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Gratis bloggen bei


Finally I`m writing a blog entry since moving is done!
But, oh! Where are my manners?

안녕 친구들! ^v^

Noona is in happy mode! Stress-> away-> noona is happy!

Nontheless: The thing with the stans... I think I rant a lot about them, even though I try to ignore them. Well, I could rant more, of course I could, no doubt 'bout that! But I will NOT! I wil definitely not waste my whole blogging time on THEM!

And on the other hand I have sisters who can rant a lot better about them than I can ^^ *haha* yes ocean, I`m talking about you. My, my... your rants are... kinda... outstanding! *faints*
Stans, listen to my adopted child and GET IT RIGHT, right!!?!!

Ocean = awesome_official!

Ah yes, she really got me with her little _official joke. But it`s so... multifunctional! really! ^^ I can`t help mylsef! I like everything multifuctional!

hm... talking about multifuctiona things-> Sony PSP-> how I met Kyuhyun for the first time-> with a PSP in his hand YAY! PSP!

A PSP is multifuctinal too & necessarily needed when you travel by train for 6 hours, u know...

But that`s not the point! The point is: I love my PSP! *chu~♥`s PSP*

Ah yes, and: My i-net connection is finally good too! 16000 dsl rocks! *thumbs up*

Yes well, now let`s do some "YunJae of the day", shall we? ^^

Oh, I remember there was a photobook with these beach pics... but I don`t own it so... is this some kind of photoshop again? well, you can never know, cassiopeia is talented in many ways *lol*
Maybe ocean can tell me later ^^ Ocean, my personal TVXQ lexicon(_official)!

Ai! Wasn`t this in L.A.?!

(Edit comment: No, it wasn`t! Ocean told me this was in Japan so: epic fail of me ^^░ *drop* I`m sorry~)

Ok, so what`s up at YooSu`s end?

^^ couple talk again! (yeah, I have more pics left of this)

And now, since noona has some talents too, I will tell you all what I think about YooSu (in this here and in general ): Ok, Junsu once said Yoochun is his wifey but I partially disagree ^^ from their appearing here and everywhere JUNSU is wifey :P (at least often! - not nacessarily always but... *hihi* you know what I mean! *me is always bad at explaining*)
I`m really sorry JunsuBB, but...errr.. that`s what noona thinks. Don`t worry, you`re still "da man" for me~♥ 사랑해!

Now some quotes from @TVXQquotes! And yes, you can expect my extra silly comments again ㅋㅋ

-- CM: "I cook for Yoochun to show my affection."
OMO! Our dark lord must love Yoochun very much! cooking for someone else besides himself? o0 yeah, let`s say: I`m kinda surprised!

--YH: "Jaejoong has the most beautiful body."

-- Fan: "I heard CM said he can't live w/o Junsu"
JS:"I want to hear u say it"
CM:"If JS's here it's more fun, if not that's fine too."

*haha* Junsu, that`s lord voldemin for you! XD Don`t expect too much when you ask something like that!
.. my poor BB! *hugs junsu* Noona would never say such mean things ^w^

-- JS:"Yesterday,I slept w/Yoochun."
JS:"It's because he wasn't covering himself w/ a blanket."

awww! *squeak* aw! YooSu! Aww! OOOH! Oh! *dies* OH MY GOD SUN! YooSu cuteness/hotness! *me-> dead*

-- YC:"I always hang up for Yunho when he falls asleep."
YH:"Thanks to Yoochun,my phone bill isn't expensive *laughs*"

*haha* yes, I remember the story about Yunho who always falls asleep when he talkes to his friends on the phone

-- YH:"We have something other couples don't have."
CM:"And what is it?"
CM:"Ahh~ we're tall aren't we?"

Oh! Leader씨 is right! You too are really friggin' tall... *.*

-- YH: "I get worried when I think of [Jaejoong] suffering by himself."

-- JJ: "We (JJ&YC) are the same blood type and are very similar."

-- YC: "The times I think Yunho is lovely is when he loses smthing,he yells at us."

Really Chunnie, you think so? eh... hehe...

-- YH: "I exercise w/the other members,but they always get exhausted! Junsu would never get tired,so we end up running for an hr."

-- Q: What do u think abt each other?
CM: "Yoochun cooks nice meals for me..ooh midnight snacks 2 hrs before bed~"

AHA! So THAT`S the reason we Changmin isn`t that mean to Yoochun as he is to the others *haha* taming the beast with food, huh? Chunnie, you are so sly! ^^

-- JJ: "Our group can't exist without Junsu. I can't live without Junsu, either."

-- CM *man hugs Junsu*
JS:"ugh..why are you so strong?"

-- --CM: "Our 1st TV Shows in Japan aired at 3-4am wondering who watched it?"

-- YH:"But really,[Jaejoong's] lips are beautiful,arenĺt they?"
CM:"Hmmm,yes, theyĺre pretty. His eyes too.."

Ah! Appa and child complimenting Umma! :D

And now, Changmins audition story:
"I really never have a dream to become a singer.
A lady from SM asked me to join SM audition and I tell my mom if I join I can see BoA gya~~~.
And my mom said omo~~ just go just go to the audition!
When my dad come home what my mom said is, Yoobo~ our son can go to see BoA.

*lol* Minnie`s mom is so funny!

-- YH: ôI like woman who could cook.ö
JJ: ôI can cook.ö
YH: ôI like woman with straight hair.ö
JJ: ôMy hairĺs straight.ö

Yes, yes! Yunho, you`re wifey is already here! Just take her... errr... him and everything will be okie~♡ #YunJaeForReunion!
ah haha! I love these two soo much! YunJae-ness at it`s best!

->Jaejoong bought 3 Eiffel miniature in Paris. One for fans, one for himself, and one for Yunho.

-- "When I walked with Jaejoong when we were 18, people would think he was my girlfriend."

Poor, JJ always too pretty! ^^

-- JJ: "During an award, my hands were cold and Yunho held out his hands to warm mine."
Awww! just so aw! YunJae = love!

JJ: "When I can't sleep at night, Yunho lets me lean on his belly until I fall asleep. His stomach is so squishy."
:O *jaw drops* ... ... ... is this really true?!? chiiiii!!!! *mega-squeak* OH MY GOD SUN, YUNJAE!!!! *squeals*

Haaaaah, what a great ending for the quotes, don`t ya think!?! ^^

yes, ending... well said. I want the baking time of my pizza to end too... Should be ready by now *goes looking*

well... errr, ok, it`s not so no need to hurry.

twitter: I`m so not in the mood to read long tl`s *still dizzy from moving* and I`m so not up to date. Saw junsu`s kitty pics just now... what a shame. It was after 04:00pm when I came back from the walk with the dog and have still not eaten something "real"... >.> Aigoo, not being able to cook properly is horrible. Our kitchen is small and we have too many things there.
Mom is still arranging everything and is not cooking. Well, when I`m tired I don`t cook either so I have nothing to eat besides pizza or other frozen foods. =.=
Well, tomorrow I will eat bread or cereal... at least I don`t have to cook these things.

*thinking ahead* And on weekend I will eat spaghetti and Ramen and... on sunday rice. done. Weekend planned-> noona is pleased. ^w^

The last thing for the weekend is my hubby ^//^
Aw, Junsu, you have to come! then noona is really pleased!

Ok... so, I hope my typos were not existing to endurable XD (I hope I didn`t had typos! But i will re-read this enty tomorrow. I`m too tired now).
4.5.11 22:17

Noona is a doggie-magnet! :D

안녕 다들!

Yes, it`s true! I`m really a doggie-magnet *haha* No kidding! I`m serious here.

Mom and I went to buy the things for the weekend (foods) and on the parking place we packed our things in the trunk of my car and I heard a guy calling out for his doggie. *haha* but doggie didn`t listen. I looked and saw a realtively big german shepherd (with long hair ^^) walking towards us.
aww! She was so cute!
I immediately stoped packing and called the dog ^^ Me calling our for a dog... well, you have to imagine it like the way humans normally act when they look at a baby of someone.
Me was all "heyyy~~ Who`s there~♥ ? hiii~♥♥*
(mom was like "aw! looks how`s here~♡" too)
doggie: *comes to me, greets me happily, wagging her tail*
Me: *holds her hand down to doggie, doggie snuffles, noona stroking the doggie carefully while talking to her, doggie likes it*
me: *->all happy! *
Doggie: *snuffles into my trunk*
Owner: *comes to take the doggie*
me: "*explains* It reeks of dog in there. ^^"
Owner: "^^ ah! I understand -haha- *takes dog & goes to his car a few metres away*"

shortly after that the Doggie looked at me (I was still about to load the car) highly interested again.
Me was like: "Hey sweetie~♥ ^^"
doggie: *turns ears towards me, wagging her tail again, walks one step towards me*
me: "nah, come here ^^"
doggie: *comes, half-climbing into my trunk, snuffles*
me: "haha! No no, there`s nothing in there for the dog. *put the dog gently down* *closing trunk*"
doggie: *walks to the side door of my five-door car, snuffles, want`s to start to climb in there XD*
me: "haha! No, don`t go in *pets doggie, puts her gently away, closes the door*"
owner: *calls dog*
dog:-> leaves

awww! She was SO cute! I`m so in love with dogs! And dogs always come to me. Even dogs who the owner is like "o.o oh, normally he don`t trust strangers *a little shocked/impressed*" XD
Well, but noona is not an ordinary stranger, I`m a doggie-magnet, did u know?!

One time, as I walked from my parking area to work (in the middle of the night) I heard some big animal walking behind me. I was a little surprised and wonderes what this could be, stoped and then there war a really big dog, looking at me, poking me and waggin his tail ^^ he wanted me to pet him and I did. I talked to him and looked for the owner. Somewhere far behind me there was a person with a leash and so it was ok. at this moment I already thought "oh my, when this dog is all alone here, what should I do? I can`t leave him alone in the middle of the night in the middle of the city... I can`t take him with me to work! *worries*" but luckily the onwer was there.

And all puppies trust me and come to me. They look at me as if I would be their mother or something
aw! puppies... I`m kinda lovesick for puppies! awww! I always start to squeak when I`m around a cute dog. I really don`t go with human babies like "aw! how cute~" like every other person. To be honest: Human babies/younger kids have no effect on me - except for some asian ones XDD (sample: Yoobin!)
But when it comes to a doggie baby! Oh my! I can`t hold my horses anymore *haha* I was always dog-crazy like that. Since I was young I was dog-crazy. Even after I was bitten by my other aunt`s dog I was still dog-crazy (well, I didn`t liked THIS dog anymore, but I still loved all others).

Ok, after all this -noona & dogs- talk (I`m pretty sure I annoyed/bored some of you to death with it ) I will go on with another DBSK Scenario!

oh! oh! *laughs* this is one of my super favourite ones!
JJ/Yunho: Yappari! Only natural: when you hurt JJ, Yunho get`s super pissed and beats you up ^^ motto: If you want to live, don`t dare to touch JJ *haha*
Yoochun: *lol* Oh so right! *nods hard* Chunnie, our pimp!
Changmin: Don`t mess with the dark lord or his lady... >.> it`s your own fault if you do anyway.
Junsu: ^w^ ah! My bb always so cute & so effective! Love his method best!

So, what else is hidden in my photohost? *looks*

Yoochun & Yoobin! <3 :DD


... *jaw drops everytime again and again* Yoobin, really, this girl! She`s beyond adorable! ^^ She would be the first kid I would love to adopt *hihi* and this means a lot! Normally I don`t care much about kids

And this NII interview was really funny! ^v^

But: Yoobin really looks like Chunnies daughter! aw! They are so cute together. Aw, Chunnie, promise us your kid(s? ^^) will be cute like Yoobin, will ya? *haha* (at the minimum)
Yes, I demand cute kids Yoochun-ah, noona is not up for negotiations when it comes to this matter. :P ㅋㅋ

Topic switch now: About our living situation right now: It starts to feel a little like home here... I dunno...

BUT! ah ye, ye! I have almost forgotten! I wanted to tell you: That`s the best thing her is, that it`s absolutely quiet here I like it very much!
When you are tired, you could sleep here at any time of the day if you want to. It dosen`t matter. It`s always quiet, the whole day. Aaaaah, silence~~ *relax*
+ It feels a little like on vacation here. It strongly reminds me of our vacations in greece!
Crickets are chirping the whole day too! It`s because where we live now is a village and there`s are a lot of fields around our house. But it`s so cool! Crickets`chirping is so calming...! It really feels like vacation! And it dosen`t matter where you go, you will hear them everywhere. I love this so much!

Yes, now... uhm... what do you guys thinks of some "YooSu of the day? ^^ *hears cassiopeia screm "YES!!"*
aaah, I knew you would like this idea! :D

Couple Talk AADBSK3 again! :D the way chunnie looks at Junsu! Aw!


And "YunJae of the day" today is?... Yeah, it`s right. I don`t know it! I don`t remember all of my YunJae pics that are contained in my photohost *hehe* too many XD *looks*

ah! Young YunJae again! JJ`s hair was kinda funny back then, but he definitely rocked the long hair style best! *thumbs up*
Aigoo... look at this picture! JJ & Yunho = perfect match! No one can tell me otherwise!

Yeah well, now I will check my twitter for today *drop* oops! I spend so much time on writing my blog today, but it was fun again!

The poit is: Now I have the time again to do this. Ah, I missed it so much!

6.5.11 22:31

3hree Voices II teaser caps, YunJae & YooSu


Super quiet saturday on Twitter & Facebook. Okay, when no one wants to talk with me, I will write another blog entry!

HECK YES! No one can stop me from doing so! ㅋㅋㅋ that`s the good thing since moving is over: I can do this again *feel relieved & happy*
Uuh yeah, feels so good! Feels so good! blogging rocks! Woohoo!

Most of you saw my pics on Twitter? Well, I took some photos while I was out with my dog. #justsaying~ *using useless twittertag here AGAIN*

So, what else?
Yes, I feel a little sad & lonely because my 'lil sis went to her friends to have some kind of sleep over-party ^^

*sighs* AND I want Lucy back T^T When is her comp fine again? I wonder! I miss my greek sister! Want her back!
She`s already away from us for such along time... aigoo, feels like a lifetime >-> DO NOT LIKE IT! ><

ok, uhm... now let`s do the main stuff here!
Caps from another DVD Teaser (found at SYC Team`s page), 3hree voices II, teaser caps:

*chu~* I just... love you Junsu!!!!

*.* ...JJ ...

I love it when Chunnie is power-dancing! ^^ *keke* Chunnie is great.

Well, their rehearsal was so cool! Can`t wait for the DVD, really. I┤m SO gonna buy this!

So now... *looks around*... where are super cute pics of HoMin now? ... >.>
It┤s so disappointing and sad at the same moment that this is only named "3hree voices" and not "5ive voices"... *한숨* I WANT THE 5 OF THEM TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN! I want then to be happy again... like in this fanmade concept:
This is... just wonderful!

OH! by the way, I saw the YunJae banners from #JYJinBeijing today! Go chinese Cassies, go! *cheers*
And the pic of this old man who`s a YooSu fan :D Oh my! I absolutely LOVE such moments: When you discover fans you haven`t even expected to exist!
And the news about more male fans were great too. Finally more boys! Cassiopeia needs more boys. We are not just a sisters-only family, boys are allowed as well~ ^^

oh, when I`m able (someday - I BELIEVE THIS DAY COMES!) to send my little sister Cynthia a present I would send her photos of JJ. In a letter.
@Cynthia: I think you deserve presents. ^//^ aaaww, I mean... you are a nice little sister to me! You are the little sister I always wished to have *huggles you* Should Unni buy you such a JJ present? Aaah, let unni see what she can do! I will check out the shop of my korean "dealer" anytime soon, okie?!
(comment: my real little sis is not into k-pop, don`t love to read mangas, don`t like my modelhorses, don`t like my mice & don`t like asian food, so... errr... I would say we`re a complete siblings fail, too much violent contrast with us XD)

And @ Ocean: Ocean, my child~♥ sadly I missed you yest! >< Our timing is bad! let`s meet again soon! ^v^

I miss her rants today *lol* It`s so strange... I`m so used to her rants that I want to hear some good, serious ones every day XDD oh my! I`m a so... weird, weird person!
I don`t think this is normal but... yeah, I don`t care

okay now. let`s do the "YooSu of the day":
... *is really serious now* I have to say that Junsu`s hair war very cute and very nice at that time.
Let`s put aside that I`m obsessed with hair and that I alway stare at nice hair ^^, but Junsu`s hair IS extra nice here!

aw! ^w^ YooSu so cute!

okay! so what`s up at YunJae`s end? "YunJae of the day":
Ah! :D The drama NG of the bathroom scene in "dangerous love" ㅋㅋㅋ JJ! What`s up with that face
I love YunJae!

To end this entry two little stories from friday at work: there was a song played on the radio and there were really funny sounds in the background to hear. I listened to it and it really cracked me up then and I laught and couldn`t stopp anymore. Oppa looked at me and said it`s even funnier how I go crazy because of the sounds than the sounds itself XD OMO!

And once again: I made a joke, and I thought it was really funny (yeah, it was a little pun) & it got funnier the more I thought about it XD well, once again Oppa don`t thought it was funny and this made it even more funny to my!
i dunno wae, but no one ever understands my jokes... -.- this is really lame of my workmates! They just don`t want to laugh about my jokes! It always ends like this: I laugh about it because I thought it was really funny and workmates go like "░-░ ah. ok..."
7.5.11 22:13

Junsu @ Mozart press converence! ^^

안녕 다들!

My chingus, let`s start with the Mozart press converence!

:O *jaw drops once again* PERFECT B/W PHOTO! *dies*

the look on his face!
Junsu, you`re thinking of Noona, right!? ^///^

Seriously, Junsu looks so great in that red jacket! *dies again*

Aw! Cutie! ^V^

No comment!


Junsu`s smile always makes me smile too ^^ (like all of our boys` smiles). I`m happy when they are!



okay, latest news from noona: started reding "shinobi life" manga but was too tired to finish it, so I slept for 3 hours this afternoon again ^^

ah! Sleep is so great! I wish I could sleep and fangirl at the same time, because this are my two favourite things to do XD (okie, it`s impossible, but: A woman must have dreams!)

Yeah, and now it`s time to go to bed again ^^ I will do a longer blog entry tomorrow. I`m sorry that I`m not able to entertain you properly today, my family. But I will do better tmr!

12.5.11 22:45

준호 & 준수, NII & a random rant o0

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Today noona has a lot of time. And a lot to say & share... aigoo, I dunno if I can do this in one post ^^
uhm... *looking at blog* okie, it`s kinda "late" (06:45pm) here so I try to hurry that I can see you guys on twitter ㅎ
btw: This will become interesting when I look in the clock again after I`m done here

This week my brother-in-law *cough* tweeted us a lot from china!
Errr... thinking of it: Junho-ya! How did you do that?! Twitter & facebook are blocked in China... o.O I wonder! It looks like brother-in-law has a lot of abilities =D

Personally, I liked this pic of him:
...*thinking* reminds me of the pic that was used as the background pic behind the lyrics of Junsu`s "beautiful thing" on YouTube... (but it was junsu on that pic of course)

yeah well, however: I was fascinated by china since the movie "three kindoms". I watched it because I played "dynasty warriors" before.
Actually, this movie was about one famous battle & exactly this battle was it where I always losed in the game. After watching the movie I thought: Let`s give it a try and do exactly that what they did in the movie (< I thought this would be a good idea because in the movie it made so much sense! ). Okeh *junsu style*, noona did it exactly like that and... WON! *felt so victorious/great* ㅋㅋㅋ
Ah, it was such a stupid plan but it worked out very well! *haha* (^^░ again that`s something only I would do: make a battle plan based on a movie - but the movie followed the real history and it is a historical game about this era so: wae not?)

Ah, ye ye: And the thing that Junho went to the hair salon: :O ... Junho-ya, you dyed your hair back to black! *dies* OMO! How could you feed my (already too big) hair obsession like that?!
I love black hair the most, I really really like Junho Oppas hair & he then posted about his hair? Seriously, one day I will go crazy because of (his?) hair!

And Junsu: Yeah well, on mothers day he was with his parents (it`s parents day in korea) and he took photos of Hoki and of course of his beloved Xiahki ^v^
Aaah, we dog owners can`t help our self, nÚ? Love our dogs to death, constantly taking photos of them & kiss them even though other ppl go like "WTH! How can you kiss a dog like that?! :O "
Ai, JunsuBB, let them talk. We dog owners know that it`s only natural to kiss a dog ;D

FURBALL XIAHKI!!!! ^^ he, looking like that, makes me want to comb him! (I still mean Xiahki XD not Junsu! *hehe* But noona would comb junsu`s hair as too - after the doggies hair)

He always looks like he`s smiling! (but that`s characteristic for samoyeds - their smile-like face)
How old is Xiahki btw... He should be around 6 or 7 years. well, I`m just guessing. I don`t know anything.
what a shame! I don`t even know the age of my hubby`s dog *hides*

Okeh *junsu style*, now the random stuff: Today`s all new here! Google has some changes in their search results layout, Photobucket had changes for the moment o.O WTH! This was way better than before! Wae did this only appeard when I first logged in after a while?
Ah yeah, whatever. Don`t care.

Many of you asked how the living in our new apartment is now: It starts to be a home here and I like it in my room now, even though there`s nothing much in it except for chaos with my moving boxes ^^
Oh yes and I start to find my way home from work properly XDD at first I had to concentrate hard not to drive the wrong, but always used, way to my old home. One time I even had to drive around the bock again because I drove the way to my old home... Ai, it was very confusing last week!
But now I got it and drive the right way. The way in the night still feels a little... odd, because it`s so much different from my old way.
Then I decided that the ducks in our garden weill become my from-time-to-time-lend-pets! They came to visit again today! I heard them when I was about to sleep and the door of the balkony was open ^^
The next thing I always wanted to talk about: The thing with talking english everywhere & always. *haha*
Really, I love this language. It sounds nice, it`s realtively easy to learn and you can say so much with so little :D this makes english better than german! the only way to cut the things you want to say shorter is to write in sybols - japanese, chinese or korean.

Since I decided to do the blog in english for you all, I learnd so much. No... wait. Not true! It started in twitter!!
I decided to tweet in english there because of internationals (and because of the reason that no one of my german friends is on twitter, so wae bother? Just tweet in english! ^^ + it`s way better for everyone to understand).
okay, there were my so called "english blogging days" before, but that`s SO a different story compared to now! ( still think I should do a "german blogging day" *lol* this german blog contains barely any gemany word in the daily entries).

Sometimes english starts to have influence even on my talking. It happend a few times already that I talked and I changed the language in the middle of the sentence. WTH! Same thing when I`m writing on the internet.
From time to time I feel like I`m changing my native language now XD Meanwhile I talk so much in english that it became that natural to me.

I was always interested in this language a lot. Since junior High I read long stories on the intnernet in english - and back then my english was not even that good as today *haha*
But I wanted to learn it so bad and wanted to read those stories so bad that I couldn`t stop reading.
I don`t understand every word today too, but I look in the dictonary for it when I don`t know it and then try to remember it the next time.

Workmate Oppa calls me crazy because of that. We talked about this matter today (the talk was about books) and he said "I`m german, my lanugage is german and I want to read books in german."
I thought. oookey! This is a typical case of like the most of the german ppl are: having a narrow mind, not willing to improve their skills in their second language & stay forever in -their own world-.

oooh! this leads us to a thing that really bothers me: The attitude of the germans in general. Although I am german I don`t like it. Really. It annoys da hell outa me! >o<
Ignorance, closed-mindness & holding on to a lot of prejudices about all sort of things and ppl... Aigoo, I`m so ashamed.
I often really don`t feel like I belong here. I always felt that I don`t really belong to the ppl here. They don`t share my way of thinking. It`s like I don`t know the ppl of my land. Sometimes they are like strangers to me... O-O well, this doesen`t mean that I don`t like living here. Living here is ok. yeah, I wouldn`t say it`s all great, but it`s really alright. I just don`t get along with the most of the ppl here very well becaus I don`t match with them well XD

And about the language thing again: It`s sad enough that the kids these days, because of all this -german- Hip Hop music, can`t speak their own language properly anymore. But it`s even more sad that they are given the opportunity to learn one of the most common languages on earth, which will be very helpful during their whole life, and just don`t learn it properly. They put no effort in it. EPIC FAIL OF GENERATION! *face palm*
Our kids at work (ok, most of them - not all of them) can`t tell "glue" from "glow" & have no clue of every second word`s meaning in a simply mainstream english song which is played on the radio. *face palm with no end* And they don`t care about it.

I`m infinitely ashamed only by listening to their statements about that issue. I dunno... where comes this attitude from? I never wanted to be like that. I always wanted to become a good english speaker.

I will end this random rant about german ppl here XD OMONA! It became so long!

To end this random part of this entry I only want to say: I`m nearly obsessed with english and it feels weird to write in german here or on ICQ with my BFF well, #justsaying *unsing useless TWITTER tag here again!*

+ about learning korean: My workmates laugh about me when I`m writing in hangul on my water bottle at work... *pout* they are only JAE-lous, I`m sure!
What other reason it there apart from that to laugh about a person who can write in another language?
I`m interested in languages a lot. I speak & write two languages properly (german/english), know a third and a fourth language a little (japanese/arabic) & wants to learn more about a fith language (korean) + wants to be able to write the things I learned.
Aigoo, wae are my workmate so mean sometimes? Wae laugh about me! *pout, pout* But I will let them laugh. I know they are only JAE-lous! ^^

Let`s go on with some NII stuff.

The NII Summer Collection making film was soo nice!
AW! Yoochun & Yoobin were so cute, our boys so funny and Junsu...
my, my... JUNSU! The way he was lying on that couch/bed thing was... too.damn.sexy.! I swear! I only was like " :O *speechless*"
Junsu always amazes me anew! (? was this grammatically right? )

oh, let`s go OFF for a moment: this reminds me of a conversation with my BFF recently. She knows that I`m still learning korean a bit. She always says I have to go to a korean class to learn it, then I always say I just do this for fun so no stress.
Then I told her that I don`t only learn some single words but whole sentences. She said that they won`t be grammatically right then (she thought I would biuld them myself o0...). I said I learn verified things mostly based on the statements of native speakers (not google!), BFF said that a class would be still better because, you yourself, never know your grammar that good (whencever she knows this! I really wonder about that! my BFF has some weird abilties.... :⎜ ).
Errr... basically she said that you, as a native speaker, don`t know your own grammar of your own language? o.= & some foreigner, who teaches this language in a class, will know better... WTFness through the roof!!!!!! I`m NOT GOING TO BUY THIS! >< NO WAY! BFF, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?
Well, it goes without saying that you maybe not know all of your grammar without fail, but to say that some stranger will know better is so... typically my BFF! That`s exactly the thing only students in germany would say! (she is a student and says a lot of... strange things sometimes >-> well, no harm meant!!!).
I gave up in the end and decided not to argue with her about that. This is always pointless and noonas mottot is: "You are right and I`m in peace" ;P

My BFF`s abilities are like Oceans mind reading abilities: No one knows where they came from, no one can explain them, but they break out all of a sudden XDD (no harm meant Ocean~♥ this should not mean something bad)

okie now, I talked a lot of useless stuff so let`s move on ^^

Back to the main theme:
Yoochun & Yoobin

Ah, chunnie, these colors fitting you so well! Really nice!

the cuteness again!
Yoochun & kids is such an epic win!
ㅎㅎ is this Dani with his mom in the background? Or is this another kid? Anyways, Yoobin looks a little tired, huh? ^^

OMO! This reminds me of another story: When I went to furniture store with mom the last time, there was a thai woman with her german husband + their two kids. A baby & a circa 2 years old boy.
^^ Okay, the kids looked totally asian and not even a bit german *haha* but the point is: as the little boy turned around, I swear, I giggled so hard! This kids looked exactly like Junsu when he was younger! OMO! You can`t imagine my crazy smile at that moment ^^

JYJ & Dani!


*lool* Chunnie! XD 하하!

...*looking at the clock* OH MY GOD SUN! it`s 09:11pm!!!! *dies*
okay, this definitely took me forever again!

I will join you on twitter now girls! C ya! ^^
13.5.11 21:12

NII Summer Collection & stans once again

안녕 친구들! ^.^

Okay, before I start to rant a little (again ) I will post my NII pics.

NII Summer collection

JJ, looking so young ^^

o.0 Wae have I thought of intoxication, somehow, when I first saw this?
anyways: JUSNU~♥ :D

ooh, Chunnie! Wae so nice and cute? ^w^

aw! That`s really too cute! JJ-> looking like a young boy_official :P

:O ... I absolutely like him in pink!!! Yoochun rocks the pink-style best so far!
Chunnie, could it be that you are... the nicest person on earth?
ehm, *cough* besides Junsu of course!

Even great in green!

This is more like junsu-cuteness again.
ㅋㅋ they look young in NII shoots. *giggle* it amuses me in a... inexpressable way!


I like the summer collection pics!

So, not let`s move on to the little rant *hehe*

My Unni posted this today (tweets of a stan):

"The majority of OT5's don't support JYJ!" & "Because it distances the chances of a reunion"

okay, unni said two things and they are true.
-> stan girl reached her limit of stupidity with that
-> reunion or not is our boys desicion, not ours or stans.

Not let me say something about it:




STANS! HAVE YOU LOST IT!?!? Most of the OT5 don`t support JYJ?!?!? Are you really that dumb or what?!
You really don`t know the meaning and the spirit of OT5`s.
So let me point out what is means to be OT5:
First, OT5 means you are for 5>> so 5 contains JYJ>> so what you are saying made no sense right from the start!
Seondly, we support them because we LOVE THEM. All five are like family for us. We love all 5, no matter what will be. And because we love them we want them to be happy. To do thing that will keep them from being happy, like not supporting JYJ for any reason, is NOT what we do.
thirdly, we support what our 5 boys do as long as it`s rational. We support HoMin & JYJ. Saying that the majority of OT5 don`t support JYJ because we don`t want them to reunite is.... iillogical through the roof!

Stans, just WHO do you think YOU are, eh!?! Saying stuff like that? GTFO!!!! >_<

You constantly judging everyone. When it`s not us, the it`s HoMin or JYJ (depending on what kind of stan you are). oooh yeah, I forgot, you got these "special abilities". You can read minds and know everything!


Kids, do your homework before speaking! Learn what OT5 means before you spread your theories...

So, phew... what`s next?

JYJ and their trial.
Does anyone knoe when the next hearing is? I didn`t hear a thing about it!

Aigoo... and wae was it delayed again the last time? I`m really tired of this pointless hearings and delaying... AISH! Can we finish this already? SME, show up and say what you want to say, let`s check the facts and then let`s celebrate our v-day again XD

Tomorrow I will not be on before 05:00pm. I`m on a road trip with my workmates and boss ^^
I`m so curious what this day will bring for us.

I prepared my iPod for the time we have to spend in the bus so I think I will have a really good time *keke* k-pop, I say!
14.5.11 22:59

=__= I`m stressed... & 3hree Voices II caps

...안녕 다들... =_=

Noona is stressed! Although moving is over, moving stress comes to hunt me again and again. I swear!
Today we went to registration in our village, tomorrow mom wants to go home to our old home to get the very last things *rolleyes* And I should come with her...

I`m tired out! really, it`s been weeks since I was able to relax properly. I`m constantly tired after work, even though is not that hard right now o0

Aigoo! >< + due to that reason I`m a little aggressive every afternoon. But today I feel especially aggressive... I dunno.

But I swear, when I see one dumb tweet of a stan today I will eat this person alive! I`m SO NOT composed right now!!!!! GNAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

*cough* okay... errrr... I`m sorry, sorry! *start to sing SuJu song* >>> hey! I really listen to "sorry, sorry" right now! Playlist just skipped to it :DD *continues to sing SuJu-song*

************insert sorry, sorry lyrics here**************

Okay, after I`m done with singing now ^^

3hree Voices II Pics! OMO!
(I have a certain feeling that photobucket ruined the size of some pics... *thinking* let`s see if I can fix this a little by reuploading them separeated.... Well, what ever! They are great anyway!)

and: I have to warn you cassies: today`s pic spam is some kind of... only-one-person-favour. understood? ^^ Don`t be mad at me! I try to do something for my little sis here. So let`s start!

Jaejoong, wae so nice?!??! Confess! You try to kill cassiopeia again, aren`t you!? I~ caught you!

*.* I love pics with water...

I think he looks especially handsome here!
+ I`m sure it was like that: "*writes on photo: -jagiya! will be back soon, miss you! saranghae, jae-* I will send this as postcard to my wifey, chiisai-ya! =D "

Oh! JJ, are you texting my little sis? ^^ (sorry t-list, but: charity begins at home, so-> it`s my lil sis cynthia who he`s texting to! :P)

Oh, I┤m sorry JJ. Looks like Sis is busy and can`t text back immediatley (most likely she`s on the phone with me )

JJ: "*feeling bored, thinks: aigoo, when will she text back* oh?! I got a mail! *grinning* "
(note: the SMS my sis send was like something with many hearts in it, 2-3 -Omo!-`s and "Aw! *__* You did this for me!?? *refers to photo-postcard from before* Oh my god sun!!!!", followed by written sqeals and other happy-panic-mode-like things *haha*)

XDD *lol* OMG! It makes me giggle myself now *face plam*


^^ aww! JJ looks soooo cute!
+ I think he just remembered the sms of the day before and that made him laugh again XD (JJ-> thinking: "my wifey is so cute! ")

okay, enough pics for today! I only want to share one eeeepic vid!

*.* oooooh, yunhooo.... *stares* epic vid!

Just gimme this with junsu and I`m the happiest girl in earth!
And, of course, we need this with JJ and Yoochun too!

annoucement: My new hobby fron now on: stalking natali and ocean on twitter :P
These two are funny and they sometimes have real weirdo-conversations. Totally strange!

Noona don`t know from where they get their ideas of their talkig-themes, but I like reading it.

Yeah, ocean and natali... twitter is not my fault! You are part of my tl! When you don`t want me to read it, you shouldn`t post it in the first place *lol*

wait. probably they don`t know: I read my tl nearly everyday from down to top. Only when I`m too tired I skipp some things.

uhm, okie now, I hope I haven`t had so much typos today. I will go to bed now and re-red this tomorrow. maybe when I`m done now with my major pic spam, I can do a little YunJae/YooSu again ^^

+ I finished reading "shinobi Life" volume 6 today! finally! So... where`s volume 7? Want to read it immdiately!
17.5.11 20:59

Uwaaaah! So great but...

...I forgot my camera TT__TT
Eeeeepic facepalm moment!

okay, the back story regarding this: I discovered a new way to go for a walk with my doggie! I walked out of the village, just a little further than usual + in the other direction as usual, and I experienced the coolest landscape ever!
omo, omo! You can`t imagine all the things I have seen today!
...an "american like" corner *haha* Really! No kidding!
...extraordinary double mountain few (in front the green ones, in the background the snowie ones)
...betweet the trees I saw the lake below the wood
...high grass with flowers
...old apple trees
...a celtic cross in a wild garden
...beautiful fern under a tree
...a long path between the fields...

Ai! Wild, wild things! And me, the idiot I am, has forgotten the cam!

UWAAAAH the second today is: Samsung 3D Demo of SMT LA concert DVD!

Aigoo, SME! You are using HoMin as a bait for me. CONFESS IT!

AISH! I was not about to buy another DVD. But SME... you make it really hard for me to not buy THIS!
This will bea absolutely 대박 in 3D! OMO! OMO! OMO! I would go crazy in 3D!!!! *faints only by thinking of it*

Ai, stans are so sly! Now they come with new nonsense - exactly one day after I was mad enough to eat them all up alive!
Really stans! You are so smart! Sly turn!

*calms down again*

Today 누나`s too coposed again to eat someone up alive
So: Stans, I will let you live just this time :P

But that was not what I wanted to say!
Let me search in my archives... let`s see what we have here... *searches*

AH! OMO! one of the most beautiful pictures of red ocean:
*.* So much red.... Aiiiiigooooo~ *impressed/proud/touched*

And now ^w^: Please be aware of...








...and exactly THIS side makes me want to protect my "little bro", u know.
of course, he`s our dark lord. But he is cute too ^^ *motherly feeling*

Okeh *junsu style*, now let`s do some YunJae/YooSu, shall we?

Off: OMO! OMO! OMO!!!! I just found a remastered version of HoMin`s "I don`t know" --->> "I don`t know" remastered ooooh my god!!!! I`m so in love with this song!
HoMin, please release it soon! ~♥

okay, now let`s do the YunJae/YooSu!
YooSu first.

Aaaha! I see YooSu! ^^
Aw, I thought this was sooo cute when I first saw this pic! I really, really love it! Chunnie~~, wae so cute?! *__*

ooooh, I`m slowly running our of YunJae pics! Have to go for another hunt soon!
I`m well aware of the fact that we had this one before, but way smaller. This is eeeeextra big version of YunJae hugging! :DDD Awww! You cuuuuu~tiiiieees!!! aw! *squeak*

okay, that`s it for today. I`m already 22 minutes late for sleeping! Aigoo... -.-░ and I have to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual tomorrow! *face palm*
*runs to bed*
18.5.11 22:21

Wae act like that? , YunJae/YooSu & Quotes

안녕.... =.=

Oh, what happend today again?! Aigoo... is this really nessecary?

" On Wednesday 25th May 2011, @DONGBANGHEAVEN said:

[ATTENTION] Dear Cassies, this is a summary of what happened earlier this day on the 25th March.

A YunJae fansite on Facebook posted a comment, saying that Mr Egg (@elbowyeish) said that Jaejoong dislikes Twitter, but no Cassie has ever saw that post made by Mr Egg. After awhile, that YunJae fansite on Facebook deleted that post, but it was too late.

Later on, YunJae shippers begin to bash Mr Egg in both Twitter and Facebook, and at the same time a TVXQ fanbase (@TVXQ_ngakak) started a trending project "YUNJAEback" because they miss YunJae.

Cassies then misunderstood that Mr Egg says he dislikes YunJae and everyone begins to bash him. The truth is, Mr Egg did not say anything about YunJae. However, he did indirectly mention that he doesn't like pairings. This may be because he thinks or knows that JYJ are straight, and is uncomfortable at the thought of JYJ being homosexuals. This is his personal opinion, so please respect him.

After this incident and all the bashing, Jaejoong tweeted "Why is it so noisy?". I personally think that Jaejoong is talking about us, because Cassies are bashing his friend.

Please stop all these. Cassies should stay united and support TVXQ forever! AKTF!

Written by: Founder of DONGBANGHEAVEN, Kim Jiyeon.

oO WTF?!?
Wae, cassiopeia, wae?

I have absolutely no clue who started this nonsense today: Immature YunJae fans (who are the ones to blame that YunJae fans have such a bad name everywhere), OT5 kids or some JYJ stans. Basically it dosen`t matter. These ppl have to stop shit like bashing Mr. Egg right now!!!
Don`t always overreact so quickly! There`s simply no need to be like that because of a rumor no one even knows wae it showed up in the first place *SO face plam*

These are definitely the days where I`m nearly ashamed to be cassie with those kids. Really. It`s a shame. And clearly the reason wae all others begin to laugh about us.

Was do some immature fangirls have to ruin our club like that? Wae act like that? Wae bash Mr.Egg?
Wae can`t you just enjoy our fandom and support our boys?

Is it really SO hard to do that?
Wae can`t you just remember this
and try to hold your horses! ooooh! >__< *screams*

That`s really not funny anymore! I`m so ashamed in these peoples place...
I want to tell mr. Egg that I`m highly ashamed and super sorry. These immature kids and ppl should not be seen as represntatives of cassiopeia.

I think that`s the reason wae JJ tweete "Wae is it so noisy".

The main problem we have within Cassiopeia is that we have many immature fangirl kids who overreact over every little rumor and thing they hear without knowing if it`s true or not.
Then they go and bash someone and being "noisy" like that. Aigoo... =.= Kids, GROW UP!

But the most important thing is: They should leave Mr. Egg out of their childish, immature behaviour - it`s a shame for cassiopeia that some incidents like the one of today can even happen... KIDS, BE ASHAMED! Mr. Egg is on our side and a friend of our boys, so stop that nonsense!

>__< AISH! Kids, do you ever think one single time before you say something?
You embarrasse not only Cassiopeia itself, but our boys too!

They must be really hurt, upset and disappointed about all this. Now it`s not only fanwar, now we have cassiopeia turned into a club of immature, overreacting fangirls too.

My sister Cynthia said it right: "bashing your Oppas friends?! What is that?!? are you kidding me?"
Yes, I thought that myself too. WHAT IS THAT?!? Wae are you doing this? Attacking Mr. Egg now? WTFness through the roof!!!!!! Is that how you respect the friends of your Oppas?!? PLEASE STOP MAKING ME LAUGH! He said nothing to cause all this trouble. Mr. Egg don`t want to fight with anyone.
As long as you immature like that #wecanttalk! *using twitter trend again* Come back when you are all grown up!

Geez. Just look at you!
[sarcastic mode] congrats, kids. Now you are on one, equal level with all the stans. Really, be proud of it... You made the impiossible pissible today![/sarcastic mode]

*rolleyes* I really, really hate it today.
Seeing cassiopeia being destroyed fromw within is the worst. I hope the real cassies, mature OT5`s, are able to keep cassiopeia alive as long as possible - because we are the only ones who can still do it yet. AND WE HAVE TO!

My lovely OT5 Sisters, please stay the way you are!
stay as good cassies.
stay as good fangirls.
stay as the ppl of cassiopeia I`m so proud of that they are still existing.
stay as the only reason besides our boys for keeping the faith!
please just... stay! *hugs you all*

Now let`s come to the good things! I don`t want to be all hurt the whole day today.
I`ve said all the things I wanted to say. Let`s end this rant here.

the only thing I want to say is: I like mr. Egg very mutch. He`s a really nice guy. Friendly, true to our boys and I think that he`s not against HoMin. I`m looking forward to the day when our boys reunite and JYJ bring Mr. Egg to HoMin to become their friend too

One that really surprised me today was this, posted by SYC team:

the song is different from the normal HoMin/DBSK style. It`s something new! It really surprised me! ^^

OFF comment: But I really wonder: HoMin should be on "vacation" now and taking "a break" to recharge themselves after all the promotion work of KYHD album. At least it was said like this.
But this is typically a vacation made by SME: Yunho at kiss&cry, they are making pepsi spots, constantly new songs of them are showing up and we all know new songs don`t come out of nowhere...
Yeah, where exactly is the vacation they spoke of again? errr... maybe it`s just me but I don`t call this vacation.
SME, I dunno, isn`t this exactly YOUR WAY to define a vacation?
Well, I`m #justsaying *forever abusing twitter trends everywhere outside of twitter*

Some other happy news: I got my Nature Republic photobook (version 2) yesterday!
And.... I nearly died because of our boys cuteness! AW! So nice and cute pics! OMO! Our boys always so nice!

btw.: Yunho at Kiss&Cry: *.* uwah! Leader씨 did so well! And he learned all this shortly before the show. WOW! Yunho is so great! *impressed*

Now the "YunJae of the day":
*hihi* babies again! ^^
Ah, JJ really looked so girly back then!

So... what is our "YooSu of the day" today?
oh! one of my fav YooSu gifs! Oh boys, wae so cute?! ^///^
Junsu, wae are you hiding? *giggle*
YooSu~ I love you guys~♥ :D

OFF: Look at the twitter trends! #areasonwhyimsingle is trending!
*lol* I know 5 reasons wae I`m single! ;D

*haha* twitter, I changed my mind: At first I was upset that I missed so much but now: the trends after the YunJae trend were funny so I`ll forgive you for today! ;P
-- #wecanttalk
--- #areasonwhyimsingle
*thumbs up* that`s everything just perfect for today!

And now: I personally love this pic very much!
JJ, Tri-Angle time:

And I really don`t know where this comes from...
it`s a off-pic (can I say it like this?) of the first photobook shooting in L.A.. JJ, this pillow thingy, and the cassiopeian jacket!
OMG SUN! I want this jacket too!!! Where can I buy it??!? *.* want it...! That`s so overly cool! aw! Just imagine to wear this at a concert... would be perfect!

okay, now it`s time for some quotes again!
My fav list on twitter is nearly exploding because I saved so much for the quotes on the blog!
Ah, @TVXQquotes is just too great!

what others say about our boys:
-- "They can be called the best singers in the music industry without comparison. DBSK is really a great group." KENZI (Composer)
-- "Of the existing idols, they are the most skilled group." KENZI (Composer)

-- "Groups like DBSK who can powerfully capture the mass audienceĺs attention is needed to revitalize the music industry." Tony Ahn

-- "In DBSKĺs case, an impressive style was expressed just by them randomly standing and sitting there." Joo Se Hyun (Photographer)

-- "Out of the singers that have sang my song, They are the first group who fit my song so well." Park Chang Hyun (ĹHugĺ Composer)

-- "Everyone sings well and I think they put in a lot of thoughts into their choreography and performances."GDragon

oooh, after hearing all that I nearly turned all red ^^ so proud of our boys! ~♡

-- JJ: "Changmin-chan? Changmin-chan?"
*Yuhno looks around for Changmin*
Members: "CHAAAAANGMIIIIN~~~~!!!! <3"

-- *Jaejoong gives Yunho a massage*
YH:"Ahhh~~ Feels good! Jaejoong's so good at giving a massage!"
*Jaejoong smiles*
YC: "So, I can have a massage too?... *puppy dog eyes* HEY, YOU TWO! JUNSU AND CHANGMIN!"
*JS massaging YC's right shoulder and CM on YC's left shoulder*
JS: "Yoochun-sama! How do you like it?"
YC: "Hahaha~!..It's unpleasant -,-"

XD OMG! Chunnie! hahaha!

-- *Members wait to get a massage*
JJ: "I want to be first!" *JJ walks away*

JJ is so sly! :D

-- "I donĺt want to live as if I have forgotten the memories & recollections.ö -KJJ on why he has all 5 members of TVXQ as his cell wallie

-- [The T in the 'T' album stands for what?]
JS:"T for 'Try'"
YH:"T for 'Team'"
CM:"T for 'Third'"
JJ:"T for 'Trick'"
YC:"and T for 'TV' hehe"

YC:"T for 'Trouble' too!"
CM:"That's Junsu's thing."
JS:"That's not true~~"
YH:"Although 'Trouble' is for Junsu, he's our moodmaker." JS:"T for T-Rex!!"

-- [What hopes do u have for this year? Let's start w/Yunho]
JJ:"That Yunho doesn't get injured,and that he stays healthy next year."

[What about Junsu?]
YC:"I hope he has more confidence and achieve his dreams." Members:"OHHH~~~ *claps*"
JS:"Thank u *smiles*"

-- YH: "Cassiopeia, you're truly the best."

-- YH: Joongie~ *kissy*
JJ: *blush*

*LOL* One of my super fav`s! *haha* Min on the hunt to catch Umma & Appa in the act, or what? XD

-- YH:"I realize Jaejoong can rap~" JJ:"Haha~"
YH:"You're really good!"
JJ:"Thank you~haha"

-- YC:"Junsu chose A..meaning, french kiss!"
JJ:"And mine??"
YC:"You chose C..so,DEEP KISS~"
JJ:"On a 1st date?!"
YC:"None of u chose B ,the innocent forehead kiss..tsk tsk." JJ:"HAHA!"
Changmin's outside yelling:"I PICKED B!'"
JS:"That liar.."
JJ:"But..for my 1stdate, a kiss is too embarrassing. I can't do it~~"
JS:"Yea, me neither..I don't think I'll even be able to hold her hand"

XD They are always doubting our Lord Voldemin!
And: wae have you picked all these things when you can`t do it? ^^ well, just asking~

-- YH: "DBSK will give our honest and truthful thoughts to Cassiopeia."
YC: "We even did our own makeup!"
JS: "EuKyangKyang!"

-- JS: "Oh yeah, yesterday Jaejoong hyung told me he's 'crazy good-looking'"
YC: *laughs*
YH: *smiles and swings his legs while sitting*

-- JJ: "I guess you don't remember, Junsu. You said Youngwoong hyung was a Visual Shock and that you are Sculpture Handsome -.-"

-- YC: "Jaejoong's useless muscle is not a good example to follow"
JJ: D':

:O... Can`t believe it! *haha* Chunnie! Wae so blunt! ^^

-- JS: "Bonzuu"
YC: "Pfffft it's BONJOUR~!"

-- JJ: "YAH!" *weakly slaps Changmin* >:D
CM: *punches Jaejoong's arm*
JJ: "Wahhh!" Dx *falls over*
*Junsu in the background: "EUKYANGKYANG"*

biiiig cinema, really! *lol* And: I can`t help but laugh super hard everytime I hear Junsu laugh! That`s what I love the most about him! ^^ he makes me laugh and be happy only with his laugh.

-- JJ: "We are...! SOULFIGHTER! THE JOONGSHIM COUPLE! *eyes are burning with passion*"
CM: "Pfffftt...."

-- JJ:"We are indeed soulfighters ^^"
CM:"It means we're so close to each other that we can punch each other without any feelings of guilt >:D"

-- "[Changmin's] Mother, Changmin abused me very much mentally~ I am the victim T~T"

Aww! oh my! Our poor JJ

-- JJ:"Feeling love from one touches~ As the power gets stronger, so does our love <3" CM:"These days, our love is getting so much stronger >:D"

-- JS: "Xiah & Micky! YOOSU! YOOSU!"

oh, how cute is that?! ^w^ Junsu, wae so cute! You are driving noona crazy with your cuteness ^///^


OMG SUN! :O .... Yoochun! You are the same: YooSu cuteness all the way-> noona-> faints!

-- JJ: "If I were to be invisible I'd go into the director's room & not edit any of our vids. Leave them the way they are."

-- CM:"Both of urs are boring...I'd go do 'that'.JJ&YH: "What?" CM: "I'd go to the female hot springs~" JJ&YH: "How old are u...?"

*face plams* omo! That`s a classic changmin for you, YunJae! :P

-- "Sometimes I wish I were a girl...so I can dress in skirts & try different styles."
WHAT?! oO .... .... ... *burst out laughing* OKEH! *junsu style* It┤s okie JJ ^^

CM: "I feel like I talk like JS sometimes."
JJ: "2 Junsus?? no no that's bad.."
YC: "Very bad."
CM: "I'll be careful~"

-- JJ: "Yunho & I are getting married!"
YH: "This is dangerous..."

Wae, Leader씨?! This is cute! + you already married him, you remeber? The walk to the altar with JJ back then ;P

-- YH:"I like women who can cook."
JJ:"I cook well~"
YH:"I like someone w/straight hair."
JJ:"I have straight hair~ *touches hair*"
YH:"I guess I'll take Jaejoong haha~"

ㅋㅋㅋ oh yeah. Do so, Leader씨, do so!

-- "I also think Jaejoong would make some time for me and cook me the best meals."

-- CM:"I love you (English)"
JJ:"I love you,Yunho~ I love you~~ *heart sign* (English)"

-- Fan:"Oppa,marry me~~!"
JJ:"Ask Yunho first~"

And we aaaall know that Yunho would NEVER agree to that! :P

-- YH *does funny hand movement*
JJ:"Haha~ what are u doing? *does it too*"
YH:"I'm not sure haha!"

Aw! You two are so lovely! *huggles YunJae*

-- ôSleep early.Or else, Iĺll kill u.ö ľ YHĺs message for JJ in Mirotic period.
errr... ... I think it`s scray when Leader씨 is like that...

-- "My other half,Yunho,I love you."

-- JS: I would like to get married before I turn 30.
YC: I think Junsu ůcannot get married until he dies. *lol*
JS: Well, if I cannot marry, then I will disturb Yoochun so that he will not be able to get married either.
YC: *Lol*

YooSu! OMO! You`re so 대박! ^^
25.5.11 22:18

THANK YOU! , randomness & less ranting? dream on! :P

아녕 친구들! ^v^/ *comes over and hugs friends*

LOVE YOU! *huggles*

*hihi* okay, after the emo day_official from yesterday I really have to thank my sister for cheering me up!
You girls are so great! I`m so happy and thankful that I have you as my friends!

well, #justsaying^^ this was the most important at first!

Ok now, what do we walk about now?

Maybe the super cute pics brother-in-law has sent us today? ^w^
*squeak!!!!* OMO! OMO! That`s sooo cutiiiieee~♥!!!!
Guys hugging/kissing dogs is my weakness! OMG SUN! >//< That`s so super cute! *dies becaue of cuteness*
Junho seems to love dogs very much - just as I do! Brother-in-law, we will definitely get along well! We are doggie persons (you all surely remember my -noona is a doggie magnet- entry ^^ well, I can`t help it, it`s simply like that)

Let`s move on with "my" family : JUNSU!
Yes, that`s right. Noona even wants to eat YOUR ramen after I finished mine *ramen additct* oooh, you already look tired, you can`t eat that
:P C'mon, that`s such a big bowl BB! You can`t eat all that alone~♡♡ *trying to convince Junsu to give his ramen to Noona*
...nah, besides that-> just to make my point clear: 주수BB, 자기야~♥ you maybe not know, but I always get what I want - one way or another ㅋㅋㅋ (yes, I`m that manipulative/stubburn/spoiled *muahaha* I`m a woman after all! )
*lol* my poor Junsu XD beware of your noona!-> at least sometimes, usually I`m very tame and kind~♥ *hugs her hubby*

*giggle* Junsu is reading message from noona that said: "...adopted some new mice. Errr... I think we need a bigger house now ^^░ sorry~"
Junsu: *thinking: D: oh no, she did it again...*"
(Then-> Junsu after coming home again: "Aigoo, can`t I leave you alone for 3 seconds?"
me: " *making innocent face* nuuu~♥, you can`t~ "
-junsu is now appa of 20 or more mice-
Junsu: "*sighs* I need a babysitter *face palm*" <- for noona of course! not for the mice XDD )

Oh... *cough* sorry for this randomness again!
and yes, I`m very uncontrolable when I`m out to adopt new mice. I can hardly stop when I do this *haha* If I`d have space enough, it could be that I`d bring home 10 or more of them *lol*
My hubby should not complain! He adopted many cats in the past! so... *haha*

Okay, just want to share some pics from recently (most of you already saw them):
Aw! Leo is such a cutie! so sweet! He looked kinda odd when he was a baby, but now he`s only cute!

And tigger is looking like a cute gentleman!
My most favourite cat among junsu`s cats! I just love Tiger Tigger! (nuuu! that`s no typo! I would re-name him to tiger-tigger!)
hm... he looks like a plushie here, doesen`t he? =D ...a little, don`t he?

Bakira looking like a lord_official:
He`s so pretty!

More pics of Leo:

*giggle* when cat`s are having such big eyes it`s dangerous. Anything can happen then

Well, I love dogs more than cats, but noona allows junsu to have as many cats as he wants - as long as I don`t have to clean up after them :P
I would even enjoy buying food for them! Oh! I love to buy food for animals! It`s nice to pick something nice to eat for them. And I especially love to buy them nice collars and beds ^^ *hihi*
But, really, cleaning up after 6 cats is not exactly what I want to do XD okay, okay, before the cats would be alone I would. But basically... errr.. DO NOT WANT ><

Good, when we were already talking about my mice: I still dream of the day when they can go into their new home.
But before that I have to wait till mom, sis and I can move into our new home *dies*

ooooh! and it`s still so long! I built this terrarium for my mice over a year ago now. Good, I had to do some small workt on it during this year and basically it was a good thing that I was able to work hard on this thing that long. But now I really want then to be in there!

I will put pics up of my work on the terrarium @ TwitPic for everyone who wants to see ^^

Oh, I think this is the masterpiec of my live. The BEST thing I`ve ever done for my mice! I`m sure it is! :D
You all know, I love my mice very much and want them to live in paradies.

When I buy them, they are nothing more than food for the next snake in some ppls eyes. And i don`t think much ppl take them home to have them as their pets. So I think they deserve a happy live then.

Everytime I go pick some of them I`m sorry for the ones I could not take home with me. But I definitely can`t buy 50 mice so I pick the "lucky ones" carefully.
Somtimes it`s love at first sight, somtimes I pick purposely a very small mouse or one that needs some care. When I see these mice I think they can`t imagine an better life so I want to give them one

It`s really nice to see, as time goes by, how the mice change in their behaviour and how happy they are with their new life. *squeak* they can be so cute! ^v^

When you see how they enjoy sleeping in their coconuts (oh, mice loooove coconuts!), sitting in a heystack or straw, climbing in their ropes or how they wait for me when I`m giving them their food you can imagine that they are really happy to live a normal mouse-life.

and I will be really happy when I see them rum around in their really biiig, biiiiig new home one day! I can`t wait for this day ^^ My future mice will be one of the happiest mice on earth.

Okay, some new news now: My BFF started a new blog. At wordpress (like many others these days ^^). She said she wants to create a blog that`s more... mature.
She ranted a lot about ppl she have met during her weekly life. She wants to stop her ranting.

I said: Wae do you want to? Ranting helps you to feel better.
She said she wants to rant on her old blog. The new one should be more mature and cultural.
Uwoooh! High goals! I wish her luck!

ㅎㅎ wonder if she thinks my blog is a immature one because I rant a lot at times... >.>
Yeah well, I DO NOT CARE!
Not even my BFF can make me change my blog.

I really love my blog the way it is right now. I think it already HAS become more mature than in the beginnings. Okie, the beginnings where in... February 2005!

The blog hasn`t changed much in these 5 years. But now it changed to something I really love to do.

I like to share things with my sisters and enterain you all well. (at least I hope I do).
And when someone thinks I should stop ranting I`m afraid I have to disappoint you: Me?! Stop ranting?! DREAM ON! ^^ That`s impossible! I HAVE to let some things out no matter what.

oh yeah and I`m really grateful that you overlook my typos liberally.

And I think my english grammar fails are sometimes... really ridiculous. Sometimes I posted something, see it shortly after and think: "WHAT DA HELL WERE YOU THINKING! THAT`S ALL WRONG! >.<"

@Ocean: If you notice any bad fail please tell me anytime/feel free to correct me! *bows* thanks in advance! >//<

At least I only wanted to say to my girls:
You are the most 대박 persons I have ever met! And I`m so glad I`m still here in cassiopeia although it`s really hard for us right now. And even though I go emo from time to time, I will never lose the faith. that`s a -no go- for me! Because losing my faith would mean to stop loving the 5 and this is a thing I absolutely can`t do my entire life.
So I just want to say: Thank you that you keep the faith with me *huggles all of her sisters* You are forever 대 to the 박! *immitating the Tamago*
29.5.11 20:36

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