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My cute Junsu ^^° & Quote day!

안녕 다들! ^__^ *listening to SeoulFM again*

Jaaa... Ich habe wieder mal vor das Fangirl raus zu lassen hier!

Naaa, before I do ^that, let`s see...
Before we move on to the quote day...
Mal sehen was Noona alles aus ihren Photohost herausgraben kann...
*searches, searches*

ah! let`s take a look at...
(dunno exactly wae...o.0 maybe because it`s JJ XD *ah haha*)

[fangirl mode] but, errr.... sorry JJ..., because...
...Junsu is the cutest thing I have ever seen! (taemin is still the cutest person ever, but as a man, Junsu beats my "adopted son" taemin *haha*!)
Aw! Is noona`s hubby cute or what?!
OH!!!! He`s so so cute! Noona has not just fallen deeply for u, 자기야, noona has fallen 4 ever and my love will go ♪"ooon and on and on and on~♥"-♪! Not because of your looks, it`s because you are a good person & so cute!
(See? Junsu-ya, you see? your wifey didn`t say that she want`s to marry Yunho this time! *ghnihihi* just want to say: 너무 사랑해~~~♡ ) [/fangirl mode]

Tomorrow I will show you all baby`s two sides ㅋㅋㅋ His hot and his cute side! ^//^ oh! only thinking of this gif makes me feel embarrassed and kinda perverted XD *haha*
Ihr dürft also gespannt sein! (aber wenn es um Junsu geht braucht es da nicht viel... da reicht wenig und das gif ist definitiv ZU VIEL gewesen XD naaa, she selbst morgen! Ich sage nur: Showcase gif! Red Hair!)

Ohyeah, we will have a cool Yoochun tomorrow too! So stay tuned!

Let`s end this day with some "YunJae of the Day"... this time in Quotes! (credits to: @TVXQquotes~)

-- JJ:"Let's interview YH..*walks behind him* Mr.Yunho?"
YH:"OH! Mr.Jaejoong!"
(formal talk loll)

-- YH:"I think my favorite voice in our group..is Jaejoong's.His voice is so pure."

-- YH&JJ:"Bye Junsu~~" (get on train)
JS:"I worry about those 2.."

-- YH:"If I had to choose,I think I would marry Jaejoong.He would be able to cook me good food~"

-- JJ:"If I were a girl,I think I'd choose Yunho because he's so masculine and that way he will be able to protect me."

-- JJ:"Whenever Yunho is sleeping w/his mouth open I cover his mouth w/ a towel~"

-- JJ:"Yunho..has the strength where my weakness lies."

-- JJ:"I told YH,what if 1 day this happiness as 5 disappears..he was strong and comforted my mind."

-- YH:"Jaejoong is a friend I need in my life."

AW! Let`s do some YooSu too!

-- Cameraman:"Junsu is in ur team (w/ YC&CM)."
YC:"But we don't need him."

-- YC:"When I came to Korea after living in America, Junsu was my first friend."

-- TVXQ:"SUPERMAN!!" (going up the elevator lol)
JS:"They're my kids."
YC:"JS u do it!"
YC:"What a fool~"

-- YC:"When we were in Paris,I heard JS speaking English by himself.I complimented & ever since he's been addicted to English."

-- YC:"So~~ in front of us,these foreign girls were walking front of us..JS shouts,'HEY!YOU WANT ME?I WANT YOU!"

-- YC:"One time,JS asked me how to say 'deer' in English.I really had forgotten! So I told him..'Rudolph?'"

-- JS:"Yoochun is my wife!"

-- JS:"So cold~~~"
YC:"Hurry up baby~~ <3 (in English)"

-- JS:"I need him(YC)."
JS:"He's the only one who laughs at my jokes~"
YC:"No,I do it cuz I pity u."

-- YC:"Do u know the movie,Day After Tomorrow?"
JS:*embarrassed laugh*

-- YC:"I asked Junsu what 'tomorrow' was in English.He's like 'Are u kidding me? It's 'to freeze'!"
(OMO! BABY XDDD *lool* weak point english once again~~ Yoochun-ah, you`re a bad english teacher! You have to teach better english to him ^^)

JS:"During these past years,YC's become closer to me than any of the friends I grew up with."

-- JS:"I feel safe.Because of Yoochun,I feel safe."

Next Quotes from today`s twitter: MinSu!

*bothshake hands*

-- CM:"Junsu~ where r u from?(in English)"
JS:"I'm a..V-Virginia--"
CM:"--You from Virgin?"
YC:*cracks up*
(AW! dark lord, this was mean to my BB! XD You know it`s his weak point! )

-- CM:*sits next to Junsu*
JS:"Ah..get away."
CM:*laughs clapping*

-- CM:"Although JS jokes around a lot,from that,I get comforted."

-- CM:"I can rely on him(JS).He's the moodmaker our team can't do without."

-- CM:"I always have so much to thank JS for and to apologize to him for..so I wanna tell him that I thank him & love him."
(awwww! Look how nice our Lord Voldemin can be! <3 )

-- JS:"Changmin is just an old guy in a young body." (*LOL* ... true.)

-- JS:"He(CM) may not show it,but he thinks about his hyungs more than anyone else.He's a good person~" CM:"Yep,that's me."

HoSu quotes!

-- YH:"When I needed a place to stay during my trainee days,Junsu treated me like family."

-- YH:"I've known Junsu the longest compared to the rest of the members."

-- JS:"Anywhere I go with Yunho,it's always fun!"

-- JS:"I've always depended on Yunho,mainly cuz he's older.That still hasn't changed."

--JS:*slaps Yunho*
YH:*sees camera* "DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID?"

-- JS:"I have to add..Yunho is very clumsy & forgetful~"

Now, to end this *haha* Some min-related quotes:

-- YH:"I want to go home & sleep!"
YC:"I want to go to a sauna!"
CM:"I w-want to eat!!"

-- CM:"The goal of this trip is to not eat out of this bag,BUT TO EAT CRAB! CRAB!!"

-- CM:"I like pizza..spaghetti..eveything(in English)"

Yeah, what`s new today?

ARGH! I forgot to write to my Dongseng no.1 yesterday AGAIN! Now I have to bow before her and apologize! I feel guilty... T-T
I talked so much to a cassie on ICQ yesterday... aw! And forgot my BABY!? (no, not you Junsu! Not this time! Noona is talking about her youngest sister!)
I miss my Dongseng... Wae is her PC hating on her? Wae are students in Vietnam having so little free time? I`m always worried about her! "Is she stressed out?" ... "is my dongseng resting enough?" ... "Is she feeling well?"
I wish I could just go to the next house nearby and visit her! >.<

Naaa, für`s erst werde ich es dabei belassen ihr gleich zu schreiben!
Ich hab keine ahnung was sie an ihren schulcomputer alles sehen kann, aber ich werd ein nettes bild für sie suchen!

2.3.11 20:34

Junsu day!

안녕 다들!

Yeah, today I wanted to show you Junsu`s cute and hot side!
therefore I proclaim this day to the "Junsu day" on the blog! YAY for Junsu day! Junsu days are always good days for Noona! ㅋㅋㅋ

Now let us start with Junsu as our cute one!

uhm... 자기야, I think you have to do the angel pose your whole life *haha*

Yeah well, hot Junsu is... well, see ^//^
Noona don`t know what to say... *feel like a pervert* >///< OMO! *dies*
(Luckily JJ & Yoochun이 are not in this gif, this would have been my death FOR REAL! ---- Zum glück sind JJ & Yoochuni nicht mit im Bild bei dieser Szene, sonst wär ich jetzt echt hinüber... ^^°° *sweating*)

Another side of my hubby is this one:
ooooh! OH! elegance! the elegance I say! And beauty! Yes, yes! Beauty, beauty!

Jetzt die "Good old days" Series:
JJ from backt then! Aw! At this time he was mostly cute, but now he`s cute & HOT! :D Our beloved JJ~~ Always the best! (*whispers* besides Junsu~♥ ^^)

Sis hat gerade was interessantes gemacht! sie hat zufällig ne seite gefunden auf der man den wert von webseiten errechnet kriegt und alles mögliche noch.
Sie hat es *klick* mit meinem BLOG! *klick* ausprobiert!

Und seht euch das an! WTF?!?! MEIN BLOG ist docht tatsächlich WAS WERT?!?! Ach was! Glaub ich nicht!
Und die besucherzahlen: Habt ihr euch da nicht um 360 000 besucher geirrt? Glaub ich nicht!


Yeah well, was jetzt noch fehlt... our cool Yoochun!

I really like this pic very much!

Showcase Yoochun:
*confess* I like 유천 오빠 in a way I can`t explain. I dunno, it`s somehow... something special betweet Noona & Yoochun이. I mean the way I feel towards him.
With Junsu it`s clear. Noona loves him with no end!
With JJ it`s clear. He`s great & Noona has a strong, platonic love for him.
With Yunho it`s clear. Noona loves him because he`s our cute & fantastic Leader씨 with good personality.
And even with our dark lord it`s clear. Noona feels like he`s her little brother who she can be proud of (and has to protect).
But with Yoochun... I dunno... it`s not that I love him with no end. it`s some kinda strong platonic love too but in a special way. *keke* and he`s my hubby`s "wifey"!


(I sense a new silly conversation upcoming here... )


WOAH! Junsu once really said Yoochun is his wifey! this means... WTH!?!
/me: "Hubby, you be unfaithful with me?! "
Junsu: "This was before our time, 자기야~"
/me: "Ah, really? *not that convinced* But you two still do -it-, huh? " (btw... what is "it" anyway?)
Yoochun: "Don`t worry about that Sangmi-ya, we can share~~ "
/me: "YOOCHUN-AH! *where da hell did he came from!?* Who said I will share?!?"
Junsu: " Don`t be like that, wifey~♥ You have to share me with wifey. He was first."
/me: "Aniya, aniya! You don`t be like that! How can wifey share her hubby with wifey!?
Yoochun: "Well ㅋㅋ, we will explain "it" to you~ "
/me: " YOU SERIOUS?!!! Okie, let`s share Yoochun! errr.. Junsu...! Ah! you know what I mean!" (<- an allusion to SYC ㅋㅋㅋ share Yoochun XD )

yeah well, i`m sorry, this was very random + very silly again XD

I`m outta here to check my TwitTimeline! (und ich bin mir sicher das wird mich wieder fast 2 stunden kosten XD OMO!)

NOTE: This reminds me of the secret deal with greek sister! *hehe* You all will never know! It`s a cassie sister secret~~~ *hugs her european sister from "down under"* <-- Lol! down under XD *laughing at her own gag* XDDD
3.3.11 19:44

Let`s start over with...

...the YunJae & YooSu series from back then! I`m exitec even now only by thinking of it! YAIIIYYY *saying it like Tidus in japanese Dissidia version*

안녕 다들! ^___^

At first, let`s take a look at the love of my life *giggle* *blushes*
ooooh~! Cutie you!!!!
What a lovely surprise for today! Junsu made my day!

And now: Our Leder씨, recently @Strong Heart:
o.o Yunho, you will be 4 ever my beloved Leader씨! Just say a word, I will follow you everywhere!
*sideglance to Junsu*
/me: "Oh? Not angry at me this time?"
Junsu: "*shrugs* Wae? It`s okie. It`s true."
/me: "*keke* Yes it is! thx, BB! ~"
Our leader GoGo!

(excuse my constant daydreams but... Junsu got me daydreaming 24/7 in a week )

btw... I dreamed of Junsu friday night! :D Aw! It was just so cute! But this dream in general... errr... it was kinda weird! (and never that good as my JYJ dream back then! ooh! My JYJ dream back then really rocked! Best dream EVER!)

But let`s take a look at the things I bought yesterday!
JYJ`s "Memories in 2010"! I don`t care about if there are no subs or if it`s region code 2.
It`s much fun even when you have to watch it without subs & my DVD player is a all regions player (and I set the region options for my MAC to region 2 DVD`s - yeah, a MAC can do ANYTHING! Can read every region code DVD ;D Macs are sly! *keke*).

The second thing was:
Junsu`s musical DVD! YAY!
Mann, bin echt gespannt was da alles so drin ist ^^ Ich hab ja bisher nur wenig davon gesehen, aber das war toll! Ah, sachen mit Junsu sind immer toll *overly confident*.

Well, let`s move on with some quotes:

-- YH: "We aren't members. We're brothers. We fight a lot, too. But we make up really quickly."

-- Q: To you, wht is TVXQ's existence?
JS: "Always by my side, no matter what, they're just like my brothers who will always be by my side."

-- Q: What does TVXQ mean to you?
JJ: "It's where I belong."

-- Q: When do you feel lonely?
JJ: "When I'm separated from my members."

I`m about to cry when I hear something like that! T-T

-- Q: What does TVXQ mean to you?
YC: "A thing which I treasure the most."

-- YH: "All 5 members have to be together to represent the name of DBSK. We are family, the same team, the ones who support us is Cassiopeia."

At times like this, with unseless & pointless FanWar going on our Leader씨 should say "Cassiopeia SHOULD be the who support us", but... the true cassies always will! Count on the true cassies, Leader씨! Maybe not all of us were with you right from the start, but the thing that counts the most it`s not the time how long we are fans of you 5. It`s the mental state, the moral, the will to fight. And this is to support ALL FIVE of you, no matter what happens. THIS is the spirit every cassie should have to earn the right to call himself a cassiopeian family member. Cassiopeia is for 5 and should ever be for 5, regardless if they are together right now or not!

-- YH: "The five of us working together could be considered as fate."

-- YH: "Five different people feeling as one, happiness multiplied by 5, sorrow is just 1/5. This is called happiness."

-- YH: "To me, TVXQ is just like a family, a home."

-- CM: "For those starting a new life, isn't it good to start living together in DBSK's world?"

This is true, my dark lord. That`s exactly what I did. You guys helped me to start again (was auch nötig war... all das chaos was hinter mir liegt... phew! If it weren`t for you 5, then I would be hunted by the past till today!)

-- JJ: "I think sometimes [Yunho] doesn't consider me as a male."
YH: "Ahh~"
JS: "You made a dangerous remark!!"
YH: "Ehehehe~"
JJ: *giggles shyly about Yunho sometimes not considering him a male* YH: [to Cassiopeia] Don't imagine it!"

-- JJ:"I'm ok without the earring, and without the necklace. But without the ring I feel uneasy... Ah! I'm not wearing my ring now!"

-- [What do you do when you have a worry?]
YC: "Be with the members."

-- THSK:"It's our staff member's b-day!!"
(staff guy arrives)
YH:"YAYYYYY *picks up cake* YAYYYY--"
Staff:"NO NO NO" *stops YH*

oooooh so cuuuuute Leader씨!!! I love our Leader! A good, cute person!

-- Q:"Who's the most hardworking in THSK?"
(JS & YH vote CM)
JS:"He studies Japanese~"
YH:"Yes, and he works out now too."
CM:"I think all 5 members work hard *nods*"
Host:"Wow..how nice~ but look at JJ's answer--"Myself??"
JJ:*changes answers* "All 5 of us!"
Host:"Um..JJ..let's see what u put before."
*CM forces him to show*
CM: "he wrote himself."
JS:"But when is he(JJ) hard working?"
YH:"He works hard..but uhh the results r not obvious."
JJ: "..."

Yunho-ya, THAT WAS MEAN! Don`t do this to your wifey! *giggle*

-- JS: "As long as you laugh,whether to yourself or anything else,you'll feel happier. As long as you laugh, whether to yourself or anything else, you'll feel happier. Even bad things will get better. So please let's laugh together. (to fans)"

-- YH: "We will continue growing,but I want to continue growing with my fans too."

-- JJ: "I like it when my fans say 'I love you'. I truly feel their love & I honestly thank them."

Alrighty then! I will say it more often to you then! ^^ *sideglance to junsu who`s already lookin in suspicion* I`ll not overdo it, I PROMISE!!!! *bows before Junsu in love and respect*

Shindong: "What does "bunny" mean? (referring to 'Honey Funny Bunny')"
YH: "It's..kind of like a rabbit covered in honey~"

You serious? Well, if Leader씨 says so... *believes without thinking about it* *believes her Leader씨 everything, even when he say`s the world is flat XD*

Shindong: "Who r u confessing to,CM?" (referring to 'Confession')
CM:"Well there was--"

-- CM:"The 1st time we met,I greeted him properly but YH just said,"Oh.Hi." and walked passed me. The 2nd time we met, YH said to me, ‘If u're only gonna train for a short while, then just leave,u should leave now.‘ "

-- FAN:"Oppa is mine."
JJ:"You're mine."

True, true . JJ, we are all yours! Every one of us, not just the JJ biased ones *haha*

Junsu: *loolking at his Noona with o.0-expression* *thinkin: WTF... *
/me: " ERRR! I mean...! Anyone but Noona! >.< JJ, can`t have Noona! Noona is ONLY for Su! JJ will never get -it- from noona! *thinking: Omo! What am I saying while I`m in public here on the net?!* *dies because of embarrassment*"

...btw: What is "it" anyway?! (hm, thought Yoochun and Junsu were about to explain to me...?!)

Yeah, enough nonsense, heartbreaking quotes and enough of my daydreams!

Let`s take a loook @ what YooSu are doig!

"YooSu of the day":
*keke* YC was like "oh. Come here, baby. *grabs Junsu*"
JS was like: *talk, talk* Oh okie. *move to YC, while he keeps talking*

And the most interesting question now is: How are YunJae doing?
"YunJae of the day":
*squeals* How cute! Babies! OMO! Babiiiiiies!!!!! I don`t remember where I found this but it`s cute, isn`t it!?! So little YunJae!

Yeah, nothing left to say for today, except for: Yes, this blog somehow is all the way.
While mother and Sis are watchin TV upstairs I post all this to our entertainment, to spread the DongBang/K-Pop love & to give you information about anything going on.
(not sure if you interested, but this is noonas blog *haha* if you don`t like, please don`t look~)

Seriously, I rarely watch german TV lately. TV programm is horrible, on working days equally as on weekends. The TV stations should be ashamed, but actually they are not so... I keep on watching K-dramas, K-Pop Mv`s and spend my time on twitter and here.

This blog became so... international since I decided to write about k-pop all day... OH MY!
And no one can leave a comment for anything due to the fact that this stupid blog originally is for germany and the button who shound be maked as "leave comment" is named "kommentieren". I`m not really sure if everyone has enough fantasy to imagine that "leave comment" could be this... Oh my! poor us!
blog is not international-readers friendly when it comes to this matter! >.<

For that:
- I`m sorry
- honto ni gomen ne *bows to japanese people*
- 미안해 *bows to korean people*
- 我很抱歉 *bows to chinese speaking people* !!!

Well, I don`t know if any korean, japanese or chinese speaking people come to visit here (most likely not - even though I would feel really honored by that ^^) but I don`t know to say -I`m sorry- in any other language, so that`s it~~

p.s.: 비 rain`s "hip Song" is driving me crazy! Can`t get it out of my head! It`s been the whole week already and I`m still not able to get it out of my head!
And: I listened to BoA`s US album.
Very good. I really like it. (but like our 5 boys waaaaayyyyy better!!!!)
6.3.11 19:41

The "telescope eyes"-Story!!!

안녕 다들! ^w^

First of all: Cassie friends, I`m honored that you visit my blog and I`m very happy that you enjoyed readin in it too!
ELF`s, ShaWol`s. Bigeast`s... whatever. You are welcome too if you want (just wanted to say this).

@Celebrian: Schaaaatzzzz, siehst du? Jetzt wird der blog endlich berühmt in der welt *ah haha* *übertreib---> wie immer*

Friends, I`m glad that I can entertain you a little!

Errr... so, what`s up now?
Something I wanted to post yest, but then there were too many pics in one post and so blog`s loading 4 ever.... *sighs* ah! Let`s get to the point here!

There was a pic around these days..., I think it was Ocean or Daisy who linked it (please fell free to correct me friends if I`m horribly wrong about this >.<).
I was really moved by looking at it...

Yunho and cassiopeian Balloon.
I dunno. This is kinda BIG SPEAKING when you look at it. Only by taking a look at his expression... Don`t know what to say. No words to describe it.
Our Leader holding Cassiopeia...
Seeing this, I`m speechless.

So now, my friends, for you entertainment I`ll tell you a weird detail about me: Sometimes I`m easily fascinated by something other people would never see or would never say it`s fascinating in the first place.

For example: I`m on a walk with the dog. I walk and walk, doggie walks and walks, I look here and look there and suddenly I stop.
Because there is a snail on the way in front of me. I stop the doggie and start to look on that snail and suddenly I will go: "woooah...! Look at these telescope eyes! ...*deeply fascinated* coo~l."
Yeah, almost every person would think THIS is really weird but...
I really think these eyes are kinda fascinating... You guys ever looked at these eyes... oh my, weird but kinda cool!

ehm... *hüstel* but let`s cut this out this and move on with

"YunJae of the day"!!!

Ah, what are our YunJae doing, huh? *takes a look*
Oh! Very young YunJae!
But Yun Jae couple started early
(yes, I know we had this gif before, but I wanted to share it again because it`s sooo overly cute! ^^)

Nur mal so zwischendurch... also, irgendwie hab ich da was verpasst!
JJ hat neue tattoos?!?!

JJ got new tattoos? Do the JJ biased ones know about this or am I the only one who`s that slow in noticing?! I really wonder!

I just saw it on a website! --> HERE *klick*

So now, it`s getting late again!
And noona`s working day is a "long way, long way" tomorrow!

Deshalb gehen wir jetzt gleich zum YooSu couple über.

"YooSu of the day":
Aw! when this isn`t cute!

I really love YunJae & YooSu both very much, but YooSu always a little, little more because of my Su~♥

Now I `ll move to bed! Have to get up early! Bye~~

(oh, what a shameful short entry today!!!! >.<)

edit: What da hell was I writing yesterday? Just had to edit this entry a little! XD OMO!
Das kommt davon wenn man sowas kurz vor dem schlafen gehen macht! >.<
7.3.11 21:39

Pissed off today (at work)

안녕 친구! 좋은 하루! ^.^

Ah, normalerweise hatte ich heute gute laune! (hab auch jetzt wieder gute laune) aber auf arbeit... eine gewisse person hat echt mal wieder genervt.
Ich war etwas pissed off "a little".

Let`s say: Ajeossi got me on my nervs A LOT today and I started to rant a lot about him after he left! >.<
And this as long until my Junior said that I should calm down and "Ajeossi is simpy that kind of person". ^^° but me was all "yeah, I know! BUT.. ARGH! You know what, I mean... *rant, rant*!!!" XD I was really pissed at that moment.
But I stoped it after a few sentences more and thought "Ah, to hell with it! I`m tired of even thinking of this person now'!".
I did this aaall for the sake of my Junior. She had no way to escape, she was forced to listen to me. *haha*

Well, whatever. This didn`t killed my good mood.
After work I was tired, but I was still in good mood.

Dann: Mein gott... was ich heute wieder gekauft habe XD
Es gab Geld vom Boss, darum hab ich beschlossen das ich erstmal einkaufen gehen. Okay, "gehen" ist übertrieben. Ebay eben (I`m a ebay baby, babies!)

Gut, was hab ich gekauft?
-- Colonize Hoodie, skyblue
-- ein Armband

Dann hab ich noch einen totalen zufallsfund gemacht und konnte nicht widerstehen ^^:
-- AADBSK Season 1! YAY!

OMO! AADBSK Season ONE!?!? Feelt like I was daydreaming once again! But it was true... and I was able to buy it from Germany! Was sagt man dazu! Nix mehr, außer: braaaaves Ebay , du hast noona mal wieder zufällig was gebracht! nice~~~!!!!!

Jaa, doch mein einkaufswahn ist noch nicht beendet!
always wanted to buys 2 new cupboards. Phew... but the price!
the ones I want are priced with 200€ & 100€... 300€ euro (are about... hm, 400 dollars!)
Ja, ist viel geld aber... naaah, noona NEEDS this cupboards. So much money for these things... ah, I saved my money from the month before but it`s still very much for 2 cupboards! *dies*

Okie, what else is new?
Oh yes!
@LUCY! Sis! Nice comment! Really nice! #cassiehug thank you! No one ever writes a (useful) comment! You are the first one, congrats! The part with the snail is cool! OMO! I sometimes poke the snailes softly too! (just to see how they retract and expand again ^^ snail`s are such jelly animals! fascinating!)

WOW! Never had such a long, USEFUL comment in my blog! Thanks to my cassie sister my dream came true *ah haha*! ^^

Everyone: Feel free to comment everything you want. As far as you are not saying horrible, impolite or insulting things I will not delete it

uuh! Mom gave me earrings today! She found them somewhere in her jewelry box. Well, they are nothing special. Not even worthy 3 dollar *haha* But I like them. Nice little rings~ ^^
I mag sowieso keine auffälligen schmuck also ist das genau mein stil hier!

Was machen wir jetzt? I don`t really thought about what I will show you today yet, so I show you the "YooSu of the day" now (yeah, today are YooSu first)
ah haha! Our Count Yoochun bites Junsu XD Who accepts his fate willingly! *sighs* ah, our YooSu... priceless!

"YunJae of the day":
kinda tired looking these two ^^ Was Yunho already about to sleep (on JJ`s shoulder? *keke*)
So bow, it´s okie you two, we will leave you alone again

Thinking about it, when I imagine a sleepy Leader씨... This could be the cutest thing EVER! This could even beat sleepy Junsu. Oh, but I really like sleepy Junsu! Soooo cute! *squeals*
Oh my! My bias for cute things... it`s not normal anymore!

sample: everytime I see a puppy i go crazy XD I talk to them as other people would talk to little kids and puppies really love that Oh so cute puppies!

Haaah... I`m running out of Ramen... Have to buys new! I run out if Kimchi a long time ago, and that`s not good too!

Yeah, I haven`t checked my twitter timeline and THAT`S NOT GOOD EITHER! *dies*
I`m sure there will be hundrets of messages again. I`ll try my best to get throuh it within a hour! ME HWAITING! *encurages herself*

Plans for this evening: Watch a horror movie. Maybe a japanese one. Haven`t decided yet wich one I will watch.

Now: "The -wae- of the day" is: Where`s my best friend? And Wae have I forgotten when she will come back from her vacation in turkey?!? WTF!? My head is so full of cassiopeia`s matter, that I start to forget about other things XD
Well, I`m sure she`ll contact me as soon as she`s back, so it`s not that of a big deal.
8.3.11 19:02

JYJ Subway Advertisement? oh! great!

안녕하세요! *bows* ^.^

Als aller erstes lasst und einen blick darauf werfen wie man in Korea SME ein weiteres mal die Laune verdirbt XD
The subway campaign for JYJ has started, as you can see here --> JYJ subway advertisement!

ooh! I really love how it turned out!

Aber viel wichtiger ist, dass DAS mal wieder ein schlag ins gesicht von SME ist!
*haha* SME, I hope you are as amused as I am!
*keke* Of course you are.... ... ... ... NOT! *lool*

Sorry but seeing something like this makes me feel a little like on v-day back then! (v-day = victory day)

Aber jetzt mal im ernst...
Zur zeit denk ich extremst an den anstehenden (weiteren) gerichtstermin von JYJ. Was wird wohl diesmal rauskommen? Wird der typ von SME diesmal erscheinen? Ist der termin mit dem 15ten März noch bindend?
Ich mein, wie blöd ist das? Am 14. ist "white day" in korea und sie halten ihr fan meeting ab und am 15. stehen sie dann wieder im gericht? Wie viel gegensatz ist DAS bitte?
Naja, aber viel wichtiger ist ja das der Court in Seoul auf unserer seite steht! Ich hoffe doch sehr das sie das tun! Sonst... Court, are u sure U want to mess with me? (and cassiopeia)?

Now a little FUN!
I found this pic of our dark Lord somewhere on the net, I forgot where (as always)

*lol* der hammer... wirklich XD
I laught reading this!

Well, while we`re at it: Let`s move on with the "YunJae of the day":
*ah haha!* I remember this from the couple talk! *haha* sooo funny! Yunho & JJ = priceless!
Oh my, we are so lucky to have them, u all know that? ^^

Oh my god! Where did you get these Winnie the poo`s? *giggle* I love Yoochun`s expression! cuuute!

Extra YooSu of the day:
Ja, ich weiß, dass hatten wir schon mal (vielleicht sogar schon zwei mal), aber: Noona looooves this pic! Sooo cute YooSu! AWWW!

But even back then, at this calendar shooting, you could see how they beginn to get thinner... *sighs*
And today? All three of them are not looking that well compared to how they were in the past - if you ask me!

gut, ist vielleicht nur meine meinung, aber es steht außer frage das sie gerade jetzt zur zeit langsam das bedenkliche level erreichen.
Also bei JJ schon lange und Yoochun hat auch erheblich abgebaut die letzten monate... What to do? What to do?
SME ruins our boys physically and emotionally...


Aber jetzt noch was fröhlicheres:
My Cassie-Yadonseng turned 15 today! YAY FOR HER!

생일축하해요, 킨티아! (Happy birthday, Cynthia!) Best wishes from your 은니! I hope I`m there when you turn 18 too!
@Cynthia *haha* JJ singing Happy birthday was very funny! *lol*
Das video ist gold wert!
The best part was when JJ laught XD Aw, I love his laughter! Really, close second fav laughter after Junsu`s!

The good thing living in a JJ biased world? Well, while everyone is looking at JJ noona can have her hubby Junsu all alone (I only have to share with Yoochun and, after thinking about it, it`s not that bad! ㅋㅋ

Well, but when will they explain "it" to me, huh? Noona really want`s to know it!


*hehe* "it" again XD I`m really curious about this thing... what did JJ mean by "it" and wae is Junsu so embarrassed about "it"!? and, most of all, WAE did he allowed us to imagine things more wild? *thinking of some kinda SuJu mini drama situation* IT CAN´T BE! No no! You guys seriouse with that?
OMO! OMO! If I let my imaginations running wild then some... really cute... but... really not PG rated thing... comes out!
You guys making me suffer~~ I`m about to die... I want to know the A-nation secret! Pleeeease! You can`t leave noona behind after giving her such thoughts! AH! how cruel of you!

However, I have to go to bed now! Please, Cassiopeia, think about "it" and when you figured it out then tell me, okie?!
I will go to bed and hopefully I dream about "it" and then I can tell you what it is too! (okie, stupid plan, but dosen`t matter! At least it`s a plan! XD)

9.3.11 21:20

Strange thing!

안녕 다들! ^.^

정윤호. 내 Leader씨. 영원히!
(Leader씨 @Strong Heart, a while ago)

윤호 오빠, our beloved, cute Leader씨!
And YES, I will continue to address him like that until forever, because Yunho is a good leader, because he`s our -cassiopeias- leader too. Period.

Today at work I thought of "Quiz to change the world" which I watched on yesterday evening before sleep with subs.
I remembered the part when Yunho said he had his last girlfriend about 2 to 3 years ago. AW! Yunho Oppa, welcome to the club! Same here! *raises hand* (<- but with boyfriend!)
Well, so it happend that I was thinking about my ex then. What a jerk! >.<
But as soon as I was thinking about that, I realised something: Although our boys and I are not even in the same country, I feel much more loved and repsected by them as by every man down to the present day who ever was around me.


As a cassie you receive such great respect and love from our 5, I think that is the point wae it feels so good to be their supporter.

And especially Yunho... I feel such great respect for him as our Leader씨. I never ever respected a person that highly.
heh... sounds crazy, dosen`t it?
Back then, on Yunho`s b-day, my dongseng said something after her b-day wishes for yunho. She said that she sees Yunho as her father.
She pointed out a very inportant thing, but I don`t think that she knew. Yunho is like cassiopeias "father", let`s say a "fatherly leader".
I think this is the reason wae my love and respect for him raised that high: He and the other 4 as well really care about us. And the most important thing is that they don`t are like that only because they benefit from us.


And this basical thing, this ability, is something boys here in europe are lacking: The ability to truely care, to care without any ulterior motives, to care out of respect and love.

Our 5. All of them are so nice people... I love them for being who they are as humans.
They really set my standards high, it`s true, but it`s okay.
Because of my JunsuBB I was able to find my believe in guys again. Because of all five of them I experienced that GOOD BOYS EXIST! Never thought people (especially men!) can be as nice as this. They really made my life and I started over with them. No, because of them.

Another reason wae I will never stop to support the 5 of them. They gave me so much. They helped me to forget the bad things of the past (all of these bad things!) & showed me that there is something better. Something with a greater love.

Now that they are having a hard time I will stand by them, will suffer with them and -eventually- be happy with them when all this mess is over. They always cared about us and because if that I will care about them! It`s my turn now to protect them as good as I can.
They try to hide their pain from us because they don`t want us to worry about them more and more. One reason more for me to return their love.

I don`t know exactly what made my love for them raise so high in such a short time, but I think it`s something that is called "cassiopeian family love" and our boys are part of this family.

Like JJ said: Let`s trust each other for 10 year, 20 years! Let`s trust each other and live on!
No matter how deep the dark of night, I will try to lighten it up for them (at least a little) because they did the same for me!

Just wanted to say: This is why I love them that much.
I think I have to give them something in return and so I want to be more like a supportive friend, not just a fangirl.
Becoming their fan was the most... addicting thing that could have ever happen to me and also the most beautiful.
Knowing them is the best thing ever in my life!




Well... asian men...
The reason, from my side, wae Yunho and I are in the same club "2-3 years club": Maybe Yunho Oppas reason is a different one, but I`m that long off a relationship because I was really frustrated with the boys here. Now I think: Da hell with them! I will never ever be interested again! I will search for an asian guy now! ^^
It`s for the better! Until I found him, our boys are enough for me. Maybe I will not be able to find a boyfriend ever again, but it`s okie as long as I feel loved by our boys so much. 동방신기, 사랑합니다. 감사합니다. *bows deeply*

So, after that... I hope you guys are ready for the "YunJae of the day"!
Another reason why I love them!

And what is up at the YooSu side?
Oh? bad Umma! :D Jaejoong cockblocked YooSu today! *ah haha!*
Yoochun is not amused XD
Junsu... is... so...
cuuu~~test thing ever! My BB ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ *love, love, love*

So now... errr... I have to work (tomorrow). Let`s quickly check my twitter now and then go to sleep!
11.3.11 19:49

Most important thing theses days...

안녕 다들.

These days we have a serious matter for opening the entry. No, we have two serious matters!

The most important thing first:

My bigeast friend is fine - AT THE MOMENT!
We don`t know what will be if the atomic plants have their meltdowns... (and this is very likely!)
My sister said it`s impossible to evacuate Tokyo... GOSH! All the people there! I don`t dare to imagine!

In this our, let`s pray for the japanese people! Let`s hope it don`t get from very bad to worst.
Really, I wish them to be save! I think of my Bigeast friend before I go to sleep...
And let`s not forget that our boys are not that save too! Korea is a direct neighbour to japan! It the worst happens, it`s not good for korea too! Maybe for many other lands too. So let`s pray for a wonder!

There`s not much we can do, besides making a donation for our japanese friends (I already did that) & #prayforjapan. So, the little we can do: Let`s do it!

But korea-> JYJ-> trial-> tomorrow! OMGS!

The deadline is almost there!

Tomorrow it the day! We hope #JYJwin... Yeah, I really hope!
If there is any justice out there in this world then they HAVE TO WIN!

C'mon, court, be a little good to our boys! Do us cassies a favor and decide in the favour of the good ones. They are SO NOT after money. Aigoo... what a mess we`re in here?!

It`s about time thir whole trial-thingy ends. Our boys suffered so much until now...
they lost so much weight... especially JJ & Yoochun... *worried* It`s not funny anymore! (well, it nerver was... )

And... SME, YOU should listen closely now: If you don`t show up tomorrow I will take a flight and get your god dammit ass into this court with my own hands!

SERIOUSLY, THIS COMPANY! HAIZ! It drives me crazy, u know!?
To be honest: I want to see them bleed But not everyone at SME, just the responsible ones.

The fact is, that actually not everyone @ SME is the pure evil. I never thought so. But there are some people (I expect them to be the -higher ones-) who made desicions in the past having a negative effekt on our boys lifes.
And one thing is for sure: SME, we will support your artist with love, no matter what, but if you dare to destroy our boys life we will destroy YOU!

Beware of the Cassiopeia!
...I think Bigeast would be with us too, but they have other things to worry about right know... T.T Japan.... WAE! of all countries in the world?! Wae had it (earthquake/tsunami) to be THERE? TT_TT




So, what elses is up today? This was all so serious now and... kinda... frustrating...

Ah, yes:
Yest, I found really niiiice, nice pics of JJ. I think this was at A-nation (according to his clothes)

*.* JJ, wae are you so pretty?!

The light in this pic! °.° Here comes the GOD! (one out of 5 gods ^^)

Seriously, he`s not human... can`t beliebe JJ is human >.< sooo pretty! OMO!

It`s true, he`s not just our HERO but our ANGEL as well!
ARGH! Don`t kill me everytime like this, JJ!
He really has to fix this bad habbit to kill half of cassiopeia with one glance! Jaejoong-ah, this is not nice towards us, but... COULD YOU DO IT ONCE AGAIN?! I don`t mind if I`m dead afterward!!! 재재 just 고고! ^^
Ah! But.... seriously! Look at him! What an angel!

Oh! dabei fällt mir was ein!
Ich hatte diese nacht wieder einen interessanten traum! OMO! OMO! I was about to die after I woke up this morning!
Yunho-ya~~ *blushing* So nice you decided to visit me in my dream - FINALLY!
It was a cool dream. First it was all about JYJ but then there was only Yunho... errr... ich hab absolut keinen plan wieso der traum dann plötzlich von JYJ zu "nur-yunho" wechselte, aber okay! It`s all fine by me!
Aber: Wieso hab ich die gelegenheit nicht wahr genommen um Yunho`s haare an zu fassen?! OMGS!
Naja. In jedem Fall, auch wenn der traum etwas verwirrend war, war er doch sehr cool!
Aw! Our Leader씨 is sooo cute! Even in my dream he is like that! Leader씨 never change - not even in my weird dreams!

Aber wenn wir schon gerade von Yunho reden... HOMIN!
Patrick got it right!
Patrick is sly! so sly! We should do exactly this!
14.3.11 21:02

what are you saying now, SME?

안녕 다들! ^.^

What a happy, happy day for our boys and us!

YES, WE DID IT! WE´RE GONNA MAKE IT! New tag should be #JYJsurewin! HAH!

ㅋㅋㅋ SME, I`m not really sure but, it there a possibility that you losed out to JYJ and their lawyer, huh?





Ah haha! Thanks SME! I really have to thank you! You really made my day! I laught for 10 minutes after I have read what happend in the trial today XD

Everyone, just look at this!!!! *klick*
^ this is what happend in today`s hearing!

Allein schon das:

On the issue of the Net Profit of 14.7 billion KRW (approximately 14.7 million USD) in 2008:

SM: Of that, the portion from TVXQ was only 1 billion KRW. The rest came from BoA, CSJH (Chun Sang Jee Hee), and The Trax.

JYJ’s law firm: Wow, so CSJH must make more money in Japan than TVXQ!

SM: …;;;;;;

XDDD pwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO! JYJ Lawyer, you ROCK!

More details about the lawsuit in general you`ll find here!!! *klick*

SME, "keep your head down~♪♪" *dances KYHD scene with SME*
OMO! OMO! OMO! *loooool*

SME, there`s only one more thing to do/say: excuse me, but... 매~~~롱!!

*lol* really, SME made me laugh really hard today! The next trial day will be good cinema again! *grabs her popcorn & sits down* I just can`t wait to see what they bring up next time! really, can`t wait!

I kinda pity them, but in the end it`s only fair that they have to take resposibility for their own crap.

So now, what are you saying now SME?!? Our result after the third battle is:
JYJ: 3
SME: 0
Hm, I really wonder! When JYJ are as wrong as you said wae didn`t you won a single time? Answer us, SME. *keke*

Ah, I know, I`m too evil!
Cassies & Bigeast friends, everyone who`s old enough come and drink with Noona! *opens a bottle of Jinro Soju* Let`s celebrate this v-day ---- although I don`t drink any alcohol usually (NEVER).

Let`s celebrate this wonderful v-day with the "YunJae of the day" (heute in doppelter Ausfrührung!)

first pic: *haha* Cute Yunho! ^^ YunJae is everytime big win!
second pic: simply YunJae. What more to say? It`s YunJae ^^

And what`s up with the "YooSu of the day"? Well, let`s look what`s up with YooSu, shall we? ^^
AWWWW! Cute coung YooSu doint the saranghae-sing! cuuu~~te!
I love these "baby pics" of them!

Ah, but speaking of couples... I`m gonna read a YunJae FF now before I go to bed toay :D
(hope this will help to bring good dreams! )

Ooooh! Today was the day the "Before u Go" MV of *look at pic below*


came out!

Here it is! VIDEO BLOG! VIDEO BLOG! *ausruf*

Wow! Ara so cool! (I like her ^^)
And Yunho!!!! *dies* Action Yunho kills me! Can't fangirl enough about "action Yunho"!
Changmin soo cool too! OMO!
And the other guy... errr... forgot his name but know his face!
Ah! Not that important right now!

The MV is DAEBAK! sooo daebak!
Yunho *sighs* Oh my heart! Really, our leader씨 got noona again! *dies*
15.3.11 22:16

Quotes, Cassiopeias power chant & *sighs* our Leader씨 is not happy...

안녕 다들! ^w^

At first, Cassiopeia & Bigeast, please check out this: http://tvxq5allfan.ivyro.net/
(choose the language which you are most comfortable with this way up ^ on the site~)
It`s an OT5 project with our korean sisters. (fundraising again! PLEASE HELP, foreign fans!)
I guess SME will not be amused again XD but this doesen`t matter!
*hüstel* ...das ist nur ein weiteres mal ein Grund das auch wirklich nochmal durch zu ziehen :D

Today we will do some quotes and random stuff. I could start now with a lot of ranting about HoMin/JYJ stans but I won`t. It`s pointless and I`m tired of this all so I just don`t say a thing.

Darum lasst uns jetzt schnell zu JJ übergehen, damit ich nicht doch noch in Versuchung komme mich über stans aufzuregen XD

OMO! Don`t look at me like that! *quickly leaves the room, because feels really embarrassed because of JJ looking at her like that* XD

aw! JJ is really cute!

Our "not-even-human-at-all" Angel, KJJ
Really, how can JJ look every morning in his mirror? I mean, without fainting? IT`S A MYSTEY TO ME!


-- YH: "I'm the leader,so a woman who'll allow me to lead the relationship is great."
JJ:"Yunho is an M! (M for masochist)"

-- YH: "JJ is an S as well (S for sadistic)
JS: "I'm an S as well."
YH: "*ignores JS* Wonder if I'm an S too..ahh so embarrassing."

-- CM:"I like girls who make me laugh.What about Yoochun?
YC:"I like a person who makes me feel like i want to love her"
*everyone claps*"

-- JJ:"That's the perfect answer..aaahhh..yoochun is!! he really does!! he has this "ideal lover" image already!"

-- JS "Though I dont have much time to do shopping.I'm not into it that much cuz I'm too lazy to walk. But if I really need something and I have a lot of free time, I'll find a chance to go shopping."

OMFG! Junsu, we have truely much in common! I`m not that shopping addicted either. In most of the cases I just go shopping when I can`t prevent it anymore XD

-- JS:"...like walking around and looking around."
YC: "No one asked you at all."

Yoochun-i, aah, that war a little rude to my BB... ^^

-- JS:"Actually, when we can’t find our own [underwear], we just grab a random pair and wear it."

-- MC:"Does [your butt sticking out] cause problems?"
JS:"Nope "
JJ:"It has for me! His underwear feels too big when I wear it!"

-- YH:"It's cold right now,but we're burning w/ passion!"
JJ:"Yes,we're burning!"


-- YH: "Jaejoong is very muscular, he has the most beautiful body."

-- YH: "JJ has a soft heart, his personality is such that even though he dislikes a person, he would not tell them."

-- YH:"Take care of Junsu~"
YC:" *sigh* It's not that easy."

-- CM:"Ichi,Ni...SAAAAAN!!!" (bruce-lee style)
JS:*hugs YC tightly*
YC:"Ow! that hurts!"

XDDD BB, be careful with Chunnie!

-- YC:"Junsu's butt is big!"
JS:"Yoochun's forehead is big!"

YC:"I'm Junsu's biggest fan~"

-- Fans:*scream for Junsu*
YC:"COME HERE BABY~! (in English)"

-- JS:"Yoochun used to be so cute & lovable.."
YC:"I still am~"

*haha* XD only fair! Chunnie & JJ said Junsu can`t do his cute angel pose anymore because he`s not cute anymore! I still think THEY LIE! Junsu`s cuteness for victory! I hope he will do us the angel-pose when he`s over 30 too! ^^°

-- YC:"Junsu has only one form of charisma..when he's singing & dancing."

-- JJ:"You look 19..."
JJ:"..but unhealthily older."
CM:"...don't touch me."

BWAHAHA!!! Our dark lord! XD I love Minnie! Lord voldemin has spoken! Don`t insult on prince Shim! *keke* JJ! *lols*

-- JJ:"One day..I wore hamtaro pajamas.." CM:"Wait..aren't those mine??"

-- YC: "He (YH) can sleep in 10 seconds. Hyung can sleep at any time, it's unbelievable!"

-- YC: "One time,YH was talking with a friend on the phone and fell asleep just like that!"

-- Interviewer:"Who eats the most out of THSK?"

Was haben wir jetzt noch? Ja, natürlich das übliche!

"YooSu of the day":
*squeee* CUTIES!!! Cute young YooSu!

So, what`s up at the YunJae end? "YunJae of the day":
*lol* JJ! XDDD
So so... looks like YunJae trying to copy the heart-sign YooSu did the last time ;P
Well, boys, you are cute and funny but... errr... YooSu did it more adorable xD 미안해~♥ ^^° No harm meant...

This is the red ocean in action:

T-T It`s heartbreaking when I see this. But it`s extremely 대박 too!

We have to be like this again! Cassies, don`t stop hwaiting! We have to believe in our boys as long as they believen in each other.

Aigoo... *sighs* TT-TT Jing Yee just linked a vid of Yunho @ the 2 member DBSK Fansign Event, forcing himself to smile...
It makes me wanna cry!
To see our Leader씨 like that was so sad and really hard to deal with - at least for me, I really can`t take it.

Seeing him, being tired of all things around (and this happens a lot these days...), being obviously unhappy, really make me wanna cry my soul out Y-Y
I love our Leader씨. In fact A LOT & I`m really proud of him. He`s such a good leader and tried to be strong everytime. But I really absolutely can`t bear to see him like that. He obviously still suffers a lot and it makes me so inexpressible sad.

Leader씨, please hang on! 힘내, if possible! T-T

The saddest thing is, that not everyone can see it. I think some of the fans still can`t see his pain (or the stans don`t want to see it? I guess so). I mean, you can see that everything is wrong only when you look into his eyes. He don`t even have to say it, u know... -.- It`s so overly obvious.
I feel so helpless when I see our Leader씨... I want to help him, but I can`t. I feel like... I have to help him to carry the weight on his shoulders, but I fail to do so. I just can`t help him and this makes me feel even more helpless...

Sorry Yunho Leader씨, Noona is of no use for you... I wish I could be a more useful person to you. Y~Y

+ ...I`m about to cry every evening when I look at my JYJ wall calendar... But it hurts much more to see the boys in situations like our Leader씨. I had teary eyes when I saw HoMin & SHINee singing Balloons together recently... Yunho was so sad, he nearly cried (I think he wanted to, but he behaved with all his strength).
A cassie`s live is really not funny these days! At times like this, one day we feel in high mood and the other day we want to cry. It`s a hard job, but we have to do this!
Not just for our Leader씨 but for the other 4 as well. We have to be strong, but... *sighs*... it`s not that easy.

I don`t expect you all to understand. Because our pain can only be understood by other Cassie`s & Bigeast sisters (because they are suffering of the same pain).
Let`s hope for good things to come in the future. Let`s hope our boys find a way to hang on every day like we do .

Cassiopeia & Bigeast, wir sollten unsere famile jetzt nicht hängen lassen. Wir alle zusammen können das schaffen, auch wenn es schwer ist.
Let`s just 화이팅 together!

p.s.: And... this Ajeossi after HoMin & SHINee ended with "Balloons"...
I was like: " WHAT DA--!!!!???!!! HOLY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!... >.<"

If you don`t know what I`m talking about, watch this, it`s at the end:

WAAAH! I`M BURNING!!!!!! This Ajeossi at the end... hands off of Yunho!!! (this is something I absolutely can`t stand!)

19.3.11 18:10

TweetCloud + Cuddle-day

안녕 다들! ^-^

This is my TweetCloud:
Und ich muss sagen: Das ergebnis überrascht mich nicht!
Ich bin zufrieden mit meiner TweetCloud.
Das "cont" eines meiner meistverwendeten wörter ist wundert mich nicht. Ich schreibe oft meinem Dongseng no.1 und auch sonst, wenn ich keine lust hab TwitLonger auf zu machen, cont-er ich schon mal XD (wortspiel! Wortspielt!)
Ja, lasst und diese lustige wolke mal etwas auseinander nehmen: Alle cassiopeischen wörter erklären sich ja von selbst. Wir reden viel über so zeugs.
Zum thema "yunho": ... ehm... eh... hehe... *verlegen lach* uhm... ICH KANN DAS (nicht...) ERKLÄREN! *sweating, sweating*
Zum Thema "Junsu": also DAS kann ich gut erklären! ^^ (wer mich kennt: war eigentlich klar)
Zum thema "love": errr... ^^° Junsu + love gehört bei mir zusammen und auch sonst wenn ich über die jungs rede kommt das oft in einem zusammenhang.
"hope", "cute", "nice", "happy", "time": Alles wörter die einfach gerade und allgemein im zusammenhang mit unsern 5 nicht getrennt werden können.

Naja. Wie auch immer. So viel zur TweetCloud. Passt schon. *haha*

Seit den geschehnissen in japan hat man viele gerüchte gehört. Ah, es gab sogar welche bezüglich Tetsuya Nomura!

It was said that Nomura is missing... T-T IT CAN`T BE! I hope it`s just a rumor...
But let`s think about it: Normally, he should have been in Tokyo so there is a high chance that he`s okay and it`s just rumor like many others.
Well, I dunno.

This gif was a present from my Marta Unni:
Junsu-gif *klick*
^^ <3 <3 <3 (yes, it`s a little... big and so here`s the link!)
Thank you Unni! (<- yes, I will fail forever at the right-more-original-writing of 언니, so it`s still written with "u")

Junsu @ToH:
awwww!!! *squeaks* I love you, 자기야~~♥
(ups! This was a little big too... wieso hab ich das nicht verkleinert damals? o.0 ah, *shrugs* donse`t matter ^^)

Ah, now our "Yoosu of the day":
BB, please be nice to Yoochun, will ya? ^^
Aw, so cute YooSu! Noona wants to join for snuggle! *jumps & hugs YooSu like there`s no tomorrow*

"YunJae of the day":
awwwww. Today is cuddle-day!
I remember that. It`s from the "Off stage" photobook.

Oh yes, the YunJae... This reminds me of the FF my Unni gave me.
*kekeke* diese FF ist wirklich... interessant! Hoho! And the rated scenes! *giggle* very good FF! One of the best FF`s I have read so far.
I dunno... maybe I will write a YooSu FF myself, but I`m still not sure about that.

Haiz! Dabei hab ich noch einige FF`s rumliegen... hm. Final Fantasy wird die erste & Bleach wird die zweite die fertig wird. Twitlight die dritte. Für den rest gibt`s noch keine fertigungspläne.

Falls ich die YooSu FF wirklich mache wird die eh nicht so lang werden. Ich will sie kurz halten. Ich überleg sogar, WENN ich die schreibe, ob ich die nicht gleich ganz in englisch verfasse statt in deutsch. ^^ im englisch gibt es mehr gute wörter zu verwenden. Mit weniger mehr gesagt und für manches gibt`s auf deutsch gar nicht wirklich gute worte... o.0

Naja, wie auch immer: Announcement for tomorrow: Super cute Junsu is comming! YAY!
20.3.11 17:18

Aigoo, a serious headache...

...was given by my Appa yesterday. Wae did he have to make everything more complicated. I . CAN`T . BELIEVE . IT!!!! *head meets wall*
...Haiz! Have to talk to my little sister & BF... *sighs*

Well, but it`s not that kind of a desaster. We will go through with HWAITING! *makes hwaiting pose*

Oh yes, I forgot: 안녕 다들!
sorry for this lame intro *drop*

So, errr... ja. Wo waren wir gestern stehen geblieben? Ahja, Junsu~

ye, ye *nods* Junsu is most of the time the last thing I`m thinking about and the first in the morning
Errr! But, before I get lost in thoughts (which means: daydreams), let me show you our super cute Junsu!

This was Junsu, fascinated by the simple things in life again (camera lense):

OH MY! *freaks out*
How can a human being be so cute?!
BB, you have not the slightest idea of how cute you are, don`t you? Awwww~♥ When I see him like that I just want to hug the daylight out of him *haha*

[fangirl mode] And the best thing about Junsu is: He`s still soooo cute! Aw! Always so cute! When I look at Junsu... *puts on her rose-colored glasses* it`s not normal anymore... SO CUTE! OMGS! SO CUTE! *totally in fangirl mode now* no kidding! It`s just... so... CRAZY! *giggle*
Aniya! I have to correct myself: I`m crazy about Junsu! TOTALLY!

No, you really have not the slightest idea how cute you are, 자기야~♡ *siiii~ghs* *staring @sleeping Junsu*
*squee* I could stalk him like that all night long! 진짜, that 남자 drives noona completly crazy~ 잘 자, 내 사랑! 누나는 널 사랑 한단다. [/fangirl mode]


ㅋㅋㅋ and your noona will stalk you when you sleep at night ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^v^
(even if this means that I can`t sleep myself! It dosen`t matter I will keep on staring at my Su-hubby~)

Hm... interesting... I just read about english at korean schools...

It`s interesting because most of the younger korean cassies say they don`t speak english, BUT this article says english is teaches in korean schools since the third year of elementary school - with focus on grammar and understanding the written english.

Wae do these kids say they don`t speak english then? They are learning english longer than we do here in germany and they still say this?
Hm... I wonder wae...

But, on the other hand, some of the older koreans (at my age or older) speaking some good english. I dunno.

My little indonesian ELF-friend is 11 and has just begun to learn english, but I can already talk to her well and she understands a lot.
So I don`t get it wae the korean kids say they "don`t speak english, sorry" when they are already learning since 3 or 4 years... aigoo... c'mon people! I want to talk to you! Haiz...!

Aber in diesem artikel get`s ja auch noch weiter! "Die Nachfrage nach guten mündlichen Englischkenntnissen ist sehr hoch, so dass Eltern und Schüler die Schulkenntnisse ergänzen, die von vielen Eltern als unzureichend erachtet werden. 80% der koreanischen Kindern erhalten außerschulischen Nachhilfeunterricht und 30% nehmen Englischunterricht."

"Allerdings sind die Noten in Englisch schlechter als in den Kernfächern Mathematik, Lesen und Naturwissenschaften."
-> liebe koreanische schüler, jetzt bitte keine ausreden an dieser stelle!
Für uns deutsche ist englisch im vergleich zu unserer muttersprache genauso schwer zu erlernen wie für euch (im vergleich der grammatik englisch/koreanisch deckt sich das besser wie englisch/deutsch - WESENTLICH besser)

Errr... also, alles in allem kapier ich immer noch nicht wae die kids behaupten sie könnten kein englisch... o.0 A mystery to me!

But folks, there is hope ^^ *haha*
"Sprachkultur und Einstellung zu Englisch

Die koreanische Gesellschaft ist sehr wettbewerbsorientiert und gute Englischkenntnisse werden als unbestreitbarer Vorteil für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg und Karriere betrachtet. Auf den koreanischen Eltern lastet ein großer Druck, ihren Kindern diesen Bildungsvorzug zu ermöglichen. Unter Erwachsenen sind Englischkenntnisse sehr angesehen. Durch die große Anzahl von Auslandsstudenten sprechen heute viele einflussreiche koreanische Geschäftsleute und Politiker in der Öffentlichkeit hervorragend Englisch.

Die koreanische Sprache verwendet viele englische Wörter, allerdings oft durch das Japanische, wodurch die entstehenden Lehnwörter mit dem englischen Original nicht mehr viel gemein haben. Einige Gelehrte befürchten eine Verschlechterung der eigenen Sprache, aber Journalisten, Geschäftsleute und die jüngere Generation verwenden begeistert immer neue englische Begriffe, um ihre Verbundenheit mit fremden Kulturen zu beweisen.

YAY! für die jüngere generation! Wenn sie jetzt noch alle ihre kenntnisse auch anwenden, dann finden auch noch mehr I-Cassie und k-cassies zusammen

Jetzt noch etwas ganz wichtiges: Ich hab`s ja gestern schon auf FaceBook gepostet aber ich poste es mit LIEBE auch hier:

The reasons wae german(european) boys are not, and never will be, daebak:

You know what, the best thing about this is: Our boys would REALLY do something like that!

Yupp, european boys! Read this! Take this! Deal with it! this is wae -men are better than you ever will be!
21.3.11 13:20

Stans are sooo funny! *hahaha* XD

안녕 다들!

OMO! Ich hab mich soooo gut amüsiert gestern!

Und zwar unter anderem deswegen: DBSK Scenarios:
OH MY! CHANGMINNIE! XD Minnie, you better hope I don`t hear that in this kinda situation! ^^
Aber es stimmt, sowas kann echt total mies sein... Sisters, you should know what I`m talking about!
JJ`s möglichkeit seine älteren schwestern an zu rufen könnte sich in diesem Fall als echter lebensretter herausstellen ^^

Dann hab ich mich über stans amüsiert - aber auch aufgeregt. Side pickers... my oh my... when will this end? Und wieder stellt sich natürlich die frage: Wie können leute so blöd sein?
Ocean hat völlig recht: Stans müssen die fähigkeit haben anderer leute gedanken lesen zu können und die zukunft vorhersagen zu können... Mein gott! Was die alles wissen! uuuuunglaublich!
But, like I said: as a stan, your life is so much easier! Stan`s motto is "If it dosen`t fit, use a bigger hammer." . Really. In the meantime I think it`s quite funny what JYJ/HoMin stans are saying.

There are things like...
- "OT5 said SME is not that bad"
- "OT5 only love the boys when they are together as 5"
- "HoMin are traitors"
- "JYJ are traitors"
And the funiest thing was what a stan said about Ocean (and she`s a OT5!):
- "(...)she don`t like JYJ"

Really, Marta Unni is so right! How old are these kids? And even the admin of JYJ-Files... This last HoMin/JYJ article... WTH?! o.0
They tried to say us that HoMin are the bad ones or what?
And once again my Unni is right and it`s also that what I say the whole time: HoMin can do NOTHING, they can say NOTHING, without SME controling what they are doing. And on top of that, SME is all fine with the current situation: all JYJ stans are blaming HoMin for everything (from the separating of the group right up to the difficulties JYJ have o-0 weird!)
Are there still fans out there who believe what HoMin say under SME`s direction is really what they want to say? I pity every one of these kids who believes that.

Since when is SME okay with artist who speak their real thoughts freely? Since when? Stans, you know all the answers not even a "from the first second-fan" knows, so tell me. Just tell me! I really want to know.
Sure, they can`t give us a answer to that. And, if the kids really thing about it, it`s completely ridiculous to say that HoMin are free to say what they really want under SME.

Und um auf das zurück zu kommen was unsere side pickers so behaupten: Was sie über OT5`s zu wissen glauben ist alles falsch - was man an dem kommentar über Ocean genau erkennt.
Und SEIT WANN hat bei uns jemand gesagt das SME "nicht so übel" wäre?
Es ist ein unterschied wenn ich sage:
1.) SME ist gar nicht so übel!
2.) Nicht jeder bei SME ist das böse persönlich.

Das ist ein himmelweiter unterschied.

Eigentlich bringen stans mich total auf die palme, aber auf der anderen seite tun mir diese kinder in ihrer verdrehten, von ihnen selbst zurechtgebogenen, zerbrechlichen welt aus lügen und verdrehten fakten wirklich leid. + Ich amüsieren mich manchmal wirklich prächtig wenn ich denen zu höre! ^^

Witzigster satz den ich in letzter zeit gehört habe: das SYC team ist gegen JYJ.
also echt stans! DAS schießt den vogel ab XD
Also mal ehrlich... Ich kenne niemanden der ne gesündere OT5 einstellung hätte als SYC...
Side pickers erstaunen mich immer wieder!

Haaaaah, ich könnte noch ewig beispiele aufführen. Jedoch halten ich es für besser das für heute mal wieder dabei zu belassen.

OH! im übrigen: Wenn irgendjemand weiß woher dieser "DBSK Scenarios" ihren ursprung haben (die original seite) dann sagt es bitte! schreibt es ins GB, in die kommentare oder auf twitter an @Vinya85.

Errr, ja.
"YunJae of the day":
Oh! With YunJae is everything fine here (I love Yunho`s expression in this one! Leader씨 sooo cute!) but what`s up with ChunMin? WOAH! *haha* What are you doing boys? ^^ Cute.

"YooSu of the day":
Aw! Our boys so young back then ^^ cuuute!
Their hair was kinda funny XD (in a cute way!)

Joah, what`s up now?

My greek sister ist missing! About a week now!
Lucy, wae do you avoid us T-T
Well, I dunno what you are doing, but come back soon! Maybe your internet is hating on you, I have no clue. Please be save, happy and come back soon!

So, now let`s read my Timeline on Twitter together *haha*
Yes, I believe this will become a highlight today! (I have never done this before, readinf TL while blogging):

--> ARGH! Brother-in-law, please stop tweeting when I`m not there to listen to you! ^^ yeah, Junho tweeted, but I`m not fisnished with scrolling down... Maybe Mr. KJJ tweeted as well (as always) when I was away...!
*looking/scrolling down*
--> ^^ BoA, I wanna see sunshine too! *haha* yes, BoA tweeted too today!
--> OH MY FU**ING GOD SUN! Before u Go YunJae-Version-> I`m ! Oh my godness! This was really... HOT!
--> Awwwww! ooooh! *squeaks* Leader씨 is soooo cuuuuuute! *sees very cute pic of our cute Yunho*
--> *haha* Su wonders about wae she has so much trash followers XD Yeah, I wonder that too! (every day)
--> *haha* seriously Ocean! It`s so cute you are a "snow survivor", but... NY don`t really has snow. When you have 30-50cm it`s called snow here! ^^ aw! You`re just cute!
--> Oh! Good idea Natali! You just gave me an idea for me! You go in your dad`s luggage to US and I send myself to NY as a stamped package at the concert`s date!
XD nooo, we are not totally freaky when it comes to visit our boys concert! *lies*
--> WO HO HO! Look who`s talking now! aaaand there they are again! our stan kids! This time they say about OT5`s: "i think it's part of their daily routine to bash JYJ fans, i kinda think it's an obsession" HA! Don`t make me laugh! Who started the fanwar? eh? EEEH???!!! It was not us, it was YOU! Stop bashing on us and HoMin and we stop too. Don`t act like you know everything. geez.... REALLY!
and, btw, I ABOLUSTELY HATE THESE WORDS "JYJ FANS"... It should be "JYJYC FANS"! Think about it kids, you hate on HoMin, you hate on friends of your beloved JYJ. (yeah well, enough said, they will never understand anyway).
--> *loooool* NOW I REALLY CAN`T HOLD ON TO MYSELF ANYMORE! OH MY! Stans become dumber every day: ""can't respect Yunjae fans. If you want to ask us to respect you, you have to respect others first...if not possible to do that, plz respect JJ at least." *loool* Marta Unni posted this... Aigoo, what is the point of this? I don`t get it. It makes no sense.
Errrr... so is she saying YunJae fans don`t respect JJ? Uhm, but what is the meaning of this? When they are YunJae fans they love the- Jae- in YunJae which means they respect JJ o.0. And a stan talking about -respect others- is an epic win joke! XDDD My, my.... we have all this mess because stans either don`t respect HoMin or JYJ and after that they don`t respect OT5`s because we defend all 5 + our OT5 sisters... err... a stans thinking is still.... A COMPLETE MYSTERY TO ME! *lol* (like I said: I`m amused by stans more and more!)
--> *LOOOOOL for the second time!* Yes, stans become dumber every day! Sister found the proof! Ocean: "ok gotta let this out, i find it hilarious when u r a bias site but take old pictures of our boys and post them up, but label them wrong! XD" XDDD Right sister! XD Oh! I have the feeling there are more funny things to come... have to read fruther!!! *curiously looking at the next tweets in my TL*
--> BWAHAHAHHAA!!! Like I said! More funny things! From Ocean: "WAIT. hahaha some of them really do ship YJ???? omg. LOL" *LOOOOL too!!* Jinjja! Don`t make me laugh that hard! *falls off her chair* OMO! Don`t tell me some JYJ stans are YunJae shipper! It`s CAN`T BE!!!! *falls off her chair again* *after a long time stands up again & wipe her tears* OMG, this is soooo twisted world XD They hate on HoMin, but some of them are shipping YunJae? OMO! *starts laughing again*
Like ocean said: "illogical just went to the next level" XD Well said baby, well said!
--> Geez... now stans are angry because of what JJ said after "tonight show" in thailand? (because thai fans chanted "Yunho" in return to the MC`s question about a girlfriend) XD OMO! And theeeere are our stan kids aaaagain! Something happend what they want to avoid all the time: JJ reacted "wrong" (in their eyes wrong) to this chant and then he said this on twitter after the show: "Thank you for overcoming everything and protecting us and loving us, regardless of the feelings of uncertainty from waiting and amidst the unstable fear surrounding us. And I feel thankful once more that there is a sky that protects all the stars who love us. And I admire you all. (10:45pm KST)
AW! JJ, we will always protect you! And there will be always ppl in Cassiopeia/Bigeast who protect the 5, no matter what. You`re welcome oppa ^^
--> ARGH! JJ! You tweete again when I was not there! T-T *goes on and reads his tweet* *LOOOL* JJ said "good 밤" *lool* English/korean *haha* cool.
--> *loooool`s again* This is hilarous too (from @whatfangirlsdo): "We all suffer from OFD - Obsessive Fangirling Disease ^^" XD Yes, we really do!
--> *looool* *dies laughing the... one billionst time today* Well, THIS is the best thing I have ever read:
"❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Dude. I have DBSK. It's a serious relationship that doesn't even need sex."
PWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! *looool* ooooh so true! XD

Phew! This was a quite funyn TL! OMG! I should do this more often and I will call it "Timeline-blogging" *hahaha*
24.3.11 19:54


안녕 대들! OMO! OMO!

T_T Thank you 재재! I`m so happy, I want to cry!
First the comment after the thai-show & now this!

...and he`s with us.

OT5 sisters, I want to hug all of you right now! Today is OT5`s special v-day!

Oh my, listen to them now! All the stans are butt hurt now! *hehe* The only ones who are all fine are WE, the OT5`s.

OMO! OMO! So good day! What will my little sister say when she hears about this! (my cassiopeian little sister, not my real sis ^^ - my reall sis don`t cares about K-Pop)

I think JYJ3 is pissed now XD

Oh my! OT5`s cheer up! Now we are unbreakable! (at least it feels like we are!).

Oh my! Stans are going crazy right now! *haha*

ARGH! and Ocean and Natali got me again with their nice talk... ARGH! Cassiopeia, you will heal me for sure!
AH! ^^ Please don`t think I put up an act! Ask my little sister! I`m easily to embarrass because I had so much bad luck with humans in the past & now you come at me with things like "you are cute" & "you are so kind"? *haha* super shock for a person like me! (who`s used to hear only bad things)

Haaah, you girls... you all have no idea how grateful I am for you.

(yes, very short entry today but I will make it up next time! ^^ )
30.3.11 20:42

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