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Gratis bloggen bei

"Tears of Heaven" Premier ended successfully today!

안녕 다들! ^v^

Noona is very happy today! Her BB had his big show! Yesss! Tears of Heaven premier endet today! It was this morning and I`m sure my BB did well!

Just watch THIS (from the press preview audience):

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! This is all I can say!
I was very touched by this scene and nearly cried! (but just NEARLY! It didn`t overcome me this time )

oooooh, it was "대 to the 박~~~~~!!!!" *lol* (-dae to the bak-), like 미스터 에그 said earlier on twitter!

Just so love Junsu`s smile afterwards:
Aw! Baby, you`re so cute!!! 사랑해!


Ich hab gleich mal panisch den Jungs dafür gedankt

Mal ganz abgesehen davon: Ich hab den twitter-trend für Junsu zu seinem Musical-auftackt verpasst BLÖDE ARBEIT!

Nur weil ich hier arbeiten muss, die dämliche zeitverschiebung nach korea 8 stunden beträgt und ich nicht chef seinen PC mal schnell für 3 stunden benutzen kann XD kann ich hier mein hubby nicht unterstützen?!?

Ah, wie schon zu Celebrian gesagt: Sollte das ECHT wahr sein das es nach berlin kommt das musical, sollte "ToH" wirklich nach Berlin kommen, dann fahr ich hin!
Ich bin dann die person die kurz vor anfang "Junsu-ya hwaitiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!" schreit. PANISCH schreit
*haha* Alle blicke der andren sind mir gewiss!

Nochmal zum Music Essay: Wie viele Bleach bände hatte Yoochun da eigentlich rumliegen? ^^ das waren ja mindestens 6! *dies*
SEHR SCHÖN! Immer schön weiter machen!

Aber von wegen Mangas... Es gab heute auf twitter von tvxqquotes ein cooles zitat von Yunho.

And now here comes the "Yunho and the mangas"-story :
"We travel a lot so we take manga w/ us to read.But since we're overseas a lot,we can't return them on time."
"As it is hard to return them on time for years,u can imagine the rental fees!"
"Years later I went back to the store&the owner asked what manga I was looking for.I was relieved he didn't recognize me~"
"So since he didn't know me,I decided to rent a lot of manga!"
"I rented about 30 manga books and paid for all of it."
"Till the owner smiled wrly and said,'it's been 4 years hasn't it?' I was so SHOCKED!"

"Later,I tried a new manga store.So as to not repeat the same mistake,I registered under a Suju member name *laughs*"
"But then the owner of that new manga store said 'ok,u owe $200 worth of late fees'.And I've never been there!"
"What?? What's this?? I said(still as a suju member).The owner said 'Why do u keep doing this?A DBSK member did the same!"
"The owner told me I had to pay for that suju member's fee!"

JJ:"Turns out a suju member registered under a DBSK member too!"

MC:"The manga owner is here."

YH:"Where is he? Where? Where??"

MC:"Ah..he wanted to see u (joking)"
1.2.11 20:38

Time for some Quotes!

안녕 다들! ^.^

Today it`s time for some quotes! Quotes from twitter, originally postet by @TVXQquotes!

And now here comes the "JJ kissed someone"-story :
JJ:"I kissed someone 3 days ago."
YH:"It's true."
JS:"yeah,it's true."
YC:"He told me,it's true."
JJ:"We did it in the car."
YH:"i took a photo.I'm a paparazzi."
JJ:"It was 1 of our-"
JJ:"One who hadn't had his 1st kiss yet."
JJ"I kissed that member!"
JJ:"That member.."
JJ:"is our youngest."
JS:"That youngster got his 1st kiss stolen by Jaejoong."

The "If YunJae was real..."-story :
YH:"We (JJ&YH) are not only close in front of the camera,but close in real life."
YH:"If we(YH&JJ) were a real couple,it'd be a serious relationship.Little dangerou?*laughs*"
JJ:"I'm picturing it now!"

The "-I always get beaten up-"-story :
JJ:"As u can see,I always abuse CM--"
CM:"I always get beaten up."
JJ:"--apologies to CM's mom"
CM:"I always get beaten up"

JJ:"CM's mom please understand.I love CM and I take care of him a lot."

CM:"When I first met JJ,I never thought of hitting him..but now that wall has been destroyed *laughs*"

The "Uncomfortable"-story :
JJ: "And Yunho, I'm a little uncomfortable with him."
JS: "Why?"
YH: "He's getting into ideas with me sometimes..."
JJ: *covers face and giggles*
YH: "Don't imagine it! Stop imagining it!"

The "we practiced before"-story :
JJ: "Actually this isn't touching at all."
YH: *puts arm around Jaejoong*
JJ: "I can't do this here!"
YH: "Actually we've practiced before..."

The "Hit him as hard as you love him"-story :
JS: *hugs Yoochun* "He's the man!"
JS: "Any Yunho fans out there? No mercy!"
YH:"Wait! I can do something cute too!"
JJ: "Ahh~ That was weak. You should have done it like this!" *hits Junsu hard*
JS: *holds head* "Ahhh!!!"
YH: "Hit him as hard as you love him! *holds Jaejoong's arms back*
JJ: "I''m scared!" *grabs Yunho's butt*
CM: "YAHH! *hits Jaejoong* JJ: *falls over* Members: *high-five*

And at least: The "spicy dish"-story :
JJ: "Why did you make [this dish] so red (spicy)?"
JS: "Because red is my favorite color."
JS: "And you know, red stands for Cassiopeia. That's why I made it red~"

aawwww!!!! BB so cuuuuute~♥♥♥

aw, 윤호야, Noona wants to walk slow with you ^^ (but I want to walk fast with 준수야 the most! <3 <3 <3)
4.2.11 19:39

천국의 눈물 (Tears Of Heaven) OST + #uknowtime!

안녕 다들! ^v^

Our guest of honor is...
(well, an old pic, but... ah! At least it´s Yunho )

You know what day is today (or was yesterday)?!?!? It`s #uknowtime! This is the return of the king ^^ Jung Yunho, our beloved Leader씨, celebrates his 25th/26th brithday on that day, the 2011.02.06!
(Yunho Oppa is as old as I am in international age & one year older in korean age! ^^)

So... what more to say? Let`s celebrate!!! *happy, happy*

생일 축하해요 정윤호 Leader씨!!! !!!

Yesterday in korea, and due to the time difference, today in germany it`s #uknowtime!
Our Leader씨 was No 1 in no time on the TT list!!! Faster as JJ recently. It took cassiopeia only a few minutes to make him #1 in the world! YES, witness the power of the worlds biggest and best FC... THIS is the Cassiopeian-power!

my personal message to our Leader씨: 윤호야~♥... you will be always our beloved leader. Best leader in the world. Leader of DBSK & Cassiopeia. You`re part of our family and we are so proud to know you. We, the true cassies, will stand by you whatever you will do! Be yourself. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Don`t let a -certain company- bring you down! 윤호야 화이팅! GANBARE!

Now let`s share a few Yunho quotes form @TVXQQuotes

- "I would write in my diary:'Wait for me future,I'm coming.'"

- YH:"My charming point...is my small face!*laughs*"
JJ:"You're shy,aren't u??"
YC:"It's true."

- YH:"I've talked a lot about myself today.It was embarrassing *laughs*"
CM:"I don't see any shyness on ur face though."

- Host:"Who takes the longest in the shower?" (Members all point at YH) YH:"Hm?"

- "Me & JJ would appear in many novels..fortunately I was the guy *laughs*"

- CM:"We had a shoot in Japan,but when YH's shoot was over,he saw that his phone was shut."
YH:"Was that u??"
CM:"Pls listen~ ... So when he found his phone shut,he came in shouting 'YAH!WHO DID THIS?'. When YH gets mad,his Gwangju dialect comes out.' WHO CLOSED THIS? I'M GOING TO BREAK U!'. What happened was when YH was doing his shoot,I was drinking water&then my elbow hit the phone which fell&closed~. I was going to tell YH & say, 'Hyung,I did it.' but then he came in shouting 'I'M GOING TO BREAK U', I stayed quiet."
YH:"Well,it was all in the past.CM is more precious than that game."
CM:"U say that now, but back then u wanted to kill."

Quotes of our Leader씨, showing you the "Cassiopeian family love":
- (About fans) "They're like family,or another member.Because without them,it'd be really hard."

- "If they(fans) didn't continue to protect&cherish us like they do now..we might not be working as hard."

- "No matter what, they(fans) are our motivation to continue on."

awwww, our Leader씨... Isn`t he a cutie or what! ^//^

Yesterday was a good day. Not only because of our Leader씨`s birthday!
My drama DVD boxset of "You`re beautiful" & the "Tears of Heaven" Soundtrack arrived yesterday!!!

All credits to: DBSKnights.net!!!!

Story Background:
In the well-known Vietnam War, Joon is a South Korean soldier who is dispatched to Vietnam. The South Korean soldiers of that time are sent by the American troops, and Colonel Grayson is the leader of the unit that Joon belongs to. Colonel Grayson becomes enchanted by Linh, a Vietnamese female singer who performs at the concert hall. At the same time, Joon falls in love with Linh at first sight. The two of them sink into the river of love and commit to marriage. Colonel Grayson learns of their love, and in his jealousy sends Joon to the most difficult and dangerous battlefield. He also conspires with Quyen, who is secretly in love with Joon, to deceive Linh and tell her that Joon has already died. Succeeding, he brings Linh to America. Joon returns from the battlefield and Quyen tells him the truth that Linh had left for America, pregnant with his child. Thus Joon searches the world and finally finds his and Linh’s daughter, Tianna.

Characters (in order of appearance):
Tianna: Linh’s and Joon’s daughter
Linh: female singer
Joon: South Korean soldier
Sang: Linh’s older brother
Grayson: American colonel
Tam: female singer
Quyen: Linh’s friend, likes Joon

1. Between heaven and earth: opening song
2. Shadows on my heart: Tianna always feels anxious about her life
3. Pearl of the east: sings the praises of Vietnam’s splendor before the war
4. The first time I saw Paris: a song performed by Linh in the concert hall the first time Joon sees her
5. The tiger and the dove: A tiger (Joon) treads all over the world, finally finds the dove with the voice of an angel, and they fall in love
6. Who can you trust?: Linh’s brother Sang interrogates Linh about her relationship with the American colonel and advises her not to trust Grayson
7. Morning comes: describes the first glimmer of dawn and the approach of troops advancing into Vietnam
8. I’ve never loved like this: Joon and Linh tell each other their feelings and say they’ve never felt such a deep love before
9. Can you hear me?: the two of them commit to marriage
10. I’ve had to learn: Joon tells of his helplessness in the war and tells Linh that her love gives him courage to continue living
11. The end of the world: the devastation of the fire of war; in the morning children have families, but by night they are orphans
12. Tears of Heaven
13. Moving on: Grayson tells Linh that Joon is already dead, and tells her to not be attached to someone who is already dead and to consider her own happiness
14. Raining fire: describes the fire of war destroying Vietnam, artillery shells and bullets flying, “raining fire” everywhere
15. Without her: Grayson tells Linh of his love and says that without her, the world is gray and dark
16. Sweet song of life: Linh gives birth to a daughter in America and joyously welcomes the arrival of a new life, but she herself dies
17. This is my confession: Quyen frankly tells Joon that Linh didn’t actually go to America for her own interests, but rather because she believed Joon had died; moreover she tells him that when Linh left, she was already pregnant with his child
18. Tiger and the dove finale: Tiger (Joon) searches the world and finds a singing voice the same as Linh’s, but it is a much younger girl; she is actually his daughter Tianna

Ah, ich liebe diesen Soundtrack! OOOH! Der OST ist so toll!
Ich will das musical sehen T-T
Aber nur wenn Junsu dabei ist!
Ich hab nämlich gelesen das dieser Broadway typ der das ganze aufzieht gesagt hat das die ganze besetzung ausgetauscht wird und durch leute ersetzt von den jeweiligen Ländern.
Dann endete die ausführung auch schon.
Es ging nicht ins detail. Ich dann so: Gilt das auch für die Hauptbesetzung?!??! *shocked* WTH!?!? NOOOO!

Also, ganz ehrlich... Wenn ich Junsu nicht sehen kann werd ich mir das dreimal überlegen... bööööh!

Ich mag tragische liebesgeschichten und so, aber der eigentliche anreiz ToH sehen zu wollen was ja mein Hubby... *sniff* Ich weiß nicht ob ich das noch will wenn ich ihn nicht sehen kann.
Gut, es war nicht gesagt das es auch die hauptbesetzung betrifft. Wär ja eigentlich auch ziemlich bescheuert.... ABER man weiß ja nie was denen alles so einfällt!
Außerdem wollte ich nicht nur Junsu sehen sondern auch die Frau die "Linh" spielt im Musical. Ich mag die und fand sie auch toll im preview.... hm... . Ich hoffe sie tauschen nicht ganz ALLE aus, sondern nur die nebenrollen...

Ist ja klar das ich mit ner besetzung die schnell mal in die über... was weiß ich...?.... 80 geht/gehen kann nicht um die ganze welt reisen will (stichwort "reisekosten"), weil es schon genug kostet die kulissen/kostüme mit zu schleppen. Hm. Ich werde das im Auge behalten!

Aktuell spielt "Tears of Heaven" noch im National Theater of Korea und endet am 19ten März. Dann geht es nach japan. von wann bis wann weiß ja kein mensch. Ist ja nix bekannt.
Ich denk mir halt: wenn es bis 2012 in New York sein soll, dann ist es gut möglich das dieses jahr außer den aufführungen in Korea und Japan nix mehr passiert & die aufführungen in Europa + USA dann in 2012 kommen.
6.2.11 14:24

Aigoo... + new life-series: "The -wae- of the day" & HELP OUR BOYS!

안녕 다들!

First of all the important, serious matter!
Well, almost everyone should have heard about it by now. But I want to show this to you anyway.
Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights


These are the last days to sign! (Petition will close on February the 25th!!!)

HELP OUR BOYS! What we can do, we should do! Our voices must be heard in the court`s halls!

My cassie heart bleeds for them... I want them to be happy and want to help them. This is the most direct way to do it!

-wae- haven`t I write any blog entry the last few days?! No entry since the Leader씨`s birthday!?!?!?!?! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!? (hm... maybe I spend too much time on Twitter with our boys and other Cassies *caught*).

I really like the Cassies on Twitter.
Just a few days ago, I meet a Cassie from Singapor, another Cassie from US (near NY) and a Cassie from Japan (oh sorry! I did it again! >.< Japan is not Cassiopeia, they`re BigEast!!! Sorry, sorry *...SuJu again * :P for that!)!
It`s so amazing! Now I have two dongsengs! ^^ Both are 14 yrs ol` and... hm, should I find out who`s the youngest of these two or should I keep them both as my "little ones"? hm... what to do? ... what to do? ...

Ah! I`ll keep them both, because I have a bias for cute things (and these two kids ARE cute for sure! Very cute, young cassies!)
But Linh will be 4 ever my cutie baby dongseng, because she`s overly cute (out of this two)! ^^

Anjel", who commented here yesterday: Thank you for your sweet comment! ^^ I wish there would be more people who leave feedback (we have to much silent readers here). I`m glad you enjoyed your time here and had an interesting visiting. I`ll try my hardest to keep it up!

So... now after this useless talk *haha*: What`s up with the K-Pop stuff these days?

For example, I found this:
Hm, I`m thinking of buying this one *kekeke*
Go for it here if you want too: *klick*
This seller has also shirt of SHINee, SuJu (have them both ^^°), Trax, SNSD/Girls Generation, FT Island and Big Bang.
The shirts are good quality and I really like them.

Oh, and... speaking of Cassiopeia...: SME opened Cassiopeia to join on their website -actually a long time ago now, but I never meantioned it thought-, but: They have changed the former pic of the 5 to a HoMin pic Oh yeah, SME... let us see -once again- that you abandone JYJ to the hardest... GOSH! And then talking about "protecting" DBSK... SME is so lame!
Sure, HoMin is the reality now, that`s right. But SME could AT LEAST TRY to show a little bit goodwill towards the matter of the 5, u know what I mean?
this makes it even clearer that SME is NOT protecting TVXQ actually (it`s clear since a long time -.-).
They CLAIM to, but they DON`T do it in real. -.- AIGOO! SME is... so ... ARGH! >o<



Well, before I get angry again *must resist the urge to burn SME down, must resist the urge to burn SME dowm... (...)* ^^ I will (quickly) move on!

Let`s take a look on this:

Yunho dance @ strong heart

WOAH! LEADER씨 is so amazing! *dies*
ㅋㅋㅋ at the end of the vid: Yunho`s jacket didn`t survive our leader씨`s power output! *haha!* Awesome, Yunho-ya! XD
I was all "WOAH! Omo! Leader is so amazing! wow!" while I was watching this. WHAT TALENT!

Well, let`s go on with "video blog" today : A performanvec of HoMin I really liked a lot! (comback stage of January... the... 8th? They were at music Bank a lot ^^, several times for comback stages... I simply forgot it, sorry!)

Changminnie and Yunho = both amazing here!
Changmin`s smirk: I`M DEAD! Since when is our little magnae so sexy only by smiling? ^^

BUT: still only love my hubby Jun! Minnie, there`s no possibility for us two XD

Yeah! Let`s stick to the "video blog" *haha* Yes, I`m still not finished with it!

Very funny interview and it`s with subs!

AW! The only sad thing about this is: My JunsuBB is sick!?! Nose is blocked?!?! HE CATCHED A COLD!!!
How could this happen!
Noona should take better care of her hubby! But no worry! Noona will bring him back to health! -> /me sends her hubby to bed, put Xiahki on top of him and brings tea (stroking pets makes you feel better... and tea too XD)

Und jetzt fehlt natürlich noch die neue lebensserie!

Well, basically my new life-series is the same as the "wakarimasen! of the day" - just the korean version of it XD

And "the -wae- of the day" is: WAE, DA HELL, are so many justin Bieber fans following me on twitter!?!?!? o.0 OMG! I was so SHOCKED this week. It`s the third one already who`s following me *rolleyes* well, if they were into K-Pop it`s okie, but these kids are all "oh justin b.! oh brintey!"
and me goes:
wtf... eh... wae are you following me? It`s all about K-Pop here, u know?... eh... hehe... what to do with this kids?
Onni said "block them" good, I did. *haha*!

And now....
It`s time for some "YunJae of the day" again! HECK YES! :D
YunJae at its best! SO CUTE!
JJ jumping on Yunho
I miss YunJae a lot... Y-Y
Hm. But where is Changminnie in this gif? I see YunJae jumping/huggin, I see YooSu joining but... hm, is Minnie the person in the background who`s watching? ^^

"Good old days", the interview-translation series:
Aw! Oh so cute Leader씨 정윤호! He`s so so cute!
Our leader is always very concerned! We know! sweet Yunho ^//^

For me it`s... when I sense there`s something wrong with one of my Juniors, I asked direktly: "Are you in a fight with your boyfriend? Is he mean to you? Or is it that you are sick? You don`t slept well?" ^^
Ajeossi said that he never would have dared to ask that directly *lol* errr... ups! ^^° Am I too straight forward?

Oh and: An Announcement for the next day: BEWARE! I will put up another YunJae moment, TVXQ Quotes + my brother-in-law .

So: Stay tuned! ㅋ
12.2.11 14:23

JYY`s NII-photoshoot, my brother-in-law ^^° & #ChangminDay = Thursday!

안녕 다들! ^.^

Now, everyone, please welcome my brother-in-law: Junho aka Zuno!

Junsu`s twin brother! ^^

*/me get`s stabbed by half of Cassiopeian people* XD

...yeah, since I`m married to Jun so Junho is my brother-in-law sorry~♡ ^^


I thought about what I could share today and noticed suddendly that I haven`t put up any pics of the NII photoshoot JYJ did recently!

Well, with the following pics I will change this fact! ;D




Aw! My cute 준수BB

and oh so cute 유천 오빠!♥♡♥


And now, Junsu is giving us the ultra beautiful-sexy-cool look! *dies*
My hubby is the best! *goes to DongBangHeaven*

It`s YunJae-time again!
"YunJae of the day" for today is...





Yunho: *poke JJ*
JJ: *giggle*

Hm. Talking about YunJae...
I miss them a lot these days!

I remember JJ as he said it was so hard for him to text Yunho this sms and then he got no response... T-T My poor boy! He suffers so much!

No one, who`s not a Cassie/bigeast with his whole heart, can imagin the pain of the 5 & what they are going through.

I hope YunJae were able to overcome their missunderstandings and are able to communicate by now. *sighs*

Hey! Now to something funnier: You all sent our boys chocolate on this valentine day?!
If not: Hurry up and do it! + don`t forget to add the "발렌타인 축하해요!" ("Happy valentines day!" in korean)

And: Yes, yes, it`s today, because of the time difference to korea! For germany tomorrow is valentines day, but in korea it`s today.

Oh, while we`re on it: On thursday is Changminnies B-day! The official Twitter tag is #ChangminDay! Ya all got it? Don`t miss it!
Ok, actually changminnies b-day is on friday, but here in germany we must start tweeting on thusday at 04:00pm - due to the time difference to korea.
13.2.11 21:04

NII again + Time for some (TVXQ) Quotes! 2nd episode

안녕 다들! ^v^

At first: something fun!

Do you guys remember DBSK in "Bonjour Paris"?
dove: *sits on Junsu`s hand and left*
Junsu: "*disappointed look* It just came and left!"

awwww! He wanted the dove to sit longer in his hand like the dove did on JJ`s hand/arm. Soooo cute!
Mal ehrlich, jetzt mal zurück kurz zur deutschen sprache (gut, könnte das auch auf englisch machen, aber der deutsche blog braucht mal wieder seine originalsprache *haha*): Junsu, komm zu Noona! Noona versucht auch immer tauben zahm zu kriegen damit sie auf meiner hand sitzen! (hätte es einmal schon fast geschafft! )

yeah, what`s there on photohost next?... *searches*
Ah! Let`s show this:

NII Posters...
JJ! -WAE- do you like to kill us every time? *dies*


Boah, ich WILL diese poster! W-A-N-T T-H-E-M! *sterb*

Oh yeah! Lasst und nicht das "YunJae of the day" vergessen!
ㅋㅋㅋ YunJae fooling around ^^
Yunho always does things JJ didn`t expected XD

Today it`s time for some TVXQ quotes again! have to say... honto ni gomen ne first! I forgot to put them up the last time! *bows in apology*
Yeah, what`s now? Due to the fact that TVXQquotes on twitter post`s a lot there is a lot to share!

You all know the names? YH= Yunho, JJ= JJ ^^, YC= Yoochun, JS= Junsu & CM= Changmin.

Now let`s take a look at...

...the "TVXQ on Saipan"-story:
Making teams on saipan at the beginning...
JS: "I'm okay if you put me in the Gag Team, but not w/ this guy (CM)!"
CM: "did you know? I won't get paired w/ u either!"

(comment: *lol* OMG SUN! The dark lord has spoken! ^^)

JJ: "Let's play rock paper scissors. The loser can't talk!"
YH: "And the rest talks about the loser?"
YC: "Disclosing secrets~"
YH: "Oh. I like that idea!"
YC: "I have a lot to say hahaha! Really!"
YH: "I do not want to lose this..."
(yeah, but he LOST *hehe*)

JJ: "Hey! Come here! Tie [Yunho] up!!"
YH: "Just the hands!"
JJ: "I know~"

(comment: WHAT?! 0.o Omo! Omo! I sense YunJae here! *haha* )

JJ: "I think I got a text with Yunho's new number."
YC: "Yes I got the text too."
JS: "How come I didn't get it?!"
CM: "Me neither!" *pouts*

JJ: "We have to choose who's going to sleep where."
YH: "Aiya i just want to sleep~" *spreads out on bed*
JS: "We can just sleep in pairs like here~ *sits next to Yoochun*"
(<-- cuuuuut!!! )

JS: "I get to choose where everyone sleeps hehe~"
CM: *Kneels down*
JS: *rubs Changmin's head*
CM: *rubs Junsu's foot*
YH: "Changmin, you've been living like this?!"
JS: "Ah~ that feels good~"

JS: "I'll rank you guys from first to fifth...the fifth will sleep outside with all the mosquitoes~"
YC: "Oh my god."

(comment: *LOOOL @Yoochun!* -oh my god.- *haha*)

JJ: "You're smart and clever."
JS: "You're making it up aren't you?!"
JJ: "Junsu is like a walking dictionary."
YH: "The first thing that comes up when I think of Junsu...Being broad-minded as the ocean."
YC: "He was my only friend after moving to Korea. He always treats me with great care and generosity. [Junsu] is a good dancer and singer; even goodlooking! He's just perfect~"
JS:"Oh yeahh, come on!"
YC: "I love you, Junsu~"

(comment: awwww! cuuuuut!!!!!! *melting because of YooSu*)

CM: "I won't say too much...Junsu is my religion. What he says and how he acts are like my moral textbook and bible. Junsu is my role model. I'm just too crazy about him~ My religion~ Xiahnism!"
JS: "You believe in me?!"
Members: "Yes I do!!"
JS: "Oh man, it feels really good~ *eu kyang kyang*"

JS: "The second [place] is.."
YH: "Yunho!!" *awkward silence*
JS: "Changmin!!! hehehe~~~ Changmin!!!"
CM: *jumps on Junsu's bed and hugs him*

YH: *sneaks into bed*
CM: *trying to push Yunho out*
YH: "Hey! Changmin and I were on the same team T~T"

CM: "Xiahnism! Hip hip hurrahh! Hip hip hurrahh!!"
JS: >///<

JS: "Make me laugh just once [for third place]."
YC: "I'll...make a [weird] face."
JJ: "Don't care about your reputation?"
JS: "It has to be funny."
JJ: "I got it!....TA DA!" *does a thumbs up*
JS: "..."

(comment: LOOOOL YooSu is killing me one day, I swear!)

JJ: "I joined the Gag Team this morning remember?!"
CM: "I don't remmeber~"
JJ: *beats up Changmin thens lays on him*

*Jaejoong loses rock paper scissors and has to sleep outside*
JJ: "I don't want to be MC anymore!"
JS: "That's fine with me~"
*Jaejoong beats up Junsu*
CM: *to the rescue! tickles Jaejoong*
YC: "It's already decided right?"
CM: "[Jaejoong], Go out!"
YC: "Hahahahaha!!"

*outside in the cold*
JJ: "I shouldn't have trusted them. I feel so lonely T~T I was foolish enough to treat them so nicely."
CM: "Everyone~ for Junsu, let's clap our hands three times."
JJ: "*closes door slowly* God. How am I supposed to sleep here..."
JS: "Jaejoong! Bitten by any mosquitoes yet? hehe~"

*later* *lights are turned off*
YC: "Yahh! Junsu! Jaejoong is in here!"
JJ: "*in the dark* Hehe~"

(comment: *looool* Seriously! I`m dying by laughin at those 5! *mega LOOOL* JJ so daebak! lovely, dorky JJ! <3 )
*JJ wants to sleep inside too*
JJ: "Changmin! Changmin!"
CM: "Beg me to let you sleep here."
*in the dark*
YH: "Omo! Junsu, where are you touching!"

(comment: 0.o ... ... ... *burst out laughin* LOOOL BABY, what are you doing with our Leader씨? ^^ *kekeke* this is not Yoochun, you know? )

CM: "Hurry up!! >:D"
JJ: "You're unbelievable..."
CM: "*wants JJ to say...* Changmin, I beg you."
JJ: "Changmin, I beg you."
CM: "Please let me sleep here."
JJ: "Please let me sleep here T~T"
CM: "Get out and stay there!"
YC: "Hahahaha!!"

(comment: *dies laughing* OMO! Our dark lord has spoken again! Minnie, that was cruel! )

WOW! Have to watch Saipan!!!! I have read the book and got the DVD in my room, but never watched the saipan-episodes! After I read this, Idefinitely have to watch it!

...random quotes:
-- JS: "Just being w/ Yunho can make u feel secure."

-- YH: "Me & JJ would appear in many novels..fortunately I was the guy *laughs*"

-- CM: "*clap clap* Xiah Junsu come here! *clap clap*"
(comment: LOL @Minnie!!! Junsu, the dog? )

-- YC: "Junsu needs to think before he talks! hehe~" CM: "Always acts first...tsk tsk~"


...the "passport"-story:
JJ: "There's always someone who loses his passport...Yunho loses it most often."
YH: "I've never lost my passport!"
CM: "Ah, never lost your passport?...Maybe you lost your memory..tch"
JJ: "The total number of time Junsu lost his passport is..."
CM: "A lot."
JS: "Well listen...a smart person like me treats books more importantly than a passport!"
YH: "Junsu has really read a lot of books...But I've never seen him carrying a book with him!"

Touché, BABY!!!! *haha* Junsu is so cute! <3 My books are most important to me too. Passport... pfht! Never mind! ^^
And Yunho: *LOL* Well, you would rarely see me carrying one of my books with me too, but I have a lot of books too

...the "micro beach"-story:
JJ: "Which [place] is the most popular tourist spot?"
JS: "Micro Beach."
JJ: "Why?"
JS: "Cuz it's Micro Beach.*confident* "

My baby is so cute, don`t ya think too?! ^^ Junsu is the BEST!

...the "Ras Vegas/english"-story:
JS: "Ras Vegas"
YC: "It's Las Vegas not Ras Vegas. hehehehehe~"
JS: "Hehe. I learned that my English worked while staying in Las Vegas. Hehehe."
JJ: "What was the first thing you said in English?"
JS: "'How much is it?'"
YC: "Woahhhh~~"
JS: "Hehe *smiles*"

LOOOOL OH 자기야! *FACE PALM* -Ras Vegas- XD aw! how cute you are!!! *pats junsu`s head* Es ist so süß wie er sich immer über kleinigkeiten freut XD (yeah, at least a bit german in this german blog XD)

So... ehm... okay, what`s up next?

Announcement for tomorrow!

1.) I will watch the 5th episode of "paradise ranch" FOR SURE! (watched the 4th today)
2.) will answer/check my twitter timeline
3.) then I will post some pics from JYJ`s musics Essay "Their Rooms"!

These pics are pics who were not used in the essay And they are super cute! So you better all look forward to it!!!!!
15.2.11 19:40

The special Music Essay pics! (part 1) & JYJ received their military examination! *dies*

안녕 다들! ^w^

First of: Aw! Linh is soooo cute! My little dongseng want that I text her everyday? aw! I will! When she`s not worried then I will do so!
And it`s not that I don`t enjoy writing her! No no no! ANIYA! I actually like it a lot! She`s my little sister, my baby

I`m back a little later als planned! JJ and Mr. Egg totally destroyed my time plan *haha*
Yeah, they just tweete cute things and a pic of Jiji was there too.

Doch bevor wir jetzt zum wesentlichen kommen noch etwas älteres, aber niedliches:
Calendar 2011 shooting!
Our boys so cute! <3
Say what you want, but JJ`s hair is waaaayyyy betteeeeer in black!
I loved Junsu`s red hair but his hair is way better in black too & Yoohun... ah! I ADORE HIS LONG BLACK HAIR!!!!! (yeah, and this got nooothing to do with the fact that I have a bias on black hair... *eh, hehe* *embarrassed* )

Not really sure... hatte ich das bild schon mal? naja, I`ll will show it anyway :D
aw! Love Yoochun the most here!

But now let`s move on to the pics I mentioned yesterday!

/me: "Baby, I told you to fill in the water first and then UNdress and sit in.^^"
Jun: "What? Uhm, okie."

JJ looks so good! *dies*


aw! cuties! ^//^

There are more pics, but I`ll post them tomorrow!

Breaking news of the day: JYJ received their military examination!

For the first seconds I was all like:
WHAAAAAAATTTTT?????!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!?????? NOOOO!!!!!! *die*

Oh. Now it`s here.
The moment every cassie feared the most!

But let`s thinking about it fromt he beginning:
It`s not that I`m afraid of the pure fact that they have to serve at the military. It`s not like that! Absolutely not!
I`m afraid that they are just not in the condition to serve. Right now. The whole SME thing and the psychological pressure they are under DUE TO the LAWSUIT... And then we have Yoochun with his asthma & JJ who`s way to thin... aw! The only one really (physically) fit is Junsu... *sighs*

They are waiting for their results right now. It`s said that they could be re-examined.

But: When you are ordered to the military in korea for the first time (and that`s the case with our boys) then you could easyli ask for delay and in most of the caes it will be granted without problems.
Only if when they order you the SECOND time to join, then you must go definitely because then a delay is only granted in special-special cases.
However, I don`t think they will go to serve their military service this year.

uuuuaaaahhh! Imagin JJ with short cut hair? NO WAY! That dose not suit him! *dies*

Im ernst, allein der gedanke daran KILLT mich!

Aber hey! Das heißt ja eigentlich das Junho auch seine "einladung" zum militär bekommen haben muss!
Mal ganz zu schweigen von Yunho... Den muss es doch auch schon erwischt haben, oder? (obwohl man nichts gehört hat darüber).

Naja, ich hoffe das, wenn sie schon den militärdienst antreten müssen, dass sie wenigstens zu dritt gehen können.

Ich glaube jedenfalls das die momentan körperllich und psychisch nicht in der lage dazu sind.

Dennoch: 2 years to serve are a long time and I would definitely miss them A LOT. 2 years may long, yeah, that`s right. But 2 years are not nearly long enough that I would love my love for them.
JYJ+HoMin+Cassiopeia=ONE FAMILY!
I will never forget a family member! I will never forget our boys!
I would wait forever if it`s necessary!
You all agree, Cassiopeia? *hears thousandas of people screem -yeah!!!!-* good! Let`s be strong, come what may! Military service... pfht! Nerver mind!
I will wait 2 years, or 4 years... the love for our boys will not fade away so easily!
Nothing will separate us so easily. SME was not successful in doing so and the military will not be successful either XD

Jetzt noch das "YunJae of the day":
I see YunJae!!!! ^^

How cute! JJ cuddling Yunho! They are so cute and I miss them! T-T
16.2.11 21:21

OMO! OMO! OMO!!!! The exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid!!!! *dies*

안녕 다들! *thorws confetti!*


So it`s really true?!?!

The boys won! WE WON! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO~~!!!!!! You know what this means? Do you know what this means?!!!!

This means SME has to keep their hands off of our boys and keep their heads down *mae~~~rong*

*/me gets up and dances around the room!!!*

Quote from AllKpop.com:

On February 17th, the Seoul Central District Court dismissed both lawsuits filed by SM Entertainment against JYJ.

To recap, SM Entertainment filed an objection on October 27th, 2009, claiming that the Seoul Central District Court’s order to prevent them from interfering with JYJ’s individual activities was illegal.

The court rejected SM’s injunction objection application by stating, “The exclusive contract between SM and JYJ forces the celebrity to become subordinate to the agency without any discretion. JYJ has no option but to follow SM’s actions due to the subordinate rank they are forced under in the power of SM. A long-term subordinate contract cannot be justified by the risks the agency took in investments, as well as international advancements.”

They continued, ”Aside from the long-term contract terms, SM’s ability to supervise and direct every move made by JYJ, as well as the clause claiming that JYJ must repay for losses only emphasizes the subordinate positions of JYJ in the contract, so the injunction is invalid.”

Regarding the second injunction filed by SM Entertainment, asking the court to suspend JYJ’s contract with CJES Entertainment, the court replied by saying that the injunction is invalid since SM Entertainment was ordered on October 27th, 2009 that they were to not interfere with JYJ’s individual activities, and their injunction was in breach of that order.

Baek Chang Ju, CEO of CJES Entertainment, commented, “We consider it a victory of truth and hope that their activities are no longer hindered by forced accusations of double contracts. We will be working hard to show only the best side of JYJ to the public. I would like to thank the JYJ members and the staff for consistently battling a tiring fight against Goliath.”

aaah! I`m so happy! Even though it`s not over yet, I`m so happy for this part-success for the boys!

Junsu said:
아슬아슬 하고 위태위태했던 실을..끝까지 놓지않고 버틸수있게 도와주신 팬 여러분들..실이 살을 파고들어 피가 나고 덧나도 그곳을 닦아줬던 여러분들이 있었기에 끝까지 잡고 있을수있었습니다..진심으로..감사드립니다
([@0101xiahtic TRANS] during the period of shaky and unsure.. You, fans, who continue to held until the end, never let go... When a thread dig deep into my skin, and I bleed, that was you, the fans, who wiped my blood, and therefore, I was able to hold on...seriously, thank you guys

OH! THANK YOU BABY! I know it was so so hard for you (and the others too)!

I just tweetet Junsu in reply for his "thanks"-message ^^:
당신의 친절 말씀, 감사합니다. 우리는 항상 네 곁에있을거야. 우리는 항상 당신을 위해 거기 무슨 일이 생기더라도 것입니다. 당신은 오래 그것을 견뎌위한 감사합니다. 그 강한 줘서 고마워, 난 참 힘들었다 알아. JYJ 화이팅!
(For your kind words of thanks, thank you. We will always be there. We are always there for you no matter what happens. Thank you for endure it that long. Thank you for being that strong, I know it was hard. JYJ fighting!

Last word (by Jing Yee):
SME you are forever insulting and embarrasing yourself.

*nod, nod* So true!
Well, it`s not over yet, but we`re about to win! NOTHING WILL STOP US! SME, KYHD! ;D TODAY IS JYJ`s V-DAY! HAHA! (v-day = victory-day )

So, now I`m back!

Back from celebrating #ChangminDay!
It was a huge success! a few minutes before the ChangminDay startet the trendlist looked like this:
How cool! how suiting! What a cool day to trend #ChangminDay!

Oh, btw.: Changmin was no. 1 within 4 minutes. -sadly- twitter had no breakdown today... TO BAD! XD

So let`s celebrate this #changminday here with a few pics, my b-day wishes for Minnie + minnie related quotes!

생일 축하해요, 미스터 심창민! Our eternal magnae, I hope you`re having a fun b-day and I hope you will continues to be our dark lord (lord voldemin) in future too! ^^ Feel free to be yourself and make sure SME keeps their heads down

Now bow low before the king of the death eater, our dark lord... *drum roll*
looooooord voldemiiiiin!!!!


...can`t help myself, but he IS cute! But sometimes he`s a little blunt and scary... ^^''

Now the min-realated quotes:

Let`s take a look at the "Dancestep storry":
Yoochun : Approximately, how long does DBSK take to master a new dance? Also who masters it the fastest and who makes the most misktakes?
Changmin :Firstly, the person who masters it the fastest is Junsu. Although Junsu looks like that...
Junsu : After listening to Changmin, everyone might think he's lying.
Changmin : Yeah, everyone might not be able to believe it!
Yoochun : Junsu memorizes the dance steps really quickly and once he masters it, he wouldn't forget it!!
Changmin : Although he looks like that, strangely, he's smart
Yoochun : He's really smart.
Junsu : Does this person (the one who posted the question) want us to reveal the way to master the dance steps quickly??
Yoochun : A method...
Junsu : The method is you must be very focused. if you're not focused, the number of time you practice doesn't matter, you really have to have the passion for it.
Changmin : If you're not focused, you wouldn't be able to remember
Junsu : If our condition is good, recent we...
Changmin : Recently for a new dance we take...
Junsu : Less than a day I think??..Changmin makes some mistakes sometimes.
Changmin : However, as who makes the most mistakes..
Junsu : In terms of mistakes..
Yoochun : Who is it?
Junsu : I think it's Yunho
Yoochun : I think so too!!
Junsu : Of course he dances very well
CM and YC : Dances well..
Yoochun : However...
Junsu : Making mistakes is another matter altogether
Changmin : Yeah, I hope he'd continue working hard
(Junsu and Yoochun burst into laughter)
Junsu : he need to be more focused..but Changmin shouldn't...
(Everyone burst into laughter)
Changmin : I was just joking
Junsu : Changmin shouldn't have said that!

*LOOOOL* poor Yunho! insulted by the maknae! THAT`S OUR DARK LORD! See? I said it before!

UFO replies from Min:
-- Fan: I am oppa's fan. (Male fan)
CM: Lord ah~ Lord ah~

-- Fan: Darling, what are you doing?
CM: We don't have a member named 'darling'.

errr... min... that was... eh... hehe... *drop, drop*

-- Fan: Shim Changmin! You are too much! I've added spices!
CM: I'm not that easy to pick on!!!

-- Fan: (Picture of Changmin) Have you seen this man?
CM: No I haven't.
Fan: He is my husband, how can you have not seen him?
Changmin: I haven't, and this man isn't married yet.

-- [Following messages were written in English]
Fan: Shall we make a baby?
Changmin: No comment.

-- Fan: DONG BANG!!! The reason of my existence!!!! SHIN KI!!! TVXQ is my life!!!
CM: GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!! The reason of my existence!!!! GIRL!!! Girl is my life!!! You may know

^Aw! Look, our dark lord can be nice too! :D

I hope everyone had a good and happy "happy #ChangminDay" today! The cassies on twitter sure had ;D

So... while we`re on it: Some more UFO replies:

-- Fan: I am a genius to be writing this: oppa is stupid!!
YC: The recipient of this message is stupid!!

-- Fan: Dating! Dating! Dating! You two are really dating aren't you? (Yunjae Fan)
JJ: Dating... ah~ I can't say
JJ: (a little while after his first reply) Oppa has already made a date with Yunho-yah~!!

-- Fan: Please cook.
YC: For who to eat?

-- Fan: If you reply, I will meet you at the bar naked...
JJ: Wo~ I'll see you there~

^ JJ , u pervy....xD OH MY GOD SUN! XDDD

-- Fan: Oppa! I did something regretful! I bought a purse but now I have to sell it back for half price! Crying~
YH: Do not cry ah~ ^-^ Such a beautiful face, don't stain it with tears! Fighting~

And now...

Here comes...



from the Music Essay pics from yesterday!

JYJ`s "special Music Essay pics - part 2"
JJ and the doggie again!

*yelling at the staff members* "YAH! Send 3 handsome men over to noona! Hurry up!"
Ah! thx!

Yoochun so cute! ... But the pics JJ took of him sleeping are way cuter!
I especially love the one from the hotel room in Vegas ^^

OH MY! Just... sweetness!

ah... has my baby fallen asleep in the bathtube? That`s too cute!
btw.: Is junsu`s HOTNESS increasing from day to day? FU**! He looks very nice in this pic! Clothes are nice, my hubby is nice and... damn! this bathroom is nice! Looks like it was expensive to build, huh?
Junsu out of the off: "Yes baby, sure it was!"
/me: "Aah, I knew it! *looking around* OH! Cool! Soap for free! Baby, let`s ask at the lobby if I can have one?! "
Junsu: "*lol*"
/me: "*notice* ... oh... *have to think before speak* *always forgot >.<* *sooo embarrassing!*"

Sorry! This was nearly as silly as the conversation with JJ back then 미안해 ^^°, hont ni gomen ne, but that`s just me *drop*

So, das war`s für heute. YunJae lassen wir heute mal ausfallen, aber es sei gesagt: Ich hab da heute mal wieder was toootal süßes gefunden!

Tomorrow I will show you another YunJae-ness gif!
17.2.11 13:09

TVXQ Quotes + more NII pics

안녕 다들! ^.^

Let`s start with the "YunJae" of the day!
I love YunJae! They look very cool and nice here!

Now we will continue with the good mood and celebrate yesterday success with some DBSK quotes which I got via twitter from TVXQquotes!

--Q: What do u think about when u hear 'Angel'?
Q: What's so funny? *laughs*
CM: "Because I suddenly thought of JS *laughs* JS often tells us ‘I’m an angel’ *laughs*"

-- JJ(reads fanmail): "YC..fatter?"
YH: "He has?"
CM: "He has been eating lots of midnight snacks.."
JJ: "He just doesn't care anymore"

-- JJ: "This is JJ."
CM: "This is Yoochun."
YC: "This is Changmin."

-- YC & CM: "The new single..written by a member is *drumrolls* WASURENAIDE!"
JJ: *laughs*
CM(in baby voice): "Couldn't say it? hehe."

-- JJ:"Oh this fan's name is 'I Love Yoochun' must be a YC-fan."
YH:"I love you? I love YC too~"

AW! cute Leader씨!!!! Saranghaeyo, Yunho-ya, for your cuteness! ^//^

-- YC: "The..Secret Code."
JS: "ahh..<3"
YC: "Now. Native speaker (JS lol), say it."
JS: "Shikuret Kodo"
YC: "No, say it again."

-- JS:"Virginia."
YH:"Oh~JS's pronunciation is good."
YC:*still laughing*
JS:"Harmony.Let's go Roger~"

*LOOL* My poor baby and his random english ^^ And Yoochun`s having fun. Well, I shouldn`t laugh but... .... BWAHAHAHA! (suddenly reminds me of "Bambaya" XD )

-- YH: "One time I accidentally deleted all of CM's songs in his ipod..he's scary! he came in yelling, 'WHO?! WHO?! WHO DID THIS?!"
the dark lord... remember Yunho-ya, don`t piss him off!

...The "face"-story:
-- YC:"CM seems more like JS these days.."
JJ:"Eh? Why do u say that?"
YC:"The face.."
JJ:"if the face..then that's bad."

Aaaaahhhh! JJ! That was rude! >.< (but: never mind, I`m not angry at you JJ-ah! )
CM:"If my face looks like Junsu's...my parents must be weeping."
YC:*bursts into laughter*

Now, after the quotes, let me show you some more JYJ NII pics!

*.* JJ... boah.... *.*

*squeak* AAAAHHHH!!!! JUUUUUU~NSUUUUUU~-YA~~~♡♥♡♥♪ WOW! He looks soooo mega cute here!



WOW! 유천 오빠 looks gooooood!!!! o.o


...my hubby!!!!!!!
Baby, you are too much for your wifey! I`m dead again...
18.2.11 20:27

Cassiopeia + JYJ`s NII photoshoot! (again ^^)

안녕 다들! ^.^

Let`s start today`s entry with the "Good old days" series:
I like this pic. JJ and Yoochun were not that thin back then
(yes, this is calles "psychological stress"... and that`s wae JJ said he can eat what he wants and he dosen`t gain weight *sighs* Hope our boys will be fine soon!)
+ I SEE YunJae!!!!!!

So, what else? (besides I`m hungry )

Ah! Cassiopeia! Let`s talk about that for a little.
That`s what Cassiopeia is:

Cassiopeia loves their 5 boys so much! We never let go, not even in the darkest night.
It`s so easy to harm our hearts just by saying bad things about them.
It`s so easy to make us angry by hating on them & not respecting them as artists.
And it`s so easy to make our love stronger only by hearing what antis say.
But it`s not easy to get away with it when you bash on our boys.
It`s not easy to escape when Cassiopeia is hunting antis down (for a reason!) to protect their boys.
And it`s not easy to break our believes only by saying stupid things.

Cassiopeia is not a FC like any other.
It`s not the fact that we are the biggest FC in the world.
It`s not the fact that Cassiopeias power breaks twitter often within minutes when we`re out to trend something.
And it`s not the fact that we are friendly people who respect the fandom of others too.
It`s the fact that we are not afraid to stand by our boys, regardless whether the whole world will turn against them or not.
It`s the fact that we love each other so much, that we all understand us as one family and friends - our boys included.
It`s the fact that we continue to 'hope to the end' when others would have lost their faith a long time ago.

This is the way Cassiopeia ever was. This is the way Cassiopeia should stay.

A protective shield for our 5. This is what Cassiopeia has to be now.

So don`t waver Cassies! Be strong and HWAITING!

Last year, on december the 26th, TVXQ had their 7 years anniversary.
SYC-Team blogged something suitable for that reason:
'We love you'
I was a little moved to tears after I read this. *sighs* This was a really wonderful peace of work for their anniversary.

Cassies, now it`s OT5 time again! (wow! It never stopped being OT5 time! Seriously! What am I saying?!?!)
(if it moves to fast, save it on your comp and read it pic for pic then)

That`s it. I just wanted to point this out.

Now let`s move on with the JYJ`s NII-thing ^^

From the NII making film:
Our boys so so cute!
Yoochun looks absolutely nice here, JJ really cute and Junsu`s hair is wild again ^^
Noona feels like she have to fix her hubby`s hair! ^^ But it`s cute for now, you can keep this hairstyle till we go to bed, Baby.

Tomorrow we will see more NII-Pics, a super cute Yoochun again^^ + the YooSu & YunJae couples!

19.2.11 19:59

SM`s objections fully dismissed!!!!!

안녕 다들! ^v^

I just read it on twitter from TheJYJFiles! I was all " HONTO KA!?!?!? YOU ARE KIDDING ME, AREN`T YOU!!!!!!????!!!!"
Then I klicked on the link and saw IT for myself!

OMG! Let`s have a party!
I`m so happy! Seriously! I`m so happy right now!


Aaaalso, was als nächstes? *mir luftzufächer* Ich bin immer noch total hibbelig!

*hüstel* wie dem auch sei!

Here is our super cute Yoochun!
*loool* Look at the background! XD the "SU" is there! JUNSU! What are you doing to our Chunnie!?

Oh, this one is very cute too:
Yunho voted No. 1 in Japan as “The Korean Man That Wished To Be Married To”‏

Quoting from SYC-Team News:
Japanese females has fallen deeply in the charisma of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

In the An An Japanese magazine that was released on the 16th, a poll was conducted to find out the Korean man that Japanese females would like to marry to. U-Know Yunho attained the No. 1 spot in this poll. TVXQ, who has shown their enormous popularity through Japan’s Oricon Chart, has once again proved its unstoppable capability. The increment of votes for Lee Byung Hun, Jang Geun Suk, 2PM Nickhun and Won Bin has also attracted attention.

It has garnered fans’ expressions such as, “It’s U-Know Yunho after-all.”, “Nickhun is not a Korean, can it (his votes) be counted?”, “It seems really good if were to be married to U-Know Yunho.” etc.

uuuuaaaahhh! Yunho is sooo perfect! What a man! Omo, omo! I want to get married with Yunho too!
*get`s hit hard by Junsu*
Errr! I mean... eeeehh... "Yunho!, you can`t have Noona! Noona is married to dolphin Su!" *uups!*
Junsu: "Good thing you realised... "
/me: " Sorry 자기야~♥...?"
Junsu: " ...you know how to apologize for it?"
/me: "YES! I DO!... but... *whispers* don`t say -it-, u know. This blog has to be -at least a bit- rated PG! *don`t have to mention words like 'full service tonight' to make it even clearer, am I right?^^° LOL oh my god!*"

ERR! LET`S MOVE ON! Before Junsu and Noona get lost in... some kinda... conversation which is not suiting this blog XD

so... what`s next? let`s see...
Ah yes, this!

The "Mom" & YooSu:
aw! Poor JJ alone & YooSu in their own world XD

Let`s see how the YunJae couple is doing...
Okie, they are fine
Really, THIS is sooooo cute! Oh my! I can barely stand it! YunJae couple... I love it!
And I miss them sooo much! TT-TT

Now the NII Pics!

*haha* Love this pic!

Some making pics:
*.* beautiful Jae...

I love it when he laughs!

Aw! ^//^ BB, you know that I love u, right? 사랑해 김준수, SARANGHAEEEEE!

Yeah, I hope he knows! After Noona has made him mad today ^^° drop, drop* she has to do her best to calm her hubby down now! XD (OMG! I`m so crazy! *gets stabbed by cassiopeia again*)

Bye bye!
20.2.11 19:08

Cassiopeian FanWar? I don`t care about those people! ^^ *good mood-mode*



OMO! OMO! OMO! *hyper, hyper*
ooooooh my god sun!!!!!! ooooooh my FU**ING god sun!!!!!! *dies*

축하해요, JYJ!
Court ordered SM to pay 20 000 000 Won each time they try to hinder JYJ's activities!

Aniya, aniya! IT MADE MY YEAR!

HECK YES! SME, TAKE THIS! *lmfao* This is so cool!
Battle result after second battle:
SME : 0
JYJ : 2

XD That`s a slap directly in the face of SM-Ent!

Seriously... SME, you get what you deserve! That`s what you get when you mess with our boys like this!
Hands off of our dearest boys and "KYHD!" *dances the KYHD scene*

하하하하, SME... XD Sorry, but I`m a little gleeful right now!

I`ll do this instead:

oh! oh! Court, would U please marry me?
(I start to really, really love the court in seoul! they are good to our boys!)

안녕 다들! ^V^

FanWar occured again these days... Yeah, it`s a sad thing that a part of our family is picking sides (HoMin or JYJ) and then fight the other side. At first I was SO angry and sad at the same time, because FanWar is stupid and so not helpful for our boys like no other thing. But after I have talked with Ocean, Saori, my Baby Linh and Natali about it it`s okie again.
We know that these kids are just stupid and confused. They neither know what they are talking about nor that in the end they will only end up destroying each other. That what reamins will be the true OT5 Cassies
It`s no good being angry at them and be sad for their failures. I don`t care about those people now~♪

Latest breaking news! FOUND GERMAN CASSIES! Su and Cynthia. Finally people from germany! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

So now... Super cute Yoochun the second:
*squeak!* cutie Chun!

... and now: Super-secret-episode of JJ`s Intermodulation! (for this blog at least - it`s not that a secret to the world anymore XD )

Kim JJ, these pics are KILLER! *dies*
Got nothing to say. I`m DEAD.



Tomorrow I will show you some more NII pics XD Yes, I found more! It`s the.... dunno... 5th NII episode in this blog? I can`t remember anymore *haha*!

Haiz... got some pics from JJ`s ELLE-shooting too! OMG! Too many pics to share it at once! *dies*
So I will share it with you bit by bit ^^

Yeah, what`s next?

Ah, kommen wir mal wieder zum guten alten deutsch zurück zur Abwechslung!
Hab gestern Ocean gegenüber meine Bedenken darüber geäußert ob Celebrian sich vielleicht in ihrer stellung gefährdet fühlt durch die "cassiopeischen" Leute ^^ Ocean meinte: "You have to take good care of her too!"
Ich hab ihr nämlich in letzter zeit immer nur erzählt wie toll es bei twitter ist, wie sehr ich meine Dongsengs liebe und von wegen cassiopeian family love.

Mein ICQ ist in jedem fall "empty, empty, empty-ty-ty" *starts singing JYJ song* .... Sorry, sorry! *starts singing SuJu song AGAIN!*

Okay! Ich hör ja schon auf! XD

Jetzt erstmal: Video blog! Video blog!

Super Junior-M`s 太完美 (Perfection)

Das neue MV von SuJu-M is raus! WOW! Ich mag den Song und das video sehr gern! Der text ist cool!

I`m so excited! Waiting for the album now! I`m sure it will be "perfection" ^^

JJ und Yoochun sind gerade in Japan! Filming the 3 voices Season 2! Junsu wird später dort hin fliegen und dann drehen.

Die Cassies haben ihre schwestern von Bigeast bauftragt gut auf die Jungs auf zu passen *g* Hab das gleich persönlich zu Saori gesagt (sie ist ja Bigeast).
Aber wir Cassies haben da eigentlich auch gar keine Bedenken was das angeht. Bigeast ist eine sehr treue fanbase.

Von wegen fans und bigeast... Ich habe mit Saori und auch mit ein paar der Cassies schon drüber geredet: Das thema mit der zukunft von OT5 und wie alles weiter gehen soll. Alle zerbrechen sich jeden Tag bzw. Abend vor dem schlafen gehen den kopf darüber. Natürlich auch wie es den jungs wohl gefühlsmäßig geht und was sie WIRKLICH alles ertragen müssen mit der ganzen geschichte.
Natürlich kreisen die gedankend dann auch immer wieder um SME und den lawsuit... *Haiz*... Aber wir müssen weiterhin an die Jungs glauben! Cassiopeia/Bigeast ist das einzige was sie noch haben.
Für HoMin gilt: SME beschützt sie nciht wirklich, die tun nur so. Sie brauchen uns jetzt!
Für JYJ gilt: SME`s unsichtbare hand schwebt über ihnen und versucht sie zu hindern an alles was sie tun. Sie brauchen uns jetzt!

Let us be their protective shield! Our boys need us now more then ever! Cassiopeia, stay united, separated Cassies re-unite and let us be this shield with Bigeast together!
JYJYC 화이팅! Cassiopeia/Bigeast 화이팅! ^^

Ah! Hab ich schon erwähnt das ich morgen FREI habe? ^^
HECK YES! Tomorrow is my day off! Loooong weekend, here I come! woohoo!

so, jetzt ab to clear my twitter-timeline. Außerdem wollte ich noch für meine Dongsengs/Juniors/meine Onni bilder hoch laden.

Seitenkommentar: Weil ich gerade von meinen juniors rede... Saori ist eine interessante person! Sie müht sich ab mit ihrem english, mag die sprache eigentlich & würde es gern besser können ABER tut sich schwer sich aus zu drücken (she has a hard time to express herself with english). Jedoch ist sie schon recht gut. Ich hab sie mal dazu angehalten dran zu bleiben. Sie schafft das schon ^^

Dann: Cynthia ist begeistert davon mir Onni/Unni zu nennen! YAY! Ich bin es auch! Ich liebe das! ICH MÖCHTE DAS!

Die einzige die sich jetzt noch nicht in dieses gefüge eingefügt hat ist Daisy... hm, wie bring ich sie dazu mich auch Unni zu nenne? Ich frag sie am besten mal XD

Oh! Im übrigen hab ich daisy die frage aller fragen gestellt: Nein! Nicht ob sie mich heiraten will! XDDD Sondern ob in New York die ratten wirklich doppelt so groß sind wie anders wo JA, ich hab sie das wirklich gefragt! Naja, nachdem sie dann fertig war drüber zu lachen ^^° hat sie gesagt das sie kaum ratten gesehen hat bisher. 2 mal waren sie eigentlich normal aber die dritte war schon ziemlich groß.
hm. irgendwo muss doch die monster-ratte sein von der dieses gerücht ab stammt! MENNO! Ich geh noch mal in nen tacco-belle laden nach sehen, die haben ja ne hauseigene zucht XD *lol* (okay, DER war jetzt böse!)
24.2.11 18:12

It`s official: JYJ worldwide tour---> No stops in europe!

안녕 다들!

아이고... "bad" news today again!
Being a cassies is really hard! One day it`s a high mood-day, the next day we have to wear black because of sorrowful news.
Well, for the USA it was good news! 4 or 5 stops there!
Regions around Singapor too! Lucky people! *jealous, jealous*

Today is the day my hope to ever see any K-Pop in europe vanished.

Haiz... Ich hätte gut damit leben können das ein stop in europa zu weit weg ist, aber das gar keine einziger geplant ist? Wow. DAS ist hart.
Naja, war ja zu erwarten. Ich will ja jetzt nicht behaupten das ich jemals viel hoffnung diesbezüglich gehabt hätte oder das es anders zu erwarten war. Jedoch hatten wir alle etwas hoffnung nach der ankündigung bei #JYJinSeoul... naja.
Cassies in Vietnam sind ebenfalls sehr schlecht weggekommen dabei. Ebenso die australier.

was mich jedoch total verwundert hat! in vietnam... mein gott, die haben bei der petition für JYJ zu viele tausenden unterzeichnet. man sieht also die fanbase IST da. <-was man ja bei uns so offensichtlich nicht sagen kann. Die fans sind überall verstreut und es sind sicherlich mehr als die petition gezeigt hat. JEDOCH würden sich sicherlich alle versammeln wenn es geheißen hätte tourstop in DE, Spanien oder UK. aus allen herren ländern wären die cassies angereist.
Ich glaub ich schreib doch noch ne mail an c-jes....

JYJinEurope hat es treffen fomuliert: "Wieso beinhalten Welttours niemals Europa? Hat irgendjemand vergessen mir zu sagen das Europa nicht teil dieser welt ist?"
*strokes admin`s head* It`s okie, I feel the same pain sister.

But pain... ah, let`s keep telling them that we want #JYJinEurope!
After I talked to a cassiopeian sister I feel much better about it now! I even won a new sister on that very day!
The jealousy will increase again when the days of concerts are already here, but this too will pass. No harm meant, blessed Cassies. Just take good care of our boys and HWAITING for us too, okie?!
Come here for a #Cassiehug and a kiss Bigeast, will ya?! ^^ *hugs & chu~*


This time, I`m sorry internatinal-non-german-speaking friends, but the following Vid is with german subs!
well, here we go!

Wirklich, ich reagiere auf diesen Song sowieso schon so empfindlich, aber bei diesem video musste ich wieder weinen.
The thanksgiving cuts in there... This is my sore spot... I just can`t take it when JJ cries and the thanksgiving in dome... and the looks on Junsu`s and Yoochun`s faces...
The thanksgiving live in dome was very, very emotional for me and so I`m easily moved to tears when I see it again.

Yeah, what`s up next? uhmm... *searches* let`s see... *searches, searches*... oh yeah, don`t forget to trend #JYJinEurope. Okie, it`s a bit hopeless and we maybe fight a losing battle with that, but what do we have to lose? we already have nothing, so there`s nothing to lose, right? ^^

aaaand... vote for JYJ for A-Nation-> HERE!

*searches, searches* Ah yes, JYJ`S NII pics!

He looks so so cute here! Like a kid in this color~♥
~ 준수야... 내 자기야... "No other one can have you, I want you to my self~ My heart is open for you - lifelong"~♡♡♡

유천아 looks like a high school boy! ^^

재재... bowling is not supposed to be played like this... XD

Our JJ!
(comment: I like his hair better when he do his hair by himself~♥ ^^)

Su`s & Jaejoong`s hands!!!!!
I remember the making movie: As soon as Yoochun saw this, he pushed his hand lightly at Jun`s face XD ah haha! the Yoo in YooSu was not amused, eh? The message was: "What are you two doing? Su, stop that... -.-" XD

I want this god damned NII photobook! (oh sorry! I said a bad word! >.<)

Man... this photobook is already on sale in Malaysia! Dammit! I WANT THIS BOOK!

SangHyub, bitte rück das buch raus! T-T TU MIR DAS NICHT AN!! (JA, dass heißt ich bettle jetzt meinen koreanischen verkäufer schon darum an XD)

What are our "back then YooSu" doing?
*LOOOL* I really love their expression! XDDD (wonder what they have drank that tasted so nasty?)
btw... Junsu`s hair is cute here!

Let`s do some Quotes from @TVXQquotes, shall we? ^^
Wow... but... where did we left of? *shock*

--JJ: "When I look in the mirror..I want to kiss my lips."
CM: "Isnt that a disease?"
YH: "But his lips are beautiful arent they?"

-- JJ: "I want to go to blind date parties!"
YH: "I feel rather lonely now..."

-- JJ:"I want the huge one."
JS:"What? There are no elephants for sale~"

-- YC: "There are 1000 things in his bag. Whatever you need it’s in Changmin’s bag."
JS: "Changmin’s bag is like the grocery store.He's got everything that u want."

-- YH: "I believe fans love us because of 3 reasons.
1) From our work, we always improve ourselves I think our fans like us because of this.
2) from our teamwork. We love each other so much and we always have fun together all the time.
3) It’s because of who we really are.No matter where we are,we never pretend (we never fake).Maybe this is why they love us.

-- YH: "Junsu's oyagi gags are so lame~"

-- YC: "Honey, Wake up~~~"
YH: "Ah. That surprised me o_o"

-- Fanletter: "Who has the largest appetite among the members?"
CM: "In't it already official?"
YC: "It's CM..even before debut.."
YH: "When Changmin sees food, his eyes practically sparkle~"

-- CM: "Ah, Yoochun~~"
YH: "It's a different atmosphere than with Junsu~"
YC: "How?"
YH: "I can feel a nice atmosphere now~"
YC: "How is it with Junsu?"
CM: "Always so noisy!"

-- JS: "[When I was younger], I used to think that people were installed into the television ~"
25.2.11 21:02

SeoulFM -> Very recommendable on sundays!

안녕 다들! ^.^

헤헤헤 you guys know what? Turn on http://radio.seoul.fm/!

Every Sunday afternoon is DBSK/JYJ/HoMin time!
Omo! So many precious memories are coming up! SeoulFM is really cool!
Sometimes I`m about to cry, but it`s sooo beautiful too!

So, now let`s move to the pics of JJ`s ELLE shooting!

Uuuh, Jaejoong-ah, did you know? I love your tattoos!!!

JJ is so cool in his role as a killer ^^ (he should be used to it, because he kills us EVERYTIME! with his foto shootings XD)


Are these really John`s clothes? I WONDER! ^^ *haha*
Anyways: I love JJ`s tattoos~~♡♥♡♥♡

How can a human being be like that?!
Ich sag es immer wieder: Sowas wie JJ hab ich noch nie erlebt!

Do you guys remember THIS?!
WOW! This is freakin' hot! :D

Now let`s do a little YooSu in pics, shall we? ^^

I really love their expression!
this was at the morning show if I`m not mistaken.
And: Junsuuuuu~~~~~ You know that Noona loves you for your cute personality, right?! RIGHT?! AW! First pic is just 준수야, 자기야, 너무 사랑해! *insert 1000>♡'s here*

Ah, ya.
Errr... DBSK hour in SeoulFM is over now. Well, I listen to SuJu M`s "太完美" again ^^ I`m in love with this song! (and... btw., Hyukjae`s eyes are KILLING me, okay?! OMG! His eyes! I always focus on his eyes! *dies*)
27.2.11 18:17

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