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Happy cassie day & Junho`s MV!!!

Are you sure you want to give me unlimited storage, my dear photohost? ㅋㅋㅋ
Photohost, you really want to give me unlimited storage? I will abuse it to the (not existing) limit, do you know that? XDD

안녕 다들! ^__^

I just received these ^ *points way up* news and can`t believe that it`s true!

Well, we will see if I can reach the limit one day anyway, although it`s unlimited.
HA! WE`LL SEE ABOUT THAT, photohost, we`ll see about that! :P

Okay, what is our first topic today? How about... the "YunJae of the day"?
usually I start with ranting lately XD I want to spare you with that this time.

So the "YunJae of the day" iiiiis....




.... PWAHAHA! Sorry, but... in this one JJ looks kinda like... a fairy?! XDD OMO!
Silly me! Please excuse my behaviour my JJ biased sisters! No harm meant! This was just the first random thought that came to my mind! XD

Now let`s take a look at the "YooSu of the day":
awww! This is one of my all time fav`s! YooSu in Paris! ~
Aigoo, they look tired. <333 Please, someone put them to bed! ^^
ah, what someone?! Best will be I do it myself! ^w^ *puts YooSu to bed* ㅎㅎ

okay, next topic: 비Rain! I`m listening to his first album right now! Mission is: Listen to all of of his 6 albums *dies*
So you can tell: It`s a looong way ahead of me ^^ after that I`m probably into his songs too *haha* nah, I think I already am!
I totally like the first album so far. It`s more like... Hip Hop & R&B style than Pop style. I should call it rain-style.

but hey! I always wanted to listen to his songs, but I never had the time. So I started yesterday with my "mission". Let`s call it "Mission Rain"! ^^

Sisters! Guess what?!

Today I`m a very happy cassie again because of several reasons!

1.) I feel the cassie love in the air again~
With this loving family in these hard times I should never be emo again! Okay, somtimes you can`t help being emo, but should I be emo ever again, I should remind myself of my loving cassie family. =)

2.) No stan`s nonsense today!
Which cassie would not be happy when the stans shut up for one day? XD

OFF comment: *lol* there`s the titanic-song on TV XDD OMG SUN! I see YooSu standing on that Hyundai-thing again, re-enacting that Titanic-scene ^///^ *squeak* Yes, Junsu, you are Rose! (and Chunnie is Jack!)
...btw.: I think Kyuhyun & Sungminnie did this scene as well, am I right? or they did a scene similar to this. I`m not sure. But it was cute too! :DD

3.) I`m NOT broke!!! YAY!
I have payed for everything and I`m still not broke! New money from my boss is still coming so I will have lot`s of money for k-Pop things this month!
Omo! I already bought DB5K`s artist book SHINE (photobook), the RISING SUN repackage storybook & Yunho special item (catalouge - you can say it`s a small storybook) so far! *happy, happy*
UWAH! and It wasn`t that expensive! I`m sooo curious! I want to unpack everything NOW! *hyper, hyper* Noona has nothing going on with patience when it comes to this matter!

Next topic: How could I miss brother-in-law`s MV for "nothing to lose", EH?!??

I`m such a bad wifey of Junsu!

OMO! I LOVE THIS MV! (and the lyrics... let`s just say: I`m very familiar with this matter >.> )

#justsaying: Junho really, REALLY distracted me from listening to 비Rain`s second album.
But I just finished the 2nd album anyway. Personally, I liked the first album better.

But it`s about Junho here!
This MV is really great! :DDD
+ korean guys dressed in white are my SECOND weakness!

okay, the weaknesses are all equally worse, so it basically doesen`t matter which one is put first. But my biggest weaknesses are:
1.) guys who are kissing/hugging dogs <333
2.) korean guys dressed in white *.*
3.) brown eyes/beautiful black hair... *.*

Aigoo..., the kim brothers really know how to strike me down XD HAIZ! Boys! That`s not fair! You really can`t do this to me! Using all my weaknesses against me... geez, really NOT FAIR!

And on top of that: Junsu! *scolds* How could you be that mean and tell Junho even the thing with the dogs! I`m sure he started it after YOU showed him on that evening with your friends! (showed on the Junho DVD) *pout* *angry* You´re a meanie~! *pout, pout*


XDDD ㅋㅋㅋ

Well, well.... What will you do about this issue JunsuBB...? Noona want you to convince her to be a nice noona again! ^//^ I`m really curious. Acting cute will not do it this time, u know... >//>

OMO! >///< please let`s end this here! I`m wayyyy toooo random again right now!

*cough* *embarrassed* *cough*... So now, what was I supposed to talk about again?

Yeah, it was the topic "the weirdness of writing the blog in german". AGAIN!
We already had this topic, didn`t we?
But it`s really such a weird feeling! When I would cut all this out and start to write only in german again... Not possible anymore! Just by the way, I really like to practise my english through blogging in english.

Another thing that came to my mind was my BFF and her new hobbie belly dance.
She posted a new profile pic on FaceBook that showed her in her oriental dancing dress.

Besides the fact that everyone seems to have some dance tallent except for me o-O I really wonder...:
She said she started to learn it for her boyfriend. ... okay so far. But exactly WHEN is she supposed to dance for him? Or the question is rather... WHERE! >_< Let`s just say: I don`t want to know!

ㄱ_ㄱ eeeh, as for me.... I decided to let my hubby dance! Junsu is too hard to surpass anyway so even if I would have had some talent in dancing.... errr... it would turn out as EPIC FAIL with him XD

oh! TVXQquotes just put up an interesting question!
--->> "What have DBSK done to make you smile today? How? "

Some of the answers are:
-- "all DBSK needs to do is do what they love. Seeing them smile and sing is what makes my world go round ^^"

-- "Nothing.That's the thing,they don't even need to do anything,and they'd still make me smile.Just the thought of them does it 4me"

-- "What DBSK did? Sing... I was having a bad day but listening to their song calms my nerves. The power of their voice. ^^"

Aw! Such nice answers and soooo ture!

As for me, what they did is the following: simply live and breathe. Enduring the hard time we have right now. Work hard every day. Keep the faith with us.

Yeah, that`s what they did for me to make me smile.

p.s.: If I would double-do my entries, my blog would be 12 miles long XD (and by double-do I mean re-translate everything english-german, german-english what I write *dies* too crazy to do!!!)

2.6.11 22:09

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