥
^^ really junsu`s brother! No one can doubt that! They are both soooo cute!
Junho reached 10 000+ followers and so he wanted to say -thank you- ♡
(My japanese Unni said the sign he`s holding says "arigatou gozaimasu")

Okay, now the REAL story of the day!

Adorable 2: I have met a beagle baby today!!! aw! Yes, a beagle is a dog (just for those who don`t know)! =D
Cute little girl! AWWW! Cutest beagle baby I have ever seen ^^ made me want a beagle baby too XD (*talks to herself* nuu noona! You can`t have a beagle baby! You already own a dog!)
Aigoo... My dog wasn`t very interested in that 9 month old doggie baby. But I was even more! AIGOOOO! SHE WAS SO CUTE!!!
Her owner worked in her garden and the gate was open so she was leashed besides the fence. While my doggie snuffled on the baby and then looked away in a "I-don`t-care" manner I started to squeak around that little baby dog
Omo! Omo!

I talked to the baby doggie in the typical "baby language" you use around something that little and she started wagging her tail KYAAAAAAHH!!!! SOOOO CUTE! ^w^

But the embarrassing part was: I talked to the baby dog and it came to me and wanted to be stroked. So I stroked the baby and continued my silly dog-talk and suddenly the onwer was besides me *me-> was caught while acting silly >//<* and smiled at me.
Owner was amused! *haha* really a little embarrassing. But I talked to the owner anyway. hehe (that was when I found out that the baby is 9 month old)

aw! I can only tell you: The baby was very soft~♥ to pet & it dosen`t wanted me to stop *haha* I LOVE DOGS SO MUCH! ♡__♡

just btw: The baby looked very similar to this one:

Aw! I wanted to kiss her! =))) that cute little baby!!!
But it was not my dog and I didn`t know if the dog would like it and if I can pick her up without scaring her. It`s a baby after all and I`m a stranger to her so I just stroked her *so happy*

ㅋㅋㅋ and my doggie is sleeping really cute again besides me right now <3333
When she was a baby, I often picked her up to kiss her. Or late on the evening I picked her up to lay her on my belly ^v^ And then she slept there! *chiii* That was so cutie!!! I wish she would be a baby again so I can put her on my belly! :P

OKEH! *junsu style* let`s move on with the "YunJae of the day"!

Yes, I searched for "new" YunJae pics ^^ So let`s taka look at that:
:D OMG S! I`LL JUMP ON YUNHO`S LAP! *wants to be first* *is about to jump*
Junsu: *gives noona an evil look* =.= ... *mentally shoots her*
/me: "... errr... hehe... *sweating* ... did I say I`ll jump err... on... heheheh... *has no excuse* I meant... "
Junus: "*still =.= at noona*
/me: " ... errr....미...안? "
Junsu: "*rolleyes* You`re so evil, you know? "
/me: "EH!?! but... but... *puppyeyes* I`m just kidding. *throws YunJae pic on the floor ->> *
Junsu: *goes -good noona- -> "
/me: * *

Seriously... no more Yunho like that for noona! Leader씨 makes me say/think bad things >_<

It`s better to have Yunho & Taepun like that!
^^ Leader씨, that means your doggie loves you! :D
It really seems like that Taepun is a dog to cuddle... Watching Yunho with him (not only in that scene from above)
it seems like he`s a big bear to cuddle! :D aw! that`s my fav sort of dogs!

And what`s the "YooSu of the day" today? *searches* *looks*
~♥♡♥♡♥ The classic YooSu love! *squeak!!!*
I really want to know wae do I think that this is so overly cute!? (I mean YooSu in general)

My mom says they are gay. I say they are nothing as long as they don`t confirm it clearly right in front of us :P (but I wish they will do this someday! XD OMG! YooSu addict! *caught*)
Yeah well, but who needs that? As for me, YooSu is already real! (YunJae too)

HEY! but... by the way: What is a-nations "it", eh? (NU! I will never forget this! I want to know what "IT" is!!!! >.<)

Okay, EDIT now!

After watching a really good vid of an american cassiopeian fanboy(! *proud* we have such amazing fanboys? WE ARE A LUCKY FANDOM!) about all the things going on lately, I have to say something about "that person" again.

First of all: I don`t hate her. I don`t hate her job and that she`s near our boys while doing her job. period.
Just to make that clear first. #justsaying *raping twitter trend on the blog again!*

But like this fanboy said in the vid: She has gone too far!
No matter how much she likes our boys or how close they (really) are: Her way is just all wrong!

We have enough problems with our current situation, new boygroups who say they get confused with DB5K *rolleyes* and really everyone of the press calls every 5-member-boygroup "DBSK" lately + we have to deal with stans & haters too. And even our boys don`t know if they can count on OT5 anymore! WTF!!!!
With all that going on, we don`t need dancers_official who don`t know their place on top of that!

Becaus this is what`s all about: To KNOW YOUR PLACE!

And "that person" dosen`t know her place.
We had and still have many dancers on stage with our boys. Im not just talking about JYJ danacers, I`m talking about Toho-dancers as well. And I`m sure many of then are on Facebook and/or twitter just like "her".
The only difference is: The others don`t bother. They knew their way not to mess with our fandom. They know the border they shouldn`t overstep. They know their place. I would say, that the others are just professional enough to do their job properly.

No one says the dancer`s shouldn`t be friends with our boys. Oh no, they should! But please *rolleyes* what that woman`s doing is beyond everthing what is okay and right and almost every way.

Abusing the name and her small connection with the boys for her goals...
I mean: She said herself that working with JYJ opened many doors for her.
Yes, girl, JYJ opened the doors for you! NOT your talent or your hard work!!

EVERYONE NOTE! NOTE! MAKE A NOTE OF THAT POINT! >>> not her talent or her hard work!

Thinking about it, that`s maybe another reason wae cassies dislike her: She`s abusing her connection with JYJ. And for me, it feelt like she`s abusing cassiopeias name as well. =.=

Okay, like I said before: I don`t hate her, but on the other hand I never liked her either.
Since she showed up for the first time last year I always had a odd feeling about "that person". I didn`t liked her right from the start. And I repeat: It`s not because of her job.
It`s her behaviour. She has gone way too far with a fandom that was never hers right from the start.
She just came, showed up for a few hours and now she`s like "JYJ is mine, but I will share with you" ? GIMME A BREAK! >o<

I already said it in a previous entry: That`s not how things are done in cassiopeia!!!
With pleasure I will say it again: Do your homework first, then come back "woman"!
(being a cassie, especially when you come into this fandom very late & especially at these hard times, is something that you can`t do without doing your -homework-)
She has absolutely no clue about our fandom. She`s a newbie. A newbie who hasn`t payed enough attention to his homework as it seems.
Just look at her Name on Twitter, then it`s enough said... ㄱ__ㄱ
Aigoo, just the name itself has stressed a few cassies since last year and that was the time when she had only spoken about it and hasn`t re-named herself to it *rolleyes*
I`m sure she has no clue that such names are used as couple names and it`s obviously not true that she and Junsu are a couple so WHAT IS THAT?! That is ridiculousness through the roof! ><

My baby-baby, our maknae, already thought she is dating Junsu o.O *face palms* that`s what the little kids think then because of the abuse of name combination! OMO! That`s really too much for me! Our poor kiddies! They believe such things. They are easy to misguid, u know... they don`t really know what`s going on.

Aigoo, I`m not even sure if I still know what`s going on. It`s too ridiculous and silly.

I was willing and in the end successful to ignore the first epic fail of "that person". The thing with Junsu`s pic and the comment of that stan, u know. But it all went more downhill with her from that point on.

The next thing with her song`s lyrics: No, when nearly all cassies were burning, she decided to apologize? WTH!?
Girl, you suddenly realized that cassiopeia can go wild too, or what?
So the part in the song "Making all groupies jealous" was about...??? just who? Please tell us!

At first you go that fast forward and then full power backwards? WTF! WTF so much!!!! >___<
My head hurts only when I try to sort all this sh*t out that person said so far.
by the way: I still think this song was a bad joke.
She should do what she can do well: dance. Well, again the thing with "know your place".

But the worst of all: Lately everywhere are ppl who abusing our 5 boys name/fame/popularitiy to gain attention for themselves. WTF is wrong with you folks?!
You have no talent to make it on your own with your own work the JUST LEAVE!
And the most important is: LEAVE US AND OUR 5 BOYS ALONE!

As for me, I`m still laughing about the fact that "that woman" believes that cassies hate her/are mad at her because they envy her in any way. ...
Yeah, dancher woman_official, that`s just what YOUR stan-kids said. And you blieve it?
Poor you. Once again you have not a single clue about what`s going on.

At least just one thing: I`m no hater so I will not go and post some sh*t to "that person" or her lovely supporter-stans. But I will not sit here and say nothing about it. At least I want to share my opinion with my sisters and other ppl who are willing to talk about it in a MATURE way.

Sisters, what are you thinking about all that? Let me know. You know I`m always curious about it and even if you disagree to something: Let me know. I won`t eat you up *haha*

7.6.11 18:46

T-T *happy* So it is...! This is...! That means...!

*sniff* And I already thought---!

He`s back... uhm, nuuu, not right! I mean he`s still here!
And I wondered what exactly he meant when he said "I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in korean anymore."

This sentence was on my mind for the whole night... I thought: Wae did he said it like that?
So I went to investigate this and saw that he has a second account! *faints*
T-T I was happy and about to cry!
Some JunhoPro`s mentioned his second accound and I was like "OMGZ!!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?" but was true. =)

oh, *hehe* he`s cute ^v^ no surprise, he`s Junsu`s older brother after all (btw.: *--* that iPhone case... cool~)
I will forever love his hair! *_* awww, such nice hair! <333 & white things suit him very well!
*remember my dream from recently* ...OMG SUN! *dies* (yeah, white really suits him very well!)

It was good to see him *happy* and good to hear that he had a good day today! *relieved/happy* I hope he often wants to talk to us in japanese. Now, that his zuno-account is gone...
*hopeful eyes* I really hope that!

YAH! Brother-in-law, please study japanese hard ^^ so you can tweet us long, loooong japanese messages.

Yeah well, to be honest: We probably won`t see him tweet that often now, because his japanese is still limited, but we haven`t lost him 4ever either.
And that`s a good deal. All fine by me!
But I will miss him spamming my tl #LikeABoss *haha* He tweeted so much lately! And I was all excited! I wanted to start to know him better as a person and was really interested to listen to what he has to say.

UWAH! Great disaster as he deleted his account yesterday only because of stupid, sh*t talking ppl!
He`s my hubby`s brother after all! So I really have the wish to know more about his personality and all.

But back to the main theme: To hear a korean guy saying such things ("I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in korean anymore.") is so sad!

He tweeted so much to us about his daily life on his korean account and what he`s doing right now... He even gave us a (virtual) White Day present and told us not to be sad... Y.Y aw! How nice of you, brother-in-law! You really has a heart for us abandoned woman T~T I was really moved!
Most of the time he was so happy sharing everything with us (well, he had down-days too where he said he`s tired and all). You could feel that he loves what he`s doing and that he`s working hard every day.
But stupid haterss had to destroy all this... THANK YOU, YOU JERKS!

Aigoo, look closely what you have done hater-stans! (<- yes it`s their new name - a horrible new generation of stans & haters is born!)
I will still hate you forever and I would still eat you up alive if we ever meet! >-< I . SO . HATE . YOU!

And on top of that: It`s such a shame for cassiopeia! THEY are such a shame for su!
And the worst thing is: They are not even "us", but they will always been seen as "us" in the eyes of others. But stans/haters/hater-stans are NOT cassiopeia
Some of them think they are but if they really believe to act as stupid as they do is the spirit of cassiopeia they are totally wrong and I`ll feel really sorry for them.

The ppl who bashed Junho are NOT cassiopeia.
The ppl who told JJ to "move on" are NOT cassiopeia.
The ppl who said "who cares about Junho? Let`s support the Egg!" are NOT cassiopeia.
The ppl who bashed YunJae Ot5`s are NOT cassiopeia.
There are so many things... such bad things happened the last days/weeks and the ppl who caused all that trouble were NOT cassiopeian ppl. Cassiopeian ppl are OT5. The real ones love the 5 and respect them as the humans they are.
Please insert and endless talk about cassiopeia`s true spirit here --> ⎢_ _ _ _ _⎢
I`m tired of repeating myself all day. Hrrrrr.... *annoyed sigh* & it`s getting really boring for the blog too!

but... ARGH!
FOLKS, YOU DRIVING ME CRAZY! You act like you were the ones who brought Cassiopeia to life but you are just immature newbie-brats who destroy our beloved fandom with their standom-ness!

...at least I assume most of them are stans. Newbies who are JYJ fans/HoMin fans (which one`s relevat depends on the case they are involved in - okay, basically none of them is relevant, but you know what I want to say).
It would be okay to be JYJ fan when they are newbies to them, if they would leave other ppl alone then. That means: HoMin, OT5, Junho, the YunJae`s... #justsaying

And if they would use their brains before talking, do their fan-homework properly or just stay silent instead of jumping into a convo between older OT5`s (over-the-years-fans, u know) it would be MUCH healthier for them and us!
Our realtionship would not be that worse then.

But okay, they were never mature enough to be like that/to do so. So let`s just cut this out.

Oh but we already talked about the stans of that particular woman... u know... THAT woman. The one that wants to mess with cassiopeia these days.
Really, like they said on twitter: "The battle begins!" if she thinks she can go around and mess with a 800 000+ fandom... *rollyes* and we are MUCH more as only 800 000+!

It`s just that... *giggle* "that person" *LOOOL* OMGZ!!! Don`t make me laugh that hard please!
Yes, "person" (I will NEVER call her name out!), we are jealous because you dance with JYJ... *epic face palm moment, so me-> face plams & dies laughing*
*sarcasm* Oh yeah, of course... that`s the only true reason because we are mad at you. *sarcasm end*

AS IF! DREAM ON! That was NEVER a topic during the process that lead to the point YOU made cassiopeia MAD!

If "that person" would have ever spend a single second to listen to us properly she would have heard that it`s not her job that makes cassiopeia go wild!

And in her interview she said that the fans make sure to tell her that they hate her on twitter.
Geez, you deserve it, so what?! ㄱ.ㄱ böööh...
And looking at the things she said I had to laugh at one thing very hard and this was:
-- Q:The most of JYJ ´s fans are female ^^. Do ya think they are jealous about you dancing together with the boys ?
A: "Yeah cause they make sure to tell me they hate me on twitter. LOLZ!! (trying to catch my breath laughing) No honestly and seriously the majority of the fans are so amazing to me and such a great display of girl-power. (...)"
WTF, majurity?!? oh, seems like you know other JYJ fans as we do!
Most of them are IMMATURE BRATS! And their "great display of girl-power" consist of bashing Junho, OT5`s & HoMin... and god knows who else they are bashing as well. Like I said: WTF! Please do your homework properly, "person"!

YOU . ARE . RIDICULOUS_official!

Omo... I more and more sound exactly like my adopted child Ocean *haha*
We are really a good family match, if I may say so.
-- nonstop-break-out-ranting on a high level *haha*
-- almost never sleeping/always short of sleep
-- sarcasm all the way

uh! We are a nice daughter/Unni-mom couple, aren`t we
@Ocean: I know you will read this later :P But we are really a perfect family-match! And I`m sure it`s a little tiring for the others to endure all this *haha* just think of the poor ones who follow both of us: The rant-tweets amount must be ENORMOUS in their tl`s! *hihihi* Our poor Natali & Marta Unni. XD

oh hey! Just something else came into my mind: Junho said he reads each and every mention. Okeh *junsu style* so far. So that means... he will do this on his japanese account as well? :D OH MY GOD SUN!!!
It`s cool that my tl reads the nonsense I write but that Junho does this as well... omo! just thining of this... I think I`m dying now!

brother-in-law, please don`t look too close at my korean! I`m sure I still make mistakes and my korean isn`t good at all! *turns red in shame*
Same goes for Junsu and others... >.> well, I try my best so HWAITING for learning korean! ><
oh, how I wish my korean would be as good as my english! Would save me from sooo much trouble (what means save me from not understanding korean tweets/tweeting in korean).

Okay now! My dinner is in progress (usual weekend dinner-> Pizza! ) and I will finally post YunJae/YooSu again!

Let`s take a look at the "YunJae of the day":
AIGOO! :D Classic YunJae today again! :DD Are they cute or are they cute?!?!
(comment: I`m seriously running out of YunJae pics. If someone of you has some nice onces I would be really greateful! *dies* This was my last YunJae pic!! D:< )

Now the "YooSu of the day":
oooooh! I love it! Aw! YooSu, wae always sooo cute!
^w^ weeeeh! Junsu is so cute! *squeak!!!*

See them like that, something comes to my mind: I really wish I would have had that earlier: Good friends.
Sample: Friends who I can travel in a bus with and fall asleep beside them ^^ <- yes, my workmate junior and I were like that during our road trip with our companie ^^ Others smiled at us XD Omo! how embarrassing! They watched us sleeping, leaning on each other! >//< *dies*

+ I really wish I would have know our boys earlier!
I`m such a poor, little, without-any-clue cassie... And I feel so small besides the long-time-fans. And I really envy them for known the boys for so long.
I really don`t think what they think of me, but I hope they think I`m a good new cassie *haha* (okay, almost 2 years is not that new but still new ^^)
And I wasn`t sooo into then at first! But the past 12 month were where my hardcore cassie time has begun! ㅋㅋㅋ

At first I tried to hide it. I haven`t blogged about it and didn`t talked about it to my family/workmates about it because I thought they would think I`m completely crazy. No one can understand such an addiction - except for the sisters or course.
But after a while I thought "just f*ck it! I want to let the world know that I`m crazy! XDD"
Yeah, and so I did. And just as expected, everyone thought I`m totally insane and the best thing about it was/is: I LIKE IT!
And I really don`t give a damn about what they think. It`s my life and I can be addicted to who I am >:333 #justsaying

p.s.: =.= that person dared to use "OMGS"! And I was like OMGS after reading that too!!! *burning* -OMGS- forever belongs to cassiopeia, Junsu and the rest of the boys! YOU DRIVE ME UP THE WALL!!!! >__< Just... stop this, "person"! Don`t use my hubby`s words!
These words were created on Saipan - that was where I met the 5 for the first time. This is a very special... whole-something for me! So stay da f*ck away from my "holy grail"!!!!
5.6.11 21:53

ooooh! Junho Oppa! *cries* noooo! MY BROTHER! >< NO!

TT~TT 안녕 친구들...

Well, stans really did a great work. They banished Junho off twitter.
He deleted his account

Stans took my brother-in-law away from me. I can`t help myself being teary and sad - still.

I can`t believe that I will never see his tweets again! Never... again... That`s so crazy.
Can`t believe I will never hear him say "uh, please cheer me up" again... *teary*, can`t believe I will never see him tweeting about their dogs again with so much love. T~T

Wae? Wae hurt him? he didn’t do anything wrong T^T NEVER.

I received that news on midday, just before we were about to have lunch and I started crying like an idiot as I read this (his last tweets):

(Junho) @joni588 I just want to say one thing to you. Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do. I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.

(Junho) @zinnie06 You say that I faulted fans.. Where in my tweets did you get that impression? To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother. I apologize for being such a person.

(Junho) I’m thinking of deleting my Twitter account because I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in Korean anymore. Will me stopping my tweets like this make those who spoke ill of me become genial? If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them(JYJ)? I don’t know either. This situation wears me out as I can’t tell you everything about what’s going on..

(Junho) I’m so sorry to the people who have shown me their support till now. From now on, I’ll work hard and not let my mind wander to other things. I think I gained a lot of strength from your support when I tweeted while I was traveling overseas. I would like to thank you all once more. Thank you all, and I love you. Take care of your health.

(Junho) I’m not deleting this account because I’m scared of those tweets or because I’m avoiding them. I started this account knowing that things like this would definitely happen because I work in this particular industry. Because I read each and every mention that I receive and because I keep reading such tweets, I keep thinking about them and I find myself unable to concentrate, so I laid down this decision in order to completely immerse myself in my work.

(Junho) I am still such a small presence in this life. I’ll be on the same level as others only if I work harder than them as I started my career much later. From now on, I’m going to do nothing but focus on my work. I’m always short on time anyway. I will keep the hearts of those who have supported me till now in my heart and focus on my work completely without thinking of anything else. I will keep working and working hard.

(Junho) Last of all, I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision. I believe that you will protect my little brother till the end. Take care of your health and be happy.

*sarcasm* REALLY THANK YOU @zinnie06 and @joni5888! I hope you are happy now. Junsu will be proud of you! What a great show off of the "standom" we have around JYJ! *sarcasm end*

It`s mainly their fault that I can never see my brother @iamzunoya on my tl again!!

---And look what those cowards do!
One of them deleted his account and the other one only tweeted nonsense to Junho and now doesen`t stand his ground against Cassiopeia.
What`s with you now, eh?! Suddenly you`re afraid of the consequences of your behaviour?

As if we haven`t had enough problems already, so we need you haters on top of that! Great! JUST GREAT!

Omo... my eyes hurt so much. they still hurt. I cried too much today.
It was like losing a family member without any warning, you know?

No, if you are not from our fandom you can`t know.

After I heard that Junho deleted his account I thought this is a joke. I was not able to understand what was going on.
I searched my "follow" list in panic for Junho like an idiot, but he was gone.
It thought that I maybe was too anxious and flustered to see it so I moved to junsu`s follow-list. His list said 29 instead of the usual 30 ppl and I started panicking again. I searched and Junho was truely gone. Erased from our list`s.

I was like... petrified. I asked myself, how could this happen?

And seriously, how could you ever think of hurting him that bad?
Junho was always nice to us/his fans. He never gave us a reason to dislike him.


Hurting Junho is hurting Junsu. there`s just no difference. How could you do this, JYJ stans?!?
All of you that tweeted bad comments to him: DAMN YOU!

If you don`t like then don`t look! Leave him alone!

Oncea again I`m speechless. I`m ashamed. I`m hurt. I`m embarrassed that JYJ stans are seen like they would represent all of us.

As he said "Because I read each and every mention that I receive" I cried even more.
Junho Oppa T_______T You`re such a nice person.


This is so so sad! He has read all mentions and, out of all tweets, he answered the stans` tweets! Y.Y
Junho, you should have talked to your supporters. But at least Junho wanted to stand his ground against the haters. The haters are cowards, ran & hide now.

JYJ stans/Junsu "fans", what do you think Junsu is thinking now? You go and bash his brother in order to "protect" him? WTFness through the roof again! (< This will become the most used sentence of the year! I have a certain feeling about that)

So Junho is the bad one because he signed under AVEX? WTH!?
And JYJ are bad because they are under AVEX too, or what?
So the next thing you will start to "protect" JYJ is hating on JYJ as well then or what?!
Maybe you want Junsu`s & Junho`s mom go off twitter too? o-o WHO KNOWS!

YOU PPL ARE TOTALLY CRAZY! #icantstand your existence! ><
It wasn`t enough that you messed up HoMin & us OT5`s. NO! You had to go for Junho as well!


Junho was even apologizing for things he never did! I HATE YOU FOR THAT, HATERS!
Apologizing to the fans of Junsu for the hard time they had because of him?!

My brother-in-law, stans are having a hard time because of themselves!

There are some extremely ignorant, delusional fans in K-Pop and Junho did nothing to deserve the stupid comments directed at him.
Cassiopeia just remember: A while ago, we almost lost Yoochun because of haters that tweeted stupid, useless, hatefull comments at him because of nothing.

Guys, how can you bear it to call yourself a "fan" of someone anymore?
This is so true (SYC comment): "These antis are not Cassies anymore. Cassies are only TV5XQ fans, and most of the crazy ones are now JYJ-only fans, or whatever they want to call themselves…"

Wae can`t all this stop? No matter what Junho says: Everyone cares about hatful things said to him. No matter how often you claim not to care, you are hurt. Even if the person who said this is top useless and a complete stranger to you. You will think about it and ask yourself: Wae did this person said this to me?
Y.Y My poor brother-in-law! I feel so sorry for him!
He sacrificed his little time for us on twitter again and again. He did nothing to deserve such hate!

Yes, Noona loves you too Y.Y
You are junsu`s brother for god`s sake & you are a nice person so wae not love you?
4ever my brother-in-law. T.T ♡

Yeah, sisters, don`t get me wrong. When I say I love Junho then I mean it I love him like he would be my older brother too, not just junsu`s. Just let us be serious about this matter for only one time, okay?
For me he`s, indirect, a part of the cassiopeian family. Nothing will change that.
Sure, my love for the 5 is bigger, but this is because I know them for a longer time.

Junho: "Thank you all, and I love you. Take care of your health."

*cries once more*
You too, brother-in-law, you too! I know you are working so so hard! Keep 화이팅! and "Always keep the faith". I`m proud of you.

보고 싶을거야, 준호 오빠... Y_Y

Cassies, should I tell you a secret?

Well, it has to do with Junho too.

The night before the day I saw the MV of "Nothing to lose" I dreamed of a good looking man, much taller than me, standing in front of me dressed in white just like Junho in the MV.
For a unknown reason I hugged him and said "good bye" O.o

I wondered about this after I have seen the MV and Junho in it a lot. Now I wonder even more about this!
After the MV I thought that this weird, crazy dream must have been about Junho but now it`s whole different story again!

Meanwhile I`m sure it was Junho in my dream and I really don`t get wae he was dressed in white, although I have never seen the MV before... This is strange.
But suddenly it makes all sense to me.
Don`t ya think this as well, my sisters?

It`s really weird to tell you about this here and now. But I`m not lying! I had this dream.
At first I thought it`s nothing but another weird dream of mine. I always have the strangest dreams! (and they are often k-pop related on top of that too!)

But this is... hm... *speechless* Dunno what to say.
I had these kinds of... fortune-dreams already a couple of times before but they were never that clear... o.O

Okay, I think I`m about to go insane here right now... O-0 *afraid of her own dreams*

*shakes head* still can`t believe Oppa left us... I never thought it would hurt me so much. Maybe I`m one of the biggest fool on earth, but I`m sad.

I`m really sad. Y-Y

Last I wanted to say: I`m really sorry for my gigant rant on twitter >//<

I was just so...completely beside myself. This standom we`re in becomes crazier every day... ㄱ_ㄱ
It`s really toooo crazy.

Aigoo, aigoo... just think of what it would feel like to lose our 3 boys on twitter... everyone of them is too precious to lose. It`s sad enough that HoMin are not with us, but lose one of the others? OMO! Don`t want to think about it!

(and I don`t want to think about how it would feel to lose one of my sisters! OMG! Sisters, please promise me that you will never leave )

... my eyes are still hurting because of the crying today. Ah, it`s really not good! ><
I can`t remember when I cried so bad out of nowhere and all of a sudden for the last time... It was probalby when...*thinking* my former boyfriend annouced that he want`s to separate with me o.O

Haiz! I maybe feel like that because Junho was better to us as my boyfriend ever was to me during the time we were together. (< Yes, my boyfriend SUCKED! - especialy when you compare him with our boys... and they aren`t even our boyfriends o.o)
#justsaying: We all receive a big bunch of great love from our boys & junho followed this example.

Oh, ottoke now? 어떻게? It feels like a part of the family is missing.

Twitter feels even more empty today because all my closest sisters are not here. ocean-> whereabouts unknown (away?), Natali-> whereabouts unknows (but maybe lurking!), my soulmatesister-> whereabouts unknows (away? at a friends house again?), Marta Unni-> on vacation in andalusia (so she`s away for sure!).

아! 예, 예! Special thanks goes to Jing Yee today! She was there to listen to my crying... Sooo thank you sis! *hugs*

...And now I would love to be hugged by my soulmatesister... >.> Okie then, let`s see if I can find my BFF then! XDDD

(OMO! She will kill me for sure when she reads that! XD )

p.s.: "That person" released her song... Aigoo! She don`t wants to be a singer for real, or does she?! This is a JOKE, isn`t it?! This MUST be a joke!
She really wants to provoke all cassies around the globe, dosen`t she? oO
yeah, like they said: The battle begins.
And she still uses Junsu for her purpose? =.= YAH! YOU DANCER_OFFICIAL! WANNA DIE, EH?! What you are doing is not right!
YOU dating our JUNSU? DREAM ON!
Since last year you didn`t even know their names and now you go all "DBSK & JYJ"? Sorry, but this dosen`t work!
Just because you dance with them don`t give you the right to use them to gain attention. Half of cassiopeia already hates you for your stupid behaviour so: Do you have a death wish? I think you do... *face palm*

Everyone today seems to have a death wish, eh? well, c'mon, come to me! Line up in a row and I just eat you alive one after another, okay? that would save us much time and anger.

EEWWWW!!!! ESPECIALLY "THAT PERSON"!!!! >_____< drives me crazy!
Btw.: Every woman, really every woman, around our boys but NOT SHE! >< ewwww! She uses such bad methodes to gain attention.
This is what we call "all wrong", okay?
+ her song is a joke... JUST WHAT DA HELL WAS THAT!
I listened to it and was " o.O " the whole time... WHAT DA FUCK! + Is she speaking in korean at the end?! so that`s the reason she went to a korean class to learn something?!
Oh! that explains a lot!
And I thought she wants to do that because of the same reason like we learn korean: because she wants to speak to the boys in their language and because she was interested in this lanugage after meeting them.
Looks like I was terribly wrong!
Okie, some stupid stan kids supporting her... geez, this are probably the same kids who bashed Junho...
Haiz! kids & dancer_official: You are so lucky that I couldn`t care less about you today! I`m too sad!
4.6.11 21:03

#hbdyuchun & Cassiopeia, please meet my hero <333

안녕! :D

OMO! Today`s our very own Park Chunnie`s b-day!!!!! #hbdyuchun is the trend today!

Fukutaro is right! The motto should be " Ok Let's goヽ( ≧▽≦ )/ " *lol* (fuku-fuku is so funny!)
Yoochun, Noona would love to throw a party for you tonight, but sadly I have to work so Junsu has to do it on my behalf! ;D

Aigoo... our Chunnie already turns 25 (that means 26 in korea if I`m not mistaken).


Anyways: PARK CHUNNIE! Please take good (better?) care of yourself this year. Just be healthy. Please stay true to yourself, always keep the faith and always remember that OT5 cassiopeia and bigeast is always by your side. Never give up! *gives b-day hug to Yoochun*


*mumbles* ... and I really hope Junsu will take good care of you in future too, otherwise I have to kill him because you are, my fellow wifey of Junsu, as important as brother-in-law so... ... ... Oops! *talking to sisters* YOU ALL HEARD NOTHING! >.>

*cough* Happy Chun-day then, sisters!

I`ve just sent my Mac on a 5 hours converting mission XDDD *haha* So... happy working Mac! *pats mac*

Okay, while Mac converts MV`s for me (for my PS3) I`ll do my blog. I will do Twitter a bit later so I hope I can concentrate on the blog better for now ><

I really love twitter but it also distracts me from writing my blog when I have to write at both ends - here and on twitter. It`s... kinda exhausting!

And especially today I don`t have the time to waste time like this (what means: to let me be distracted by anything).
I should go to bed earlier than usual today. I have to work tonight! >< ew! DO NOT WANT!

But what do I do now, yet, that my Mac is working so hard ?

Ah, how about you meet up with my hero now? ^w^ *haha* Nuuuu! I`m not talking about Jae!
This is something not k-pop realted....

Cassiopeian sisters, bigeast sisters, my little ELF friend Yericha, please meet MY HERO (here on the left):
Zack left, Angeal right.

Yes, this is Zack Fair. *.*

You girls probably have no clue what I´m talking about and who he is ^^
Well, my Zack is a character of Final Fantasy VII. also known as Zack the puppy (named so by his mentor Angeal *haha* because he has zero attention span like a restless little puppy).
He is the Hero of the FFVII Game "Crisis Core" & also Noonas hero ^v^

Okay, I don`t want to tell you the whole story, it would be too long. But he`s a SOLDIER 1th class, totally funny and such a good boy! He`s just so ~~♥♥ *looove*
I cried so much as he died in the game (

I don`t think anyone of you is familiar with games or FFVII - okay, maybe my japanese Unni. I think you don`t know a single thing about it. Well, so let`s just share some pics:

Zack at work, company headquarter ^^

"How about 1 date?" *lol* I remember that scene so clear! Zack and his future girlfriend Aerith (but she said -nu- at this moment XD)

Zack at a save-game-point in the City "Junon" - and YES, the sword has to be that big XD it`s FFVII tradition!

Cloud feels sick after his first flight with the helicopter, Zack tries to cheer his friend up ^^

HECK YES! Of course my hero fight even the biggest monsters & robots)

Zack`s a good boyfriend and talks to his girlfriend while he`s on a mission ^^ (and he promised to come to visit her! awww!)

Crisis Core also had beautiful CG cut movies <3
...still one of my fav cut movies in the game... *stares* Zack neomu yehbbeo! *dies* (but the most important thing is: HIS HAIR! *squeak* and his cute personality!)

Zack all grown up at age of 23 & the young Zack, with 16 (to the right) as he started his Soldier training as a rookie

The young Zack just before he jumps out of a helicopter during a mission (it was still training):

*hihi* zack is always talking big but in a loveley way ^^ However, he`s not only talking big, he IS good

Zack fighting Bahamut Fury *dies* This thing was so hard to fight!
that dragon has big power!

I love this game. I already plaed it two and a half times

My BFF was shocked as I told her she should take care of Zack because i have to... "abandone" him for my adopted son Taemin & Junsu XD
Sorry, Zacky, but Junsu is real and you are not. BUT: You will always be the one and only hero in my heart~~♥
(zacks too good to be real anyway XD)

okay, after you have met my hero now there are still a few things we can do/can talk about.

Just for exsample: The next thing I wanted to talk to you about is what stans said a while ago.
I still laugh about some things they said! *haha* really!

-------> Back then, when we had the huge YunJae incident some stans wanted to deny YunJae at any cost, because they are stupid & ignorant, and said some interesting things then.

Stans: "YunJae was made up by SME to make more money"
me was like: #ohreally?? *using twitter trend again*

*LOOOL* Okay, WTFness through the roof! So just for my understanding: all k-pop couples are made by the companies for making money with them? besides the fact that I don`t know how to make money out of a friends couple oO... I really ask myself: in the YunJae case: they like each other and give us fanservice, okay so far. but really! Do the companies go aroung and say "yah, you two, form a couple so we can make money with you. You know what to do: hug, kiss, cuddle etc. everywhere. understood?" and the two ppl they ordered go "okie, we will"?! WTFness THROUGH THE ROOOOOF!!!!!!
But that against, let`s assume, just assume, that the stans are still right with their claim about that: So SME made money out of YunJae (however they managed this... o_O) so what`s about YooSu? They made money out of YooSu too? Lucky c-jes! Now they can make money with YooSu.


LOOOOL! so 4ever !

How cool is that?! SME must be really sad that YunJae separated. They lost their great money source...

... XDD *face plam*
Stans, that was a EPIC FAIL moment of you AGAIN!

I can`t face palm enough abou that! Do you really think that lables go around and tell their artist to form couples so they can make money with them?
And: How did they make money out of them anyway? If soemone don`t like TVXQ, then that person will still not like it no matter what YunJae do or not do.
And when someone loves TVXQ that person won`t love them only because of YunJae.
It`s either love TVXQ or not love TVXQ. YunJae has nothing to do with that.

Well, just a simple question: When, just WHEN(!?!), did SME released some YunJae items to buy, eh?!?! When they make money with YunJae how did they do this?
Oh, I would be really pleased if you would tell me, because `m willing to buy some YunJae items~
As far as I know, every YunJae photobook or gift set whatever was released by a YunJae fanbase itself and NOT by SME!

Oh yeah, come here and correct me if I`m not right. I`m overly curious!

I just searched for the name of the blog series I started back then and came over my fangirling for "action Yunho" XDD *SQUEEEEEAK* OMO! I really can`t fangirl enough about action-kick-ass-Yunho! :D
... yeah, but that wasn`t it *continues searching*... .... ah! There it is!

Let`s do a little "Timeline blogging" Again!
Let`s read my tl together! Let`s start!

-- *scrolls, scrolls* every tl reading starts with endless scrolling...

-- *still scrolling* *lol* there was a big "NUUUUUU" XDD Ocean or Natali said it! I`m sure! *continues scrolling*

-- *LOOOL* ANOTHER "NUUUU"!!! XD *haha* it was Ocean!

-- *reads somewhere at the end* Yes Ocean, my tl is about 비Rain, Ocean. that`s because I`m on the "Mission Rain"! You know... ㄱ.ㄱ
But I feel a little sorry for Rain. Only my little andalusian sister listens to his songs too. No one of you likes Rain? what a pity, he can sing good too! (but our boys will be 4ever DA BEST!). I`m addicted to some songs of him, but I`m far away from buying his albums ^^° I`m just listening through them.

-- ^//^ ㅎㅎㅎ... ocean thinks my #ohreally & #13thingsilove tags were cute *embarrassed* this was just my randomness!!

-- Omo! omo! holarious pic-game! My result "Junsu...hugged me... because he loves me" :DDD OMG SUN! I KNEW IT! I can always count on my hubby! *huggles Junsu*

-- HA! So I was NOT the only fool who haven`t heard "nothing to lose" or haven`t seen the MV of Junho`s first song! OMO! I`m not as lame as I thougt... (but I`m still very ashamed! >//<). Daisy, Lina & soulmatesister had no clue about it too.

-- o.O not even ocean knew about it for long? Aigoo... we losed out really bad at watching Junho`s MV...
btw.: I love this song (especially the part where Junho say`s "Always keep the faith")

-- lol @ Ocean again! ---> "NANEUN KEEP IT LOW." is here again! *haha* no, 나는 will never keep it low when it comes to stans!

-- PWAHAHAHA! what is that?! that is sooo cute! Ocean calls Natali "coconutttyyyy" *squeak*

-- okay, natali & Ocean convos ^^ MANY of them!

-- OH! brother-in-Law tweeted as well! Always welcome brother-in-law! What is it today? *reads/looks at pic* AWWW! Junho`s tired after all his practise ^^ and he`s sleeping in his manager hyungs car. Aigoo, sleeping cutie *haha* but can`t beat Junsu, that`s for sure!

-- ㅋㅋ Ocean is owned and controlled by Yunho & JYJ stans XDDD oookay, put the stans aside: I`m controled by Yunho and Junsu. Junsu is Junsu (내 사랑~♥♡ *한숨* */me is lovesick for junsu* *한숨 even more*) & Yunho is our Leader씨! How can I not be owned and controlled by him? It`s our leader after all!

-- :O That`s so right! Natali-->> RT: "srsly.. this cassie thing is like a curse man.... I will never be able to belong to another fandom which isnt cassiopeia."

-- true the second! Natali--> "even if I sometimes feel we'll die like that.... I dont need/want another one" (she RTed that: "@6002theChunana: lmao its true tho we are a waiting fandom")

-- OMG SUN! Natali owns the right-ness today! about ppl oin her FB: "cos my rl and fandom are like ..oil and water." *haha* oh so right!
rl ppl here and rl ppl from fandom: they will forever seperate themself from eath other except for my german cassie-soulmatesister!

-- *lool* teletubbies in oceans bedroom tonight!? NATALI! You can be so mean! XDD OMG! That girl! hilarious!

-- ah! TVXQquotes! Our Dark lord can be nice sometimes: "Don't cry,or your eyes will get puffy ^___^" CM (UFO reply)

-- awwww! My poor adopted child!
about minnie: "he used to play with teddy bears TT____TT now he just likes to KEEP IT LOW and stuff."
"me: *gives changmin teddy bear*---> cm: *NANEUN KEEP IT LOW*-->me: T_T wae u grow up?"
OMO! Don`t make me cry! Y.Y
... *hehe* but it`s a little bit funny too! (sorry ocean! *huggles*)

-- yeeees, that`s right ocean! I told you not to drink that much coffee! it`s NUUU good for you! So will ya be a good child, eh...?

-- *loool* oooh! TVXQquotes: [What will u give ur gf?] JJ&YH:"Write a song~" JS:"A necklace." CM:"A bouquet." YC:"Myself." #TVXQquotes
ㅋㅋㅋ will this be the first present? Then Junsu`s is all fine by me! If it is the second or later present: sorry boys, but I would prefer Yoochun present ^//^ *lol* oooh! So embarrassing! Let`s move on!

-- HA! I KNEW IT!!!!! A gift from Yoohwan! ---> Chunnies bracelet he wears since... ever! It was a present from his brother!

okay, this was the "Timeline blogging" for today ^^ I`m through! It was funny again! The only sad thing is: I can`t stay on twitter, I have to go to bed because I have to work tonight... *sighs*

Junsu, when I`m back you can appear on twitter again ^v^

okay, enough talked for today.
I hope you had fun!
3.6.11 19:49

Happy cassie day & Junho`s MV!!!

Are you sure you want to give me unlimited storage, my dear photohost? ㅋㅋㅋ
Photohost, you really want to give me unlimited storage? I will abuse it to the (not existing) limit, do you know that? XDD

안녕 다들! ^__^

I just received these ^ *points way up* news and can`t believe that it`s true!

Well, we will see if I can reach the limit one day anyway, although it`s unlimited.
HA! WE`LL SEE ABOUT THAT, photohost, we`ll see about that! :P

Okay, what is our first topic today? How about... the "YunJae of the day"?
usually I start with ranting lately XD I want to spare you with that this time.

So the "YunJae of the day" iiiiis....




.... PWAHAHA! Sorry, but... in this one JJ looks kinda like... a fairy?! XDD OMO!
Silly me! Please excuse my behaviour my JJ biased sisters! No harm meant! This was just the first random thought that came to my mind! XD

Now let`s take a look at the "YooSu of the day":
awww! This is one of my all time fav`s! YooSu in Paris! ~
Aigoo, they look tired. <333 Please, someone put them to bed! ^^
ah, what someone?! Best will be I do it myself! ^w^ *puts YooSu to bed* ㅎㅎ

okay, next topic: 비Rain! I`m listening to his first album right now! Mission is: Listen to all of of his 6 albums *dies*
So you can tell: It`s a looong way ahead of me ^^ after that I`m probably into his songs too *haha* nah, I think I already am!
I totally like the first album so far. It`s more like... Hip Hop & R&B style than Pop style. I should call it rain-style.

but hey! I always wanted to listen to his songs, but I never had the time. So I started yesterday with my "mission". Let`s call it "Mission Rain"! ^^

Sisters! Guess what?!

Today I`m a very happy cassie again because of several reasons!

1.) I feel the cassie love in the air again~
With this loving family in these hard times I should never be emo again! Okay, somtimes you can`t help being emo, but should I be emo ever again, I should remind myself of my loving cassie family. =)

2.) No stan`s nonsense today!
Which cassie would not be happy when the stans shut up for one day? XD

OFF comment: *lol* there`s the titanic-song on TV XDD OMG SUN! I see YooSu standing on that Hyundai-thing again, re-enacting that Titanic-scene ^///^ *squeak* Yes, Junsu, you are Rose! (and Chunnie is Jack!)
...btw.: I think Kyuhyun & Sungminnie did this scene as well, am I right? or they did a scene similar to this. I`m not sure. But it was cute too! :DD

3.) I`m NOT broke!!! YAY!
I have payed for everything and I`m still not broke! New money from my boss is still coming so I will have lot`s of money for k-Pop things this month!
Omo! I already bought DB5K`s artist book SHINE (photobook), the RISING SUN repackage storybook & Yunho special item (catalouge - you can say it`s a small storybook) so far! *happy, happy*
UWAH! and It wasn`t that expensive! I`m sooo curious! I want to unpack everything NOW! *hyper, hyper* Noona has nothing going on with patience when it comes to this matter!

Next topic: How could I miss brother-in-law`s MV for "nothing to lose", EH?!??

I`m such a bad wifey of Junsu!

OMO! I LOVE THIS MV! (and the lyrics... let`s just say: I`m very familiar with this matter >.> )

#justsaying: Junho really, REALLY distracted me from listening to 비Rain`s second album.
But I just finished the 2nd album anyway. Personally, I liked the first album better.

But it`s about Junho here!
This MV is really great! :DDD
+ korean guys dressed in white are my SECOND weakness!

okay, the weaknesses are all equally worse, so it basically doesen`t matter which one is put first. But my biggest weaknesses are:
1.) guys who are kissing/hugging dogs <333
2.) korean guys dressed in white *.*
3.) brown eyes/beautiful black hair... *.*

Aigoo..., the kim brothers really know how to strike me down XD HAIZ! Boys! That`s not fair! You really can`t do this to me! Using all my weaknesses against me... geez, really NOT FAIR!

And on top of that: Junsu! *scolds* How could you be that mean and tell Junho even the thing with the dogs! I`m sure he started it after YOU showed him on that evening with your friends! (showed on the Junho DVD) *pout* *angry* You´re a meanie~! *pout, pout*


XDDD ㅋㅋㅋ

Well, well.... What will you do about this issue JunsuBB...? Noona want you to convince her to be a nice noona again! ^//^ I`m really curious. Acting cute will not do it this time, u know... >//>

OMO! >///< please let`s end this here! I`m wayyyy toooo random again right now!

*cough* *embarrassed* *cough*... So now, what was I supposed to talk about again?

Yeah, it was the topic "the weirdness of writing the blog in german". AGAIN!
We already had this topic, didn`t we?
But it`s really such a weird feeling! When I would cut all this out and start to write only in german again... Not possible anymore! Just by the way, I really like to practise my english through blogging in english.

Another thing that came to my mind was my BFF and her new hobbie belly dance.
She posted a new profile pic on FaceBook that showed her in her oriental dancing dress.

Besides the fact that everyone seems to have some dance tallent except for me o-O I really wonder...:
She said she started to learn it for her boyfriend. ... okay so far. But exactly WHEN is she supposed to dance for him? Or the question is rather... WHERE! >_< Let`s just say: I don`t want to know!

ㄱ_ㄱ eeeh, as for me.... I decided to let my hubby dance! Junsu is too hard to surpass anyway so even if I would have had some talent in dancing.... errr... it would turn out as EPIC FAIL with him XD

oh! TVXQquotes just put up an interesting question!
--->> "What have DBSK done to make you smile today? How? "

Some of the answers are:
-- "all DBSK needs to do is do what they love. Seeing them smile and sing is what makes my world go round ^^"

-- "Nothing.That's the thing,they don't even need to do anything,and they'd still make me smile.Just the thought of them does it 4me"

-- "What DBSK did? Sing... I was having a bad day but listening to their song calms my nerves. The power of their voice. ^^"

Aw! Such nice answers and soooo ture!

As for me, what they did is the following: simply live and breathe. Enduring the hard time we have right now. Work hard every day. Keep the faith with us.

Yeah, that`s what they did for me to make me smile.

p.s.: If I would double-do my entries, my blog would be 12 miles long XD (and by double-do I mean re-translate everything english-german, german-english what I write *dies* too crazy to do!!!)

2.6.11 22:09

THANK YOU! , randomness & less ranting? dream on! :P

아녕 친구들! ^v^/ *comes over and hugs friends*

LOVE YOU! *huggles*

*hihi* okay, after the emo day_official from yesterday I really have to thank my sister for cheering me up!
You girls are so great! I`m so happy and thankful that I have you as my friends!

well, #justsaying^^ this was the most important at first!

Ok now, what do we walk about now?

Maybe the super cute pics brother-in-law has sent us today? ^w^
*squeak!!!!* OMO! OMO! That`s sooo cutiiiieee~♥!!!!
Guys hugging/kissing dogs is my weakness! OMG SUN! >//< That`s so super cute! *dies becaue of cuteness*
Junho seems to love dogs very much - just as I do! Brother-in-law, we will definitely get along well! We are doggie persons (you all surely remember my -noona is a doggie magnet- entry ^^ well, I can`t help it, it`s simply like that)

Let`s move on with "my" family : JUNSU!
Yes, that`s right. Noona even wants to eat YOUR ramen after I finished mine *ramen additct* oooh, you already look tired, you can`t eat that
:P C'mon, that`s such a big bowl BB! You can`t eat all that alone~♡♡ *trying to convince Junsu to give his ramen to Noona*
...nah, besides that-> just to make my point clear: 주수BB, 자기야~♥ you maybe not know, but I always get what I want - one way or another ㅋㅋㅋ (yes, I`m that manipulative/stubburn/spoiled *muahaha* I`m a woman after all! )
*lol* my poor Junsu XD beware of your noona!-> at least sometimes, usually I`m very tame and kind~♥ *hugs her hubby*

*giggle* Junsu is reading message from noona that said: "...adopted some new mice. Errr... I think we need a bigger house now ^^° sorry~"
Junsu: *thinking: D: oh no, she did it again...*"
(Then-> Junsu after coming home again: "Aigoo, can`t I leave you alone for 3 seconds?"
me: " *making innocent face* nuuu~♥, you can`t~ "
-junsu is now appa of 20 or more mice-
Junsu: "*sighs* I need a babysitter *face palm*" <- for noona of course! not for the mice XDD )

Oh... *cough* sorry for this randomness again!
and yes, I`m very uncontrolable when I`m out to adopt new mice. I can hardly stop when I do this *haha* If I`d have space enough, it could be that I`d bring home 10 or more of them *lol*
My hubby should not complain! He adopted many cats in the past! so... *haha*

Okay, just want to share some pics from recently (most of you already saw them):
Aw! Leo is such a cutie! so sweet! He looked kinda odd when he was a baby, but now he`s only cute!

And tigger is looking like a cute gentleman!
My most favourite cat among junsu`s cats! I just love Tiger Tigger! (nuuu! that`s no typo! I would re-name him to tiger-tigger!)
hm... he looks like a plushie here, doesen`t he? =D ...a little, don`t he?

Bakira looking like a lord_official:
He`s so pretty!

More pics of Leo:

*giggle* when cat`s are having such big eyes it`s dangerous. Anything can happen then

Well, I love dogs more than cats, but noona allows junsu to have as many cats as he wants - as long as I don`t have to clean up after them :P
I would even enjoy buying food for them! Oh! I love to buy food for animals! It`s nice to pick something nice to eat for them. And I especially love to buy them nice collars and beds ^^ *hihi*
But, really, cleaning up after 6 cats is not exactly what I want to do XD okay, okay, before the cats would be alone I would. But basically... errr.. DO NOT WANT ><

Good, when we were already talking about my mice: I still dream of the day when they can go into their new home.
But before that I have to wait till mom, sis and I can move into our new home *dies*

ooooh! and it`s still so long! I built this terrarium for my mice over a year ago now. Good, I had to do some small workt on it during this year and basically it was a good thing that I was able to work hard on this thing that long. But now I really want then to be in there!

I will put pics up of my work on the terrarium @ TwitPic for everyone who wants to see ^^

Oh, I think this is the masterpiec of my live. The BEST thing I`ve ever done for my mice! I`m sure it is! :D
You all know, I love my mice very much and want them to live in paradies.

When I buy them, they are nothing more than food for the next snake in some ppls eyes. And i don`t think much ppl take them home to have them as their pets. So I think they deserve a happy live then.

Everytime I go pick some of them I`m sorry for the ones I could not take home with me. But I definitely can`t buy 50 mice so I pick the "lucky ones" carefully.
Somtimes it`s love at first sight, somtimes I pick purposely a very small mouse or one that needs some care. When I see these mice I think they can`t imagine an better life so I want to give them one

It`s really nice to see, as time goes by, how the mice change in their behaviour and how happy they are with their new life. *squeak* they can be so cute! ^v^

When you see how they enjoy sleeping in their coconuts (oh, mice loooove coconuts!), sitting in a heystack or straw, climbing in their ropes or how they wait for me when I`m giving them their food you can imagine that they are really happy to live a normal mouse-life.

and I will be really happy when I see them rum around in their really biiig, biiiiig new home one day! I can`t wait for this day ^^ My future mice will be one of the happiest mice on earth.

Okay, some new news now: My BFF started a new blog. At wordpress (like many others these days ^^). She said she wants to create a blog that`s more... mature.
She ranted a lot about ppl she have met during her weekly life. She wants to stop her ranting.

I said: Wae do you want to? Ranting helps you to feel better.
She said she wants to rant on her old blog. The new one should be more mature and cultural.
Uwoooh! High goals! I wish her luck!

ㅎㅎ wonder if she thinks my blog is a immature one because I rant a lot at times... >.>
Yeah well, I DO NOT CARE!
Not even my BFF can make me change my blog.

I really love my blog the way it is right now. I think it already HAS become more mature than in the beginnings. Okie, the beginnings where in... February 2005!

The blog hasn`t changed much in these 5 years. But now it changed to something I really love to do.

I like to share things with my sisters and enterain you all well. (at least I hope I do).
And when someone thinks I should stop ranting I`m afraid I have to disappoint you: Me?! Stop ranting?! DREAM ON! ^^ That`s impossible! I HAVE to let some things out no matter what.

oh yeah and I`m really grateful that you overlook my typos liberally.

And I think my english grammar fails are sometimes... really ridiculous. Sometimes I posted something, see it shortly after and think: "WHAT DA HELL WERE YOU THINKING! THAT`S ALL WRONG! >.<"

@Ocean: If you notice any bad fail please tell me anytime/feel free to correct me! *bows* thanks in advance! >//<

At least I only wanted to say to my girls:
You are the most 대박 persons I have ever met! And I`m so glad I`m still here in cassiopeia although it`s really hard for us right now. And even though I go emo from time to time, I will never lose the faith. that`s a -no go- for me! Because losing my faith would mean to stop loving the 5 and this is a thing I absolutely can`t do my entire life.
So I just want to say: Thank you that you keep the faith with me *huggles all of her sisters* You are forever 대 to the 박! *immitating the Tamago*
29.5.11 20:36

Wae act like that? , YunJae/YooSu & Quotes

안녕.... =.=

Oh, what happend today again?! Aigoo... is this really nessecary?

" On Wednesday 25th May 2011, @DONGBANGHEAVEN said:

[ATTENTION] Dear Cassies, this is a summary of what happened earlier this day on the 25th March.

A YunJae fansite on Facebook posted a comment, saying that Mr Egg (@elbowyeish) said that Jaejoong dislikes Twitter, but no Cassie has ever saw that post made by Mr Egg. After awhile, that YunJae fansite on Facebook deleted that post, but it was too late.

Later on, YunJae shippers begin to bash Mr Egg in both Twitter and Facebook, and at the same time a TVXQ fanbase (@TVXQ_ngakak) started a trending project "YUNJAEback" because they miss YunJae.

Cassies then misunderstood that Mr Egg says he dislikes YunJae and everyone begins to bash him. The truth is, Mr Egg did not say anything about YunJae. However, he did indirectly mention that he doesn't like pairings. This may be because he thinks or knows that JYJ are straight, and is uncomfortable at the thought of JYJ being homosexuals. This is his personal opinion, so please respect him.

After this incident and all the bashing, Jaejoong tweeted "Why is it so noisy?". I personally think that Jaejoong is talking about us, because Cassies are bashing his friend.

Please stop all these. Cassies should stay united and support TVXQ forever! AKTF!

Written by: Founder of DONGBANGHEAVEN, Kim Jiyeon.

oO WTF?!?
Wae, cassiopeia, wae?

I have absolutely no clue who started this nonsense today: Immature YunJae fans (who are the ones to blame that YunJae fans have such a bad name everywhere), OT5 kids or some JYJ stans. Basically it dosen`t matter. These ppl have to stop shit like bashing Mr. Egg right now!!!
Don`t always overreact so quickly! There`s simply no need to be like that because of a rumor no one even knows wae it showed up in the first place *SO face plam*

These are definitely the days where I`m nearly ashamed to be cassie with those kids. Really. It`s a shame. And clearly the reason wae all others begin to laugh about us.

Was do some immature fangirls have to ruin our club like that? Wae act like that? Wae bash Mr.Egg?
Wae can`t you just enjoy our fandom and support our boys?

Is it really SO hard to do that?
Wae can`t you just remember this
and try to hold your horses! ooooh! >__< *screams*

That`s really not funny anymore! I`m so ashamed in these peoples place...
I want to tell mr. Egg that I`m highly ashamed and super sorry. These immature kids and ppl should not be seen as represntatives of cassiopeia.

I think that`s the reason wae JJ tweete "Wae is it so noisy".

The main problem we have within Cassiopeia is that we have many immature fangirl kids who overreact over every little rumor and thing they hear without knowing if it`s true or not.
Then they go and bash someone and being "noisy" like that. Aigoo... =.= Kids, GROW UP!

But the most important thing is: They should leave Mr. Egg out of their childish, immature behaviour - it`s a shame for cassiopeia that some incidents like the one of today can even happen... KIDS, BE ASHAMED! Mr. Egg is on our side and a friend of our boys, so stop that nonsense!

>__< AISH! Kids, do you ever think one single time before you say something?
You embarrasse not only Cassiopeia itself, but our boys too!

They must be really hurt, upset and disappointed about all this. Now it`s not only fanwar, now we have cassiopeia turned into a club of immature, overreacting fangirls too.

My sister Cynthia said it right: "bashing your Oppas friends?! What is that?!? are you kidding me?"
Yes, I thought that myself too. WHAT IS THAT?!? Wae are you doing this? Attacking Mr. Egg now? WTFness through the roof!!!!!! Is that how you respect the friends of your Oppas?!? PLEASE STOP MAKING ME LAUGH! He said nothing to cause all this trouble. Mr. Egg don`t want to fight with anyone.
As long as you immature like that #wecanttalk! *using twitter trend again* Come back when you are all grown up!

Geez. Just look at you!
[sarcastic mode] congrats, kids. Now you are on one, equal level with all the stans. Really, be proud of it... You made the impiossible pissible today![/sarcastic mode]

*rolleyes* I really, really hate it today.
Seeing cassiopeia being destroyed fromw within is the worst. I hope the real cassies, mature OT5`s, are able to keep cassiopeia alive as long as possible - because we are the only ones who can still do it yet. AND WE HAVE TO!

My lovely OT5 Sisters, please stay the way you are!
stay as good cassies.
stay as good fangirls.
stay as the ppl of cassiopeia I`m so proud of that they are still existing.
stay as the only reason besides our boys for keeping the faith!
please just... stay! *hugs you all*

Now let`s come to the good things! I don`t want to be all hurt the whole day today.
I`ve said all the things I wanted to say. Let`s end this rant here.

the only thing I want to say is: I like mr. Egg very mutch. He`s a really nice guy. Friendly, true to our boys and I think that he`s not against HoMin. I`m looking forward to the day when our boys reunite and JYJ bring Mr. Egg to HoMin to become their friend too

One that really surprised me today was this, posted by SYC team:

the song is different from the normal HoMin/DBSK style. It`s something new! It really surprised me! ^^

OFF comment: But I really wonder: HoMin should be on "vacation" now and taking "a break" to recharge themselves after all the promotion work of KYHD album. At least it was said like this.
But this is typically a vacation made by SME: Yunho at kiss&cry, they are making pepsi spots, constantly new songs of them are showing up and we all know new songs don`t come out of nowhere...
Yeah, where exactly is the vacation they spoke of again? errr... maybe it`s just me but I don`t call this vacation.
SME, I dunno, isn`t this exactly YOUR WAY to define a vacation?
Well, I`m #justsaying *forever abusing twitter trends everywhere outside of twitter*

Some other happy news: I got my Nature Republic photobook (version 2) yesterday!
And.... I nearly died because of our boys cuteness! AW! So nice and cute pics! OMO! Our boys always so nice!

btw.: Yunho at Kiss&Cry: *.* uwah! Leader씨 did so well! And he learned all this shortly before the show. WOW! Yunho is so great! *impressed*

Now the "YunJae of the day":
*hihi* babies again! ^^
Ah, JJ really looked so girly back then!

So... what is our "YooSu of the day" today?
oh! one of my fav YooSu gifs! Oh boys, wae so cute?! ^///^
Junsu, wae are you hiding? *giggle*
YooSu~ I love you guys~♥ :D

OFF: Look at the twitter trends! #areasonwhyimsingle is trending!
*lol* I know 5 reasons wae I`m single! ;D

*haha* twitter, I changed my mind: At first I was upset that I missed so much but now: the trends after the YunJae trend were funny so I`ll forgive you for today! ;P
-- #wecanttalk
--- #areasonwhyimsingle
*thumbs up* that`s everything just perfect for today!

And now: I personally love this pic very much!
JJ, Tri-Angle time:

And I really don`t know where this comes from...
it`s a off-pic (can I say it like this?) of the first photobook shooting in L.A.. JJ, this pillow thingy, and the cassiopeian jacket!
OMG SUN! I want this jacket too!!! Where can I buy it??!? *.* want it...! That`s so overly cool! aw! Just imagine to wear this at a concert... would be perfect!

okay, now it`s time for some quotes again!
My fav list on twitter is nearly exploding because I saved so much for the quotes on the blog!
Ah, @TVXQquotes is just too great!

what others say about our boys:
-- "They can be called the best singers in the music industry without comparison. DBSK is really a great group." KENZI (Composer)
-- "Of the existing idols, they are the most skilled group." KENZI (Composer)

-- "Groups like DBSK who can powerfully capture the mass audience’s attention is needed to revitalize the music industry." Tony Ahn

-- "In DBSK’s case, an impressive style was expressed just by them randomly standing and sitting there." Joo Se Hyun (Photographer)

-- "Out of the singers that have sang my song, They are the first group who fit my song so well." Park Chang Hyun (‘Hug’ Composer)

-- "Everyone sings well and I think they put in a lot of thoughts into their choreography and performances."GDragon

oooh, after hearing all that I nearly turned all red ^^ so proud of our boys! ~♡

-- JJ: "Changmin-chan? Changmin-chan?"
*Yuhno looks around for Changmin*
Members: "CHAAAAANGMIIIIN~~~~!!!! <3"

-- *Jaejoong gives Yunho a massage*
YH:"Ahhh~~ Feels good! Jaejoong's so good at giving a massage!"
*Jaejoong smiles*
YC: "So, I can have a massage too?... *puppy dog eyes* HEY, YOU TWO! JUNSU AND CHANGMIN!"
*JS massaging YC's right shoulder and CM on YC's left shoulder*
JS: "Yoochun-sama! How do you like it?"
YC: "Hahaha~!..It's unpleasant -,-"

XD OMG! Chunnie! hahaha!

-- *Members wait to get a massage*
JJ: "I want to be first!" *JJ walks away*

JJ is so sly! :D

-- "I don’t want to live as if I have forgotten the memories & recollections.” -KJJ on why he has all 5 members of TVXQ as his cell wallie

-- [The T in the 'T' album stands for what?]
JS:"T for 'Try'"
YH:"T for 'Team'"
CM:"T for 'Third'"
JJ:"T for 'Trick'"
YC:"and T for 'TV' hehe"

YC:"T for 'Trouble' too!"
CM:"That's Junsu's thing."
JS:"That's not true~~"
YH:"Although 'Trouble' is for Junsu, he's our moodmaker." JS:"T for T-Rex!!"

-- [What hopes do u have for this year? Let's start w/Yunho]
JJ:"That Yunho doesn't get injured,and that he stays healthy next year."

[What about Junsu?]
YC:"I hope he has more confidence and achieve his dreams." Members:"OHHH~~~ *claps*"
JS:"Thank u *smiles*"

-- YH: "Cassiopeia, you're truly the best."

-- YH: Joongie~ *kissy*
JJ: *blush*

*LOL* One of my super fav`s! *haha* Min on the hunt to catch Umma & Appa in the act, or what? XD

-- YH:"I realize Jaejoong can rap~" JJ:"Haha~"
YH:"You're really good!"
JJ:"Thank you~haha"

-- YC:"Junsu chose A..meaning, french kiss!"
JJ:"And mine??"
YC:"You chose C..so,DEEP KISS~"
JJ:"On a 1st date?!"
YC:"None of u chose B ,the innocent forehead kiss..tsk tsk." JJ:"HAHA!"
Changmin's outside yelling:"I PICKED B!'"
JS:"That liar.."
JJ:"But..for my 1stdate, a kiss is too embarrassing. I can't do it~~"
JS:"Yea, me neither..I don't think I'll even be able to hold her hand"

XD They are always doubting our Lord Voldemin!
And: wae have you picked all these things when you can`t do it? ^^ well, just asking~

-- YH: "DBSK will give our honest and truthful thoughts to Cassiopeia."
YC: "We even did our own makeup!"
JS: "EuKyangKyang!"

-- JS: "Oh yeah, yesterday Jaejoong hyung told me he's 'crazy good-looking'"
YC: *laughs*
YH: *smiles and swings his legs while sitting*

-- JJ: "I guess you don't remember, Junsu. You said Youngwoong hyung was a Visual Shock and that you are Sculpture Handsome -.-"

-- YC: "Jaejoong's useless muscle is not a good example to follow"
JJ: D':

:O... Can`t believe it! *haha* Chunnie! Wae so blunt! ^^

-- JS: "Bonzuu"
YC: "Pfffft it's BONJOUR~!"

-- JJ: "YAH!" *weakly slaps Changmin* >:D
CM: *punches Jaejoong's arm*
JJ: "Wahhh!" Dx *falls over*
*Junsu in the background: "EUKYANGKYANG"*

biiiig cinema, really! *lol* And: I can`t help but laugh super hard everytime I hear Junsu laugh! That`s what I love the most about him! ^^ he makes me laugh and be happy only with his laugh.

-- JJ: "We are...! SOULFIGHTER! THE JOONGSHIM COUPLE! *eyes are burning with passion*"
CM: "Pfffftt...."

-- JJ:"We are indeed soulfighters ^^"
CM:"It means we're so close to each other that we can punch each other without any feelings of guilt >:D"

-- "[Changmin's] Mother, Changmin abused me very much mentally~ I am the victim T~T"

Aww! oh my! Our poor JJ

-- JJ:"Feeling love from one touches~ As the power gets stronger, so does our love <3" CM:"These days, our love is getting so much stronger >:D"

-- JS: "Xiah & Micky! YOOSU! YOOSU!"

oh, how cute is that?! ^w^ Junsu, wae so cute! You are driving noona crazy with your cuteness ^///^


OMG SUN! :O .... Yoochun! You are the same: YooSu cuteness all the way-> noona-> faints!

-- JJ: "If I were to be invisible I'd go into the director's room & not edit any of our vids. Leave them the way they are."

-- CM:"Both of urs are boring...I'd go do 'that'.JJ&YH: "What?" CM: "I'd go to the female hot springs~" JJ&YH: "How old are u...?"

*face plams* omo! That`s a classic changmin for you, YunJae! :P

-- "Sometimes I wish I were a girl...so I can dress in skirts & try different styles."
WHAT?! oO .... .... ... *burst out laughing* OKEH! *junsu style* It´s okie JJ ^^

CM: "I feel like I talk like JS sometimes."
JJ: "2 Junsus?? no no that's bad.."
YC: "Very bad."
CM: "I'll be careful~"

-- JJ: "Yunho & I are getting married!"
YH: "This is dangerous..."

Wae, Leader씨?! This is cute! + you already married him, you remeber? The walk to the altar with JJ back then ;P

-- YH:"I like women who can cook."
JJ:"I cook well~"
YH:"I like someone w/straight hair."
JJ:"I have straight hair~ *touches hair*"
YH:"I guess I'll take Jaejoong haha~"

ㅋㅋㅋ oh yeah. Do so, Leader씨, do so!

-- "I also think Jaejoong would make some time for me and cook me the best meals."

-- CM:"I love you (English)"
JJ:"I love you,Yunho~ I love you~~ *heart sign* (English)"

-- Fan:"Oppa,marry me~~!"
JJ:"Ask Yunho first~"

And we aaaall know that Yunho would NEVER agree to that! :P

-- YH *does funny hand movement*
JJ:"Haha~ what are u doing? *does it too*"
YH:"I'm not sure haha!"

Aw! You two are so lovely! *huggles YunJae*

-- “Sleep early.Or else, I’ll kill u.” – YH’s message for JJ in Mirotic period.
errr... ... I think it`s scray when Leader씨 is like that...

-- "My other half,Yunho,I love you."

-- JS: I would like to get married before I turn 30.
YC: I think Junsu …cannot get married until he dies. *lol*
JS: Well, if I cannot marry, then I will disturb Yoochun so that he will not be able to get married either.
YC: *Lol*

YooSu! OMO! You`re so 대박! ^^
25.5.11 22:18

Uwaaaah! So great but...

...I forgot my camera TT__TT
Eeeeepic facepalm moment!

okay, the back story regarding this: I discovered a new way to go for a walk with my doggie! I walked out of the village, just a little further than usual + in the other direction as usual, and I experienced the coolest landscape ever!
omo, omo! You can`t imagine all the things I have seen today!
...an "american like" corner *haha* Really! No kidding!
...extraordinary double mountain few (in front the green ones, in the background the snowie ones)
...betweet the trees I saw the lake below the wood
...high grass with flowers
...old apple trees
...a celtic cross in a wild garden
...beautiful fern under a tree
...a long path between the fields...

Ai! Wild, wild things! And me, the idiot I am, has forgotten the cam!

UWAAAAH the second today is: Samsung 3D Demo of SMT LA concert DVD!

Aigoo, SME! You are using HoMin as a bait for me. CONFESS IT!

AISH! I was not about to buy another DVD. But SME... you make it really hard for me to not buy THIS!
This will bea absolutely 대박 in 3D! OMO! OMO! OMO! I would go crazy in 3D!!!! *faints only by thinking of it*

Ai, stans are so sly! Now they come with new nonsense - exactly one day after I was mad enough to eat them all up alive!
Really stans! You are so smart! Sly turn!

*calms down again*

Today 누나`s too coposed again to eat someone up alive
So: Stans, I will let you live just this time :P

But that was not what I wanted to say!
Let me search in my archives... let`s see what we have here... *searches*

AH! OMO! one of the most beautiful pictures of red ocean:
*.* So much red.... Aiiiiigooooo~ *impressed/proud/touched*

And now ^w^: Please be aware of...








...and exactly THIS side makes me want to protect my "little bro", u know.
of course, he`s our dark lord. But he is cute too ^^ *motherly feeling*

Okeh *junsu style*, now let`s do some YunJae/YooSu, shall we?

Off: OMO! OMO! OMO!!!! I just found a remastered version of HoMin`s "I don`t know" --->> "I don`t know" remastered ooooh my god!!!! I`m so in love with this song!
HoMin, please release it soon! ~♥

okay, now let`s do the YunJae/YooSu!
YooSu first.

Aaaha! I see YooSu! ^^
Aw, I thought this was sooo cute when I first saw this pic! I really, really love it! Chunnie~~, wae so cute?! *__*

ooooh, I`m slowly running our of YunJae pics! Have to go for another hunt soon!
I`m well aware of the fact that we had this one before, but way smaller. This is eeeeextra big version of YunJae hugging! :DDD Awww! You cuuuuu~tiiiieees!!! aw! *squeak*

okay, that`s it for today. I`m already 22 minutes late for sleeping! Aigoo... -.-° and I have to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual tomorrow! *face palm*
*runs to bed*
18.5.11 22:21

=__= I`m stressed... & 3hree Voices II caps

...안녕 다들... =_=

Noona is stressed! Although moving is over, moving stress comes to hunt me again and again. I swear!
Today we went to registration in our village, tomorrow mom wants to go home to our old home to get the very last things *rolleyes* And I should come with her...

I`m tired out! really, it`s been weeks since I was able to relax properly. I`m constantly tired after work, even though is not that hard right now o0

Aigoo! >< + due to that reason I`m a little aggressive every afternoon. But today I feel especially aggressive... I dunno.

But I swear, when I see one dumb tweet of a stan today I will eat this person alive! I`m SO NOT composed right now!!!!! GNAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

*cough* okay... errrr... I`m sorry, sorry! *start to sing SuJu song* >>> hey! I really listen to "sorry, sorry" right now! Playlist just skipped to it :DD *continues to sing SuJu-song*

************insert sorry, sorry lyrics here**************

Okay, after I`m done with singing now ^^

3hree Voices II Pics! OMO!
(I have a certain feeling that photobucket ruined the size of some pics... *thinking* let`s see if I can fix this a little by reuploading them separeated.... Well, what ever! They are great anyway!)

and: I have to warn you cassies: today`s pic spam is some kind of... only-one-person-favour. understood? ^^ Don`t be mad at me! I try to do something for my little sis here. So let`s start!

Jaejoong, wae so nice?!??! Confess! You try to kill cassiopeia again, aren`t you!? I~ caught you!

*.* I love pics with water...

I think he looks especially handsome here!
+ I`m sure it was like that: "*writes on photo: -jagiya! will be back soon, miss you! saranghae, jae-* I will send this as postcard to my wifey, chiisai-ya! =D "

Oh! JJ, are you texting my little sis? ^^ (sorry t-list, but: charity begins at home, so-> it`s my lil sis cynthia who he`s texting to! :P)

Oh, I´m sorry JJ. Looks like Sis is busy and can`t text back immediatley (most likely she`s on the phone with me )

JJ: "*feeling bored, thinks: aigoo, when will she text back* oh?! I got a mail! *grinning* "
(note: the SMS my sis send was like something with many hearts in it, 2-3 -Omo!-`s and "Aw! *__* You did this for me!?? *refers to photo-postcard from before* Oh my god sun!!!!", followed by written sqeals and other happy-panic-mode-like things *haha*)

XDD *lol* OMG! It makes me giggle myself now *face plam*


^^ aww! JJ looks soooo cute!
+ I think he just remembered the sms of the day before and that made him laugh again XD (JJ-> thinking: "my wifey is so cute! ")

okay, enough pics for today! I only want to share one eeeepic vid!

*.* oooooh, yunhooo.... *stares* epic vid!

Just gimme this with junsu and I`m the happiest girl in earth!
And, of course, we need this with JJ and Yoochun too!

annoucement: My new hobby fron now on: stalking natali and ocean on twitter :P
These two are funny and they sometimes have real weirdo-conversations. Totally strange!

Noona don`t know from where they get their ideas of their talkig-themes, but I like reading it.

Yeah, ocean and natali... twitter is not my fault! You are part of my tl! When you don`t want me to read it, you shouldn`t post it in the first place *lol*

wait. probably they don`t know: I read my tl nearly everyday from down to top. Only when I`m too tired I skipp some things.

uhm, okie now, I hope I haven`t had so much typos today. I will go to bed now and re-red this tomorrow. maybe when I`m done now with my major pic spam, I can do a little YunJae/YooSu again ^^

+ I finished reading "shinobi Life" volume 6 today! finally! So... where`s volume 7? Want to read it immdiately!
17.5.11 20:59

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