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Geez, this photohost...

...안녕 다들 -.-

O-M-O! My bandwidth is exceeded again!?! WTF...

Oh, wtf... the blog looks so... sorry right now. It`s in a sorry state but, yeah well, da hell with it.
Let`s just wait for... ah, I have no clue how long it took the last time to return to normal, but it will return to normal... err... sometime XD (soon? I hope so!)

>>>>> .................... <<<<<<< ←normally this would have been the place where I wanted to show you what fuku-fuku XD has wrote about JJ (or more exactly, about his cellphone background T.T So touching & so JJ!)

oh! Was ich noch sagen wollte: Mein urlaub endete... furios! Von wegen party mit Su, Junsu & Chun XD *haha* Kein witz jetzt *lol* Wir waren viiiiiel zu lange auf! (zumindest ich - 3 stunden schlaf + früh aufstehen danach weil wieder arbeiten = /me dead!)

Ja von wegen arbeiten nach dem urlaub: Ajeossi hat ja seiner verachtung oder... hm, sollte ich "hass" sagen(?) wieder mal freien lauf gelassen. Haiz! so lächerlich! Mein alten ich hätte das nicht so gut weggesteckt... geez, ajeossi, this is not how an elder should behave towards his subordinates... Jinjja! >.<
He acts immature, impolite & very rude. I don`t like this kind of persons. The sad thing is that EXACT this kind of people ruined my high school time (and nearly me).

But enough said. I don`t care about ajeossi`s childish behaviour. Being with cassiopeia cheered me up anyway this week.

Der satz des tages war im übrigen: Dear Anti's, #NoOneCares, Sincerely Cassiopeia.
Epic win! YESSSS, Babies, NO ONE CAES! face it! #dealwithit ! (ah! Always this twitter tags ^^ sorry, sort of habit)

Yeah, what to do now? I can`t share much so I will do some quotes! We haven`t done this in a long time, don`t we?
Quotes are by @TVXQquotes:

-- JJ to cassiopeia: "For those of you with no boyfriends, please give your love to me!!"

-- Ho Dong:"But..is Changmin even nice to fans?"
CM:"You see-- *looks at fans*"
Ho Dong:"Is Changmin sweet?"
Ho Dong:"Do u like tough Changmin?"

CM:"I want to be nice to my fans,like Yunho.He adds hearts after an autograph~"
Lee Seung Gi:"So u're saying Yunho's very sweet to his fans?"
YH: *smiles & salutes*

CM:"To my fans,I'm considered handsome.So,when they come to me & say 'u're so handsome' I say:'Only u think that..open ur eyes!"

YH:"CM's just shy."
Ho Dong:"Is it hard for u to say 'I love u' to ur fans?" CM:"Even to my mom..I've only said 'I love u' 3 times"

Seung Gi:"Since u're here,u should say smthing."
Fans:"SAY IT~~~!!"
CM:"..I exist bcuz of u..I love u." (awkward)"
XD *haha* Our lord can only be ordered around by cassiopeia ㅋㅋㅋ

-- YH:"To tell u the truth..when Changmin stands next to me,I start to think he's much taller & more handsome."
YH:"Yes I know"

Ye! ye! eeeeh!?!? What is that Leader씨?!? ^^

-- YC:"Junsu,I want to hear u sing~"
YC:"---No not that one."

*lool* Chun! well, could be me *lool* but just sometimes, I would be grateful if my hubby would sing for me in the first place! (and: hey, *just noticed* I could order him around because noona is a few month older! *kekeke* but basically I don`t want to order him around, I have just no intention of doing so *shrugs* I do not want)

-- CM: "Their existence is more important than my life"

-- Q:If u were to be in the body of 1 THSK member,who would u choose?
JJ:"Let's hear Changmin's opinion."
CM:"Can I oppose?"
JJ:"No,but if I really had to be a THSK member,I'd be the youngest--Changmin."
YH:"For me, I'd choose to have the height of Changmin,but the eyes of Jaejoong."
YH:"So I'd have Changmin's height,Jaejoong's eyes..Junsu's butt and..Yoochun's personality~"
JJ:"Ok,Yunho would be a monster.And u,Changmin?"
CM:"I'd like to be myself. I like myself."
JJ:"Oh u genius."
JS:"I'd like to be Yoochun..he has a wide forehead that's why.I want to feel how the cold wind hits it~"
YC:"I'd like to be Jaejoong."
YC:"I also want to cook for my members~"

*haha* JJ! Geschickt aus dem schlamassel gezogen indem du die frage an Minnie weiter gegeben hast
aber JUNSU *lol* Oh baby! So cute! *haha* really, the cuteness is unbelievable XD

-- "Recently JJ has been using his hand phone to take pictures of us when we are sleeping or weird expressions of us."

-- Fan:"Oppas are disbanding? I don’t believe."
JJ:"I don’t believe either ^^"

-- Interviewer:"So what does Junsu want to tell the members?"
JS: *looks at Changmin*
JS:"Changmin,pls be srs!Recently,I kept getting the feeling that u weren’t serious..Even now u're.. *Glances at CM drinking water*"
CM:"I’m just drinking water now!"

Interviewer:"CM keeps getting the attacks"
CM:"I respect all of u (the members).
Interviewer:"Look at that,did u hear that?
All: …….*silence*
JJ:"Because we understand CM so well,we won’t believe him.Because (when we go back),he’ll say 'that was just a lie--‘ in the car"

-- JJ: “Well this is nothing, can’t we just finish it off without any thoughts? DBSK & Cassiopeia can just overturn everything. Can’t we, yes?”

aw! Oppa is so nice! YES WE CAN! *Obama*

-- YC: "I don't function well in the mornings." JS: "... but it's night." YC: "I don't function well at night either."
*lool @Chun* could be me for the second time! Poor Junsu! Your wifeys are both useless XDDD *LOL* No, not quite: when I had enough sleep for a few days I funktion well at night till circa 02:00 - 03:00 AM, but then I`m finished XD

-- JS: "Do you like me more or do you like your brother?"
YC: "Do you like me or do you like giraffes?"
JS: "I think i like giraffes better."

XD Oh baby! *lol* Mean! mean! Poor chunnie! *haha* But this question for chunnie was mean too! how could he ever choose between you two? ^^

-- JS: "Micky-ah"
YC: "Uh?"
JS: "Now, I'm sorry to his fans... but I'm going to marry Yoochun-ah"
YH: "...What you doing?"
JS: "Yesterday when Micky was sleeping..."
YH: "Is Micky a girl? Hm? Is Micky a girl?"
JS:"...He was sleeping without a blanket. So I put a blanket on Micky and kissed him. His lips were...Micky, I love you~!"

-- (Q:please use this opportunity to tell the members something u usually wouldn’t say)
JJ:"Changmin,pls stop coming to my room."
CM:"No…..I don’t do anything in JJ's room. Altho I don’t really do anything, I can feel how stressed he is when I enter his room"
JS:"However,this is a lil weird. Changmin..u’ll always get the feeling that he’s peeping at u..That’s Changmin for u."
CM:"I don’t do it intentionally."
JJ:"He spies on you. Suddenly the door will open, and he’ll (CM) watch you quietly. It’s very disturbing.And he’ll(CM) be standing behind u watching while u type ur SMS/text on ur phone."
CM:"I don’t do it on purpose.I just instinctively look at it.I just want to see what u’re doing.."
(Q:Any other members?)
YH:*Looks at Changmin*
CM:"..Me again?"
YH:"Stop eating my salad."
CM:"I can’t help it! It looks delicious
All:*dies laughing*
CM:Really! I really want to eat it!"
(Q:Recently,Changmin’s the villain!)
THSK:"Yeah Yeah *Everyone but Changmin nods vigorously*"
JJ: "Recently,YH’s been working out,so he’s been watching what he eats. He doesn’t eat anything but vegetables."
JJ to CM: "Eating Yunho’s salad under such conditions….Isn’t Yunho pitiful?"
JS: "Changmin can eat fried stuff and meat&he nearly finished the salad."
CM:"I don’t have a choice!It’s my appetite!"
(Q:You’re so evil *laughs*)
CM: *To the members* "Try attacking me again!"

XD Aaaaand there he goes again! Our dark lord in great action! *lol* Minnie is nearly never nice to us, but we love him! (don`t ask me wae XD, he`s my little brother!)

-- CM: "Ichi,Ni...SAAAAAN!!!" (bruce-lee style)
JS:*hugs YC tightly*
YC:"Ow! that hurts!"

-- YH:"Take care of Junsu~"
YC:" *sigh* It's not that easy."

-- YH:"Our youngest member Changmin~ We joke and say he loses his temper, but he's the most thoughtful guy and takes care of us. Also, [Changmin] is my best friend. When I'm having a really hard time he tells me a lot of things [to cheer me up]. You know how there are some things you can't tell your older brother? Changmin tells me everything. And although he's the youngest, I rely on him as a friend. I want to take time out now to thank him. Thank you, Changmin"

Quote by natali: "#cassiopeia loves dolphins, mice , giraffes, elephants and rhinos." ^^ true!

So, that`s it for today! Hope you enjoyed.
Well, my BFF haven`t shown up at ICQ so I go to bed now.
1.4.11 22:30

Pretty fast...

...back to normal was my blog or more exact my photohost! WOW! I`m impressed! It took him 2 days, I think...

Ah yes! 안녕 친구들! ^v^

Yes, finally learned the korean word/hangul for "friends" (not to be confused with the word for "friend"). IT WAS ABOUT TIME! ^^

So now... what`s up first?
At first the tweet of Fuku-fuku which`s translation I wanted to show the last time but couldn`t due to photohost probs!
T-T fuku-fuku, you`re not the onyl one who`s touched...

Then: JYJ in Bangkok was daebak! OMG SUN! Director Kim did a great job with the stage! Sooo nice! So nice red! *.* it looked sooo good!
And their new songs are so good as well! Oh my! I`m totally in love with "In Heaven" <3 <3 <3 daebak! or like 미스터 에그 said: this was 대 to the 박! XD (<- I`m in love with this!)

Then: brother-in-law started a diet 3 days ago? wae?! There`s everything perfectly fine with him. He don`t have to do such things. Aigoo, who gave him this weird idea? just tell me WHO? Don`t tell me it was his doctor! If this is the case then this doc must be insane!
KIM JUNHO, STOP DIETING IMMEDIATELY! 누나 DON`T LIKE IT! >.< You are fine the way you are.
But... after all it`s his desicion. As long as he`s fine with it and his health is not harmed... Noona is a little worried about her brother-in-law but in the end my hubby will watch his twin brother too so I don`t have to worry that much Everything will be fine, but: Nothing can stop me from telling him that he don`t have to make a diet because everything is fine with him!

And now: A all grown up Min rejects Jae Umma...
ah... our Lord, please don`t be like that to our Jae Umma...
(reminds me suddenly of the line in SYC Team`s saipan-foto story: Min "I will tell my mom!" JJ: "I AM your mom now!!! " XD true, true...)

Now let me celebrate my love for my hubby a little...

Yes, I`m pretty sorry, no more JJ today ^^ *keke* Noona is Junsu`s lady!

Off stage photobook~~♥ Junsu neomu yehbbeo!

And pics from the musical concert photobook...
^^ aw! oh my my! *squeaks* somehow, this is too cute! Awwwww! *squeak, squeak* When I look at Junsu I sometimes feel like I look at a puppy♡♥♡

*.* this one is just... *.*

HA! but talking about "just wow"... wait for the next entry and the next junsu pics

Und um gleich bei Junsu zu bleiben: "YooSu of the day":
<3 www! Classic YooSu today! ^^ Cuuuuuu~te!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Haaah... Now I`m finished with everything for today. Just waiting for my aunt to arrive, she wanted to visit us this evening and she will stay over.
Maybe I don`t will see her tomorrow because she will leave early so I have to wait for her now. Hope she comes soon, I want to go to bed ^^° eh.... hehe... yes, it`s kinda lame but: I have to get up early and I`m already tired today.

Okay, okay: But for fangirling I`m never too tired so: 준수BB~~♥, 누나는 널 사랑 한단다!! 진짜 너무 사랑해! *hugs her hubby*

Well, I go to bed now *tooks her hubby with her-> /me always wants to huggle like crazy when she`s tired*
5.4.11 20:09

WHAT A WEEK! :D + TVXQquotes!!!

^w^ 안녕 친구들!

Oh my! My (cassiopeian) week was sooo good! Well, it was a little stressful because of the preparation for moving but good things happend as well!

This was JJ`s changed Bio on Twitter this week:
/me was all like: WHAT DA...!!!!!!???? KYAAAAHHH!!!!!! Finally someone helps the OT5`s! ^^ "always keep the faith"! HECK YES! Oppa, we do!
Now more than ever!

awwww! This make me sooo happy! It was not like the last time when he wrote "JYJ from TVXQ". This time I was just happy, don`t wanted to cry, I was just happy! Oh my! And so the whole week went extremely well!

Cassiopeian Family love was in the air all time and I got really emptional with my soulmatesister and my Unni & all my cassie friends.
사랑해요, 친구들! T-T I love you so much! #cassiehug *huggles her cassie/bigeast friends*

No really, I got teary while talking with my Unni yesterday... Cassiopeian family love is just so... overwhelming.

@Marta: Unni, please never leave me! It hurts when people leave and I was already left behind so many times... T~T

카시오페아 패밀리, girls you are so good to me. I can`t even say how much you mean to me. I have no words for you. Bigeast is the same... TT__TT *moved* I`m always about to cry when I`m talking about that... I never experinced something like cassiopeia. That people care about me... But it`s not only that. For exsample most of the people around me say I`m "strange" (and they mean it in a bad way), Cassiopeia says I`m special and loves me. next sampel: I got bashed for the fact that I don`t go out and don`t drink alcohol many times, but Cassiopeia accepts me and is proud of me. T-T
Girls, you can`t possibly do this! It was a complete shock after I entered this fandom... All of a sudden I was accepted for who I am. T~T No one of you can know what this means to me. I found so many good friends in Cassiopeia...
Well, I never experienced what it means to have a good friend until I found my BFF. I never knew what it means to have many caring friends, who I share the same interests (not only music) & have people around me I can really trust & I can talk to about all my problems... Let`s stop here, I`m tearing up again... *sniff* It`s... too much... *holding back the tears right now* *fan air over my face* phew... *takes a deep breath*
I`m so sorry.

Let`s move on.

Richtig cool war diese Woche auch JJ`s neue Wohnzimmer deko...
I want such a cherry tree in my room too! O.O Uwah.... *stares* So pretty! I`m in love with cherry trees anyway but this one beats all!

Auch nicht schlecht war:
☐ Single ☐ Taken ✔ My boyfriend is fuckin' sexy but he's in Seoul.
that`s riiihiiight~~♪ ^^

And always remember "❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Dude. I have DBSK. It's a serious relationship that doesn't even need sex." too! It`s so true! (call me insame, I don`t care, but you will understand as soon as you entered cassiopeia! )

Now let`s do some quotes! (credits to @TVXQquotes)

-- JS: "People these days concentrate on their outer looks only. But the true image is inside."

Beware! The next one is a clasic case of -epicness- ^^
-- JJ: "The ice cube is in Junsu's underwear AHAHAH! *tries to grab Junsu's butt*"
JS: "Kyaaa!!!"
*ice is melting in Junsu's undies*
JS: "It's getting really wet! >~<"
YH: "Junsu, that's really sexyyy~!"
JS: "AHH!! I really have to get [the ice] out [of my undies]!!" *members all try to grab his butt*
*Junsu runs away cuz ice melt in his pants*
JS: "It's really REALLY bad T~T"
JS: "My back's totally wet! The ice REALLY melted into my underwear. Jaejoong forced it in >"
JJ: "Ekekeke~!"


-- YC: "Junsuu~!"
JS: "Hmm?"
YC: "Today, your face...hehe~"
JS: "I feel embarrassed~ <3"
YC: "...is weird~!"

Their cuteness is unbelivable!
-- YC: "Changmiiiin~ <3"
CM: "Watchu doing, Yoochun~"
YC: "Trying to get Changmin to play with me~ <3"
YC: "Changmiiin~ play with me~!"
CM: "Liar! You said you liked Junsu!"
YC: "Oh! You found out? hehe~"
YC: "Jun-chan~! <3"
JS: "You guys, stop fighting" )':
CM :"Junsu~! Don't mess around~!"
JS: " T~T Don't you like me?"
JS: "Yunhoo~ <3"
YH: "What do you want?!"
JS: "Ehehe Yunho doesn't have manners!"
YC: "So scary~ <3"
JS+YC: "Heeheehee~~"
YC: "Yunho is Junsu's new girlfriend~!"
YH: "EHH?!"
YC: "Oh! Yunho has a new-"
CM: "Friend?"
YC: "Boyfriend! Jaejoong~! C'mere! <3"
*YH holds JJ's hand*
YH: "He's my boyfriend~! <3"
*JS points at JJ*
JS: "Little hooligan!!"

-- JS: "How old are you? >: (" [Stay away from my Yunnie!]
CM: "Yeah! How old?"
JJ: "10 years old."
YC: "Wahh scary big brother!"

-- YH: "Jaejoong, you can't be... sensitive in that area can you? ~ <3" *gently blows in Jaejoongs ear*

-- *Junsu and Changmin gently blow into Yoochun's ears* YC: "Yah...That felt really....awkward :D"

-- "Hello~ I'm Dong Bang Shin Ki's UKnow Yunho. Please treat me well~" -Jung Yunho
-- "Hello~ I'm Dong Bang Shin Ki's Micky Yoochun. Let's have a beautiful time today~" -Park Yoochun
-- "Hello~ I'm Dong Band Shin Ki's Junsu...please help me lots :D" -Kim Junsu
-- "Hello~ I'm Youngwoong Jaejoong. Let's Love <3~" -Kim Jaejoong
-- "Hello. Choikang Changmin. That's me~ :D" -Shim Changmin

Awwww! Yunho! ^^ Noona will always treat the Leader씨 well!

-- YC: "As we watch Changmin grow, we become so proud."

-- YH: "*singing* I want to eat katsudon"
JJ: "*singing back* I want to be katsudon ... oh baby!"

-- CM: "The cute image is supposed to go to the youngest, but Junsu was so cute, I faded away. I lost my image."

XDD *hahaha* Our poor Lord! I`m so sorry for you Minnie!

-- JS: "The youngest is very scary.It's the truth."

-- YH: "Changmin said, 'Hyung,don't do that' I immediately said 'I'm sorry'"
JS: "We become smaller~"

YC:"Because we love you!"

JJ`s Van-Story ^^:
-- "We have a van,and the front seat is special cuz it's big. Yoochun rides in it most of the time these days. But this one time, Yoochun wasn't there. I wanted to sit in the front seat cuz it's been a while. But Changmin sat in it. Since it was the morning, I decided in the night for sure I'm going to take the front seat!
As soon as I got out of the apt,I ran to the van .But suddenly, Changmin comes in hopping over the flowerpots & running my way!
I just had to get that seat! So,when I grabbed the door, Changmin accidentally himself on the door! I wasn't at fault at all! But then I started feeling bad and asked, 'are u hurt'?(to Changmin)"
YC: "Did u give him the seat?"

-- YH: "When u see Jaejoong & Changmin fight,there are no words to describe it. They (JJ&CM) fight like elementary kids! They mess up each other's hair w/a brush,spray each other in the eyes, draw on each other..."
YH, YC, JS: "They (JJ&CM) hit each other,and draw on each other's faces w/ a magic marker."
YH: "But all these things (acting like a kid),means that JJ has a warm and pure heart."

-- JJ: "Yoochun likes all types of girls."

-- JJ: "Yunho has this manly power to him."
YC:"Whenever he walks,it's like he's walking for 5 people."
JJ:"When u're walking in a road, u're supposed to make way for others, right?But Yunho doesn't! He bumps into people!"
YC: "Yunho said he'd be more careful,but after a while he got tired & exclaimed 'I don't care! That's how I am!' "

-- Host: "You broke ur bell!!"
YH:"I didn't ring it that hard!"
JJ:*tries to fix it*
Host:"Whenever YH breaks something, Jaejoong always fixes it."

-- JS: "In our team,we like to praise each other for good things."
JS: "For exsample, JJ says 'Junsu has a lot of fansites!' but Yoochun stayed quiet and his face got distorted."
YC to JS: "My face didn't become distorted~!"
Members: "stay quiet~!"
JS: "So Yoochun said, 'No,I have the most (fansites)!"

-- CM: "Compared to the other members, my appetite is a bit bigger. Yeah... I really eat to much, huh? T~T"

-- JS: "First, I have to say [Changmin] really eats a lot. On days when he can REALLY eat, he can eat 7-8 meals. When Changmin is on a diet, he ONLY eats three meals a day."

-- MC: "In DBSK, who is most vain?"
Members: "One, Two Three!"
JS: "Jaejoong!"
Members: "JUNSU!"
MC:"How come Junsu is most vain?"
YC:"Don't say he's vain. It's because he's the most handsome."
JS:"Best friends ^^"
JJ:"I don't know why they picked me [as vain], but maybe because it's how I usually dress :D. I care a lot about how I look. This is to show my fans my best side ^^"

-- MC: "Who loves to sleep the most?"
Members: "One, Two, Three!"
*everyone whips out an arm to point at Changmin*
CM: "Eheheh~ I guess it's me. I like to sleep the most~ I'm the youngest after all~!"
JJ: "Changmin likes to eat Chinese supplements and he sleeps a lot! Changmin is always the first to sleep but the last to wake up, and he likes to nap too!! He sleeps so much...his body has problems! D:<...I mean...it's because Changmin needs to grow taller so he likes to sleep :D"

-- MC:"Who talks the most?"
Members: *everyones points at JJ*
JJ: " >~< *embarrassed* I'm a hardworking member! I'm disappointed that they say I talk the most haha~"
YH:"I want to say something! Just now...you guys can see how talkative he is!"

--YH: "Jaejoong talks a lot to make a better atmosphere for the team~"

-- MC: "Did you knows that Thais fans gave you each a nickname? Yunho is BEAR."
Members: "HAHAHA!!"
YC: *thumbs up* ;D
MC: "Yoochun is a chicken~"
Members: "AHAHAHA!!!"
JS: "I'm starting to be afraid of hearing my nickname now..."
MC: "Changmin is Jer Jr..."
JJ: "Ahh~ so cute *pinches Min's cheek*"
CM: "What does that mean?.."
YH: "It's so cute~"
CM: "Eh? *confused*"
YC:"Yah! Why do Yunho and I have nicknames like that?" (Bear and Chicken xD)
CM:"Yah~ I'm so happy to be a human!"(a character from a drama)
MC: "Junsu..Thai fans call you 'dolphin'."
Members: *claps*
Junsu: "...Koreans fans call me that too....T~T"
MC: "Is it because your voices sounds like a dolphin, Junsu?" YC: "It's really similar..."
MC: "Could you please make the dophin's voice for us?"
JS: "*like a dolphin* AHHH~~!!"
Members: "...."
YC: "We're sorry! *bows*"
MC: "Jaejoong has no nickname yet~"
YC: "Hehe.. so he doesn't exist ehehe.."
MC: "Can you guys give Jaejoong a nickname?"
YC: "Then should we give him one "
JS: "Nobody cares about you~~"
JJ: "Thank you~ I'm relieved that I was not 'snake'"
YH: "Ehehe, our band is a zoo, right?"
MC:"Junsu, last time you were in Thailand, you said you really like coconut trees... *pulls out coconut*" Members:"WOAHHHH! *~* "
JS: "In Korea, we don't have many chances to see coconut trees T~T"
YH: "So if you like it...TAKE THIS! *hands Junsu coconut*"
JS: "I want to try to eat this :D ......but how...?"
JJ:"There is no elephant for me? D:" (Junsu got his beloved coconut)
YC: "*pats JJ* There is a BEAR for you now *points at Yunho*"
JS: "Our band already has a BEAR (Yunho), so Jaejoong doesn't need an elephant~"
YH: "OHHHHH~~~ <3 *pushes JJ shyly* "

-- CM: "I want to be nice to my fans,like Yunho.He adds hearts after an autograph~"

Enough for today *haha* I still have more quotes saved, but... errr ihr könnt euch ja denken dass DAS den Rahmen sprengen würde.

Jetzt noch "YunJae of the day":
^^ What are you doing, YunJae? Looks kinda cute! ^v^

"YooSu of the day" is...
*haha* The AADBSK 3 couple talk was hilarious + really cute!

YooSu = Awww! Boys, You are sooo cute! >//< *feels kinds embarrassed only by the thought of YooSu* OMONA!

Well, after all I`m sorry again for my "sentimentals" here, but somethimes I just can`t hold myself back anymore. You guys have no idea... really, not the slightest idea what cassiopeia means to me!
I`m not in as long as some others are in but it became a important part of my life and I really hope I can enjoy cassiopeian family love very, very long in future too!

+ I try to blog more often, but with preparing for moving... aw! I didn`t even replied to my little Sis yet *face palm* And I wanted to do so much in her reply! (#100factsaboutme + the normal reply... I think I have to split it >-> )

Oh, about spliting mails: I wrote a mail on facebook for Shizuka Unni and it became freakin' fu**ing too long! >//< I feel kinda embarrassed for sendhing her a mail THAT BIG...
over 14000 letter were too much for FB to handle and it said "message too long" so I had to split it into two. ^^°
10.4.11 17:31



errr... how come that my last blog entry was 13 DAYS ago!!!!?!??!?!!! *faints*

Haiz! How could this happen!?!?

The moving stress is really a bit**! -.-''
My god... This blog is so neglected... T~T My poor bloggie! *pats blog*
Poor, poor bloggie. But noona is here now. Everything will be okay!


uhm, oookay. Now I`m scared of myself ... uhm... let`s move on before it`s getting worse!

So what was up the last 13 days?

Well, on the one hand there was Cassiopeia`s 5th anniversary yesterday (korean time)! *throws confetti* YAY!

AW! My Unni and my adopted child have given us such nice tweets on that day! But my little sister was not bad either ^^ Many ppl did well yesterday!

Some impression of my tl of this matter:

-- #56millioncassiopeia #CassiopeiaFor5ive ^ ^
-- #Cassiopeiafor5ive We promise to support & protect all 5 of them. Cassiopeia will forever do so & we will not give up ^^
-- Cassiopeia watch us in the sky every night. We know it´s there although we can´t see it during the day. Although we can´t see our 5 together by now they are still together in their hearts. #Cassiopeiafor5ive
-- It's not easy but is worthy #Cassiopeiafor5ive
-- i'm sorry we can't always protect you from what others say #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- when they hug on stage, huddled close together, arms around each other T_T, we know why we are #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- our 5 boys can count on us coz we are #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- we know we can count on each other coz we are #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- we don't choose sides we support 5 forever. that what it means to be #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- when Junsu sings "red ocean" AND DAMN, THAT'S VIP STATUS!!! #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE love. simple and true.
-- #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE biggest and best fandom on the planet #56millionscassiopeia
-- #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE isn't for the weak hearted <3
-- they call us delusional to keep believing. It's called FAITH, dude.. #Cassiopeiafor5ive
-- not only 20 years, 200 years, 2000 years.I'll always be #cassiopeiafor5ive
-- We're waiting for the Rising Sun~#CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- no body can stop me to say i love you #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- I was born to love as #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE red ocean unbreakable bond with our 5 boys
-- What would i do without Cassiopeia?!! #Cassiopeiafor5ive LOVE TO ALL CASSIES!! XD
-- #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE forever and ever believe in 5
-- we're Survivors and so are the boys #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- thanks to being #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE i met so many wonderful people. <3 tlist.
-- Regardless of the controversy and negativity constantly haunting us, we will always remain united as one #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- there are somethings you can describe in words, our bond with our 5. #CASSIOPEIAFOR5IVE
-- AKTF AKTF! #cassiopeiafor5ive
-- no matter which hardships we have to suffer cassiopeia will last forever #cassiopeia5ive

And on the other hand there was this:
"JB = 9 Million Fans (Beliebers)_TVXQ = 56 Million Fans (Cassiopeia/Bigeast/Phoenix) 8D ♥ "
OMG SUN! Are you serious?!? Are we really 56 million? I couldn`t find any proper information about this in the net but I think when you count the official cassiopeia members and the non-official... Well, 56 million is a high number but it COULD be possible. ^^

Ah, yes, let`s not forget Junsu`s cute SelCa! *squeak!!*
aaawwwww~~...! Junsu, you are forever killing noona with your cuteness! aww! So cute! ^v^

Now, uhm, while we are at it right now: I wanted to show you some "intoxication" booklet pics since... I think since forever *haha*
So here we go!
*gasp* Oh my... *fascinated*



And what about my night shift from tonight?
It was... errr... horror. >.>
Boss confused da hell outa me while I was in stress...

Dear Boss, please stop doing this when I try to focus on my work. Thank you very much!

your employee.

*squeak* found something! :D
JYJ`s NII interview/fotoshoot with Dani and Yoobin! ^^ Aw! This was really beyond adorable/cute!
Junsu made the kids laugh and Yoobin said "he`s cute" XDD Aw! This girl! Oh my! So cute! *squeak*

Yeah, what about brother-in-law and his diet? >-> he still want`s to lose 7kg... Aigoo, brother, if you lose 7 kg you will nearly disappear! *over dramatic*
Noona is still not amused about brother-in-law`s ideas! >.>

But what else is up? Let`s see... Did something happen besides my moving stress?
No. I don`t think so.

Hm, no, that`s not right. JYJ hearing was delayed once again... *sighs* Who knows the new final date for the hearing? I didn`t heard a thing about when the next day of the trial is.

aaaand: Sultan found many DBSK Scenarios and I will share them all here :D
Today`s scenario:
XDDD I really, really love these scenarios! OMO! My favorite thing these days! Hilarious!
Just soooo lol!
Yunho: *face plam* Runied all in the end XDD
JJ: Poor JJ *lol* not considered as a male... tz, tz, tz... wae is it everytime him? ^^ (*whispers* because JJ is too pretty for this world)
Yoochun: :O WTF! XD
Junsu: *giggle* No BB, you seriously can`t do this XDD
Changmin: oh yes... that one... errr... never mention "that" matter, u know... >_>

Announcement for today: I`m going to make ramen after I`m finished here~♥

Announcement for tomworrow: I will post some if JYJ`s "3hree voices II" pics! ARGH! the DVD is still not on sale but I can share pics! *hihi* I hope my blog will survive this! so many pics! ^^ maybe I have to split it in two parts, we`ll see!

"Note! of the day": Buy "3hree Voices" DVD + "3hree Voices II" *writes this on her wish-list*

Yeah well... something more to say here?

My doggie won`t let me go anywhere XD I was out this night because of work and so she looks extremely where I go now Doggie missed me very much and she don`t like it when I go to work on friday nights.
A story from yesterday regarding my sillyness and my doggie: She lay in her bed (next to my bed) and I was like "*pet, pet* Doggie has a soft coat when she`s tired! *super excited*" and then started to play with her (extra soft) ears ans giggled like a school girl
omo! I have absolutely no idea wae I tell you this XD
Weird, weird me!

Oh yes! weird... This reminds me of a person... errr... in Ajeossi`s age but... I will not call him that >< Maybe he won`t like it? I dunno! So I stimply won`t call him that!
Would be really embarrassing if I do and... errr... you know it yourself.
But at least: Hey! now I have someone in Ajeossi`s age and I don`t have to think only about a "bad" person when I think of Ajeossi`s in general. After my Ajeossi at work and this Ajeossi with Yunho back then... (you maybe remember... the one who made him bow by force! ARGH! I`m stoll burning! ) I only thought about Ajeossi`s in a negative way. But now. Yeah, it`s different when there`s a third, Ajeossi who has not done anything that pissed me off yet XD

Aigoo, aigoo... and I don`t have any idea wae I tell you this one either errr... 미안? eh... hehe... *embarrassed laugh*

okay okay, let`s end this here. It`s getting really weird and... embarrassing again >//< (and the worst thing is that I`m embarrassing myself here all by myself... oh no! this by itself is so embarrassing >///<)
Good, last one for today is: Yoochun! ^^ I like his style!
I can`t help it, but he looks cute in that
My googims jacket has the same shade of grey as Chunnies hood, but seriously... I like this hood but I will not make many little wholes in my GOOGIMS JACKET! XD

I like my korean things, I would never destroy them~
Oh, little sis MUST see my korean clothes one day! not only the googims jackets/T-shirts/hoodie but the colonize hoodies too! ^^

@cynthia: Oh! there are so many nice things in korea to buy! aw! I love googims and colonize things (but colonize is not exactly cheap... Haiz! it HURTS everytime I buy something from colonize - but I like googims better anyway)

Sadly, no YooSu or YunJae of the day today. and maybe tomorrow we will not have this series either. (I think the 3hree Voices II pics will be enough for my bloggie *haha*)

Man will den kleinen ja nicht überfordern, né. Die Dauer der Ladezeit könnte sich sonst um ein paar jahre erhöhen. Also ich weiß nicht wie das mit ner 16000er dls leitung ist, aber bei mir läd das schon lang genug.
(von wegen 16000er dsl leitung: Nicht mehr lang und ich werd eine solche haben! :D Bin ja schon gespannt drauf wie schnell die ist!)
23.4.11 18:06


안녕 친구들! ^v^

In a little while we will have the 3hree voices II pics here (okay, after I posted this you can scroll this away XD ).

Okay so let`s start with some normal stuff: Yesterday m BFF complained (on Facebook ^^) that I should write more about my life and less about K-Pop.

okay, let`s analyse this from the start:
1.) My precioussss *gollum*, you say -write more about my life and less about K-Pop-? You know me so well after all these years and you seriously say something like THIS to me? Awww, I`m disappointed ^^ Please don`t make fun of me. Where`s the difference between my life and k-pop? :P
2.) At the moment, my life is ruled by moving stress and K-pop only. Besides going to work there`s really no other thing happening.
3.) If something worth talking about would happen I would tell ^^

@Celebrian: I know, you are annoyed by my obsession but please understand: Cassiopeia will heal me, I love my cassie girls, I love our boys & with k-pop/j-pop I found my "home" in music.
AND I know I was nearly never online at ICQ but I`m in moving stress, you know... >> You know what I`m talking about, you moved into a new apartment yourself not that ling ago.
It`s simply like in Changmin`s line in "Bolero": "find a place where your sadness will be healed"
Cassiopeia is this place for me! And Cassiopeia is inseparable linked with k-pop~♥

Okay, just for information: I`m not looking down in my best friend! NO! I WOULD NEVER DO THIS!
But I think she don`t understand (can`t understand?) what cassiopeia and K-pop means to me.

K-pop kinda saved my life and Cassiopeia will heal my soul. That`s the simple truth.

Ah ye, ye! Talking about Pop... Today I wanted to start packing for moving again and wanted to watch TV while doing this. Yeah, this was before midday. But somehow it happend that I was too lazy to get up after I turned on the TV (til midday... ) and I watched different things like naruto shippuden and some BBC doku. Well I switched the channels a few times and finnaly found a music programm and there was this new pop group of 4 or 5 boys I saw in a TV spot a week ago.
I watched their MV, watched them dancing for about a minute and then said to myself: "Aigoo, don`t gimme that crap!! This was just so.... >.<
ARGH! It is just me or do you guys think that too when you watch a video of an american or european group (especially boygroup): They dance like rookies, they don`t look that good >.>, the vid is not exactly nice and... WHAT DA HELL ARE YOU SINGING?!? this has no meaning and no depth... =_= aaah, so tired of bad music!

Oh yes! And at work on friday night: At first the music programm was relatively good o.0 I WAS SHOCKED!
But then, after a short time, the crap begun: This was some really bad pop music... the worst I have ever heard in my life. And I thought once again: How come that some SHIT like that, bad as hell, is played on a regular radio programm?

I will never understand...

HEY! Today is "Underworld : Rise of the lycans" on TV! :D YAY! I love this film! the 3rd movie is the best because it is set in medieval times!
I like films like this one! :D

And "madagascar 2" is on today too!

Mom and I want to watch these two movied tonight! ^^

So now, Finally :D after all of noona`s talking...



*.* JJ...
Well, girls, if you ask me: Black hair is always the best... uwaaah... amazing! *.*

누나 널 사랑한단다~♥ ^^

Yoochunniiiie~~ ^^ I always love his hair~

Really, somehow I really like this pic!


*hihi* I love Chunnie (yeah, before you judge me again girls :P -> not like I love Junsu!)

White PS3 controler?!? I never knew that something like ps3 controlers in other colors than black even exist! ^^ *looks into a shop* ok, there are silver, rose, blue, red & white ps3 controlers... COOL!
Chunnie, have you won against Junsu? ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ aw, please come and choose a battle with noona! I really want to have a battle with chunnie! I`m so curious if he would be better or me ^^
And: really! you guys noticed that too-> the bracelet...-> Yoochun owns this thing a long time now! Seems like he has this bracelet since forever + he wears it very oftern... maybe a present from a friend/his brother?




What are you doing Junsu? I hope you are about to pick a nice present for Noona!
(Aw! He looks cute! ^^)


LOL what about all these cat`s!? Cat`s incasion on Junsu! :DDD
I don`t think these are junsu`s cat`s. He has no red striped cats and no brown striped cat with white chest... But: o0 Who`s cat`s are they then!?!?
Aigoo, aigoo... Somehow my hubby is always in a crowd of cat`s, huh? I should do the same with dogs!




^^ hey hey! Who let the guy with the camera in all of our cassiopeian bedrooms?!


I like the pics of "3hree voices II". I think this DVD will be daebak for us cassies!
Haiz! Still hasn`t bought the first DVD! >< WANT BOTH DVDs - NOW!

but... Minnie and Leader씨 are missing... I miss them T.T
I miss YunJae...

Recently, there was some of these days again where I woke up in the morning and the first thing I said (still half asleep) was "Yunho".

Leader씨, how can I miss you that much it`s not even normal anymore!

It already happend a few times that I was woken by my alarm clock and said "Yunho" before I was really awake...
Well, but it has to be said: I thought about HoMin and JYJ a lot lately. About our and their future. The usual. This is, for sure, the reason for this.

So now... uhm... okay, I want to eat my pizza and want to watch two movies with mom tonight.
This means I will end my entry here and make it short in twitter ^^

Just want to check my mentions and want to see if our boys tweeted something!

24.4.11 20:40

Thoughtful day!

안녕! ^v^

Yessss! Noona is back! back on the track... errr... blog!
Ok, ok, no punning here!

at first I wanted to say: OMO! horrible! My typos the last time were some classic ones again, huh?
this is so embarrassing! I`m sorry! I was tired as I finished this!

...well, I think I`m constantly tired these days because of moving
Let`s move on with the next topic!

Today was a very thoughtful day for me ^^ but in a positive way!

I thought about cassiopeia and what it means to me. And that I will probably never be able to tell my BFF (in a way that she can understand) wae 카시오페아 means that much to me & what cassiopeia means to me.
I can hardly explain it to myself xD It`s a family. The place where I finally will be healed. Not just a fanclub, we are a family. It`s not like in other clubs.
The most wonderful people are in cassiopeia! *huggles cassiopeia*
Sisters, you mean so much to me, I can`t even tell! It`s beyond what one can say with words! *huggles again*

okay now, don`t want to go sentimental on you now.

The second thing I thought of was Junsu. ok, basically he was the thing I thought of the whole day
Junsu is totally Noonas BB~♥ ^w^
awww! forever!
I... just love him so much! Well, somtimes it seems everyone is talking about Junsu`s butt and everything is about junsu`s butt.
when i think of Junsu I think of this lovely boy who get`s shy when someone compliments him.
I think of the man who, after I played Final fantasy for 6 hours, won`t call me insane or strange! Quite the contrary: Junsu is the one who would say "Noona, let`s do a second round!"
I think of the junsu who said "A man should love the woman more than she love him".
When I think of Junsu I remember the first time I saw him. It was on saipan when they were eating on that veranda OMO!
When I think of Junsu then his adorable personality comes to my mind.
When I think of Junsu then I see a man with a house of cats and a nice doggie ^^ he loves pets so much! (even I started out with 2 mice and ended up with 12 at their best times! ^^).
I really love him when he speaks english~♡ (oh my! sometimes even my english style goes "junsu" by accident XD ... errr... oops!).
I love junsu when he`s dancing! I adore Yunho`s dancing but during their dance battle I was like "Sorry, leader씨 but... I have to.... >.> uhm.... *freaks out* GO JUNSU!!! WOOHOOO!!!! DO IT BABY!!!!" *lol*
I absolutely love Junsu when he sings. He was the first person I heard when I started listening to DBSK and even nowadays he`s sometimes the only person I hear when I listen to their old songs. ^^°
I love Junsu how he`s the YooSu couple with Yoochun!
I love it when Junsu is as weird as I am! XDD
I love Junsu when he`s at his kenyan again ^v^ and when it sounds different every second time he says it! ("bambaya" excluded).
Aigoo, there are so many reasons not to think of his butt *haha* Junsu`s famous butt comes somewhere faaar faaar below on my "why I love Junsu"-list. Actually I`m not even sure if this IS on my list anyway XDD

The last thing I thought of while driving home was the #100factsaboutme I want to write my soulmatesister.
I really, really hope I can collect every fact well enough for her. I want to tell my soulmatesister everything! It`s surely not that easy to collect 100 facts about me but I will do it!
We don`t know us for long but we still can go a long way in future together if we want to.

Haaaah, I really think I will have some time ahead with my cassie family! I don`t want to lose anyone of them. They are all so different and special. ^^ awww, this is the point again from way up *points at the -what cassiopeia means to me- thing*

And what`s really annoying: When I say Cassiopeia I always mean bigeast too! I mean both when I say Cassiopeia. For me it`s all the same, just some kind of "subname" for the big family we have. (ok, it`s not exactly the same but... naah, you know what I mean!)

Well, if any Bigeast see`s this: I don`t forget you! I always remember you~ You are cassiopeia too (at least for me ^^ different names, one family - I don`t make that of a difference between us).

Well, but talking about Cassiopeia again: There are people who are not a part of our family. I don`t know of they know that they are not like we are but some of them appearently know and make it fit for their thinking like they want.

for example:
Stan: "we are not Cassiopeia. But when Cassiopeia is thanked... Well in that case we are the specific Cassiopeia that are thanked."
*face palm* You are dumb, nothing more. You will be NEVER cassiopeia, that`s for sure. Neither in -that case- nor in any other. You are a stan, you spread hate against 2 or 3 (just pick yours) and OT5. but OT5 = cassiopeia because Cassiopeia was always for 5 and will be 4ever for 5. #justsaying >.>

so lame... aigoo! These ppl... *shakes head*
Stans, when will you learn? STFU and be in "your" fandom, but don`t dare to call you Cassiopeia then (not even once!) OR be strong and support all 5 without hate & as humans.

Now, finally ^^ "YunJae of the day":
YunJae couple talk! :D

XDD *lol* Their faces in the last pic! YunJae are so cute! aww! YuJae, noona believes in you 100% so.... ^^ 화이팅 for 윤재!

Let`s see... what`s the "YooSu of the day"?


This is called "YooSu nonsense" XDD

Aw, boys, don`t listen to noona! Noona loves (your) nonsense!

Then: What`s up at the moment with AVEX, ZAK & Cjes?

My oh my... AVEX is mad at Cjes, ZAK is mad at AVEX, Cjes and ZAK are mad at AVEX... WTH! o.0 Companies, are you completely crazy now?!
Please act like grown humans, talk it out. Don`t be like childs who run to their momies and say "but he started it!" or something like that...

Really, this is too much to think about for me. this time I will just refuse to think about it.
AVEX, Cjes & ZAK: get a grip! solve this like adults. I`m tired of kids-like behaviour like that.

Shortly after AVEX released their "mail" Cjes releses a mail too! OMO! "kids", act mature! *don`t want to read it*
what`s the word for it again...? We need a... child care worker for AVEX, Cjes and ZAK.

I understand their problems but do they have to make such an issue of it? =.=''

we have enough problems already, so please spare us with that, companies!

(and I`m really sorry, I used much of my tweets from twitter for this XDD but I don`t thinks it`s a problem because these are my words anyway)

Haaah, das war jetzt eigentlich mehr ne art "huldigen wir junsu" eintrag, ne? ^//^ uuups! Noona is sorry for that! (well, basically I AM NOT! *lol*)

Naja, war in jeden fall ein interessanter Tag für meine gedanken. die haben über einiges nachgedacht. (<- JA, meine gedanken haben ein eigenleben! Sie denken selbst nach!)

So, I hope there weren`t that much typos even though today and in the last days my typos are going to be more epic every day -.-
I will go to bed now, it`s more than time for me

잘자! Good밤! XD Oyasuminasai~

28.4.11 22:44

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